Top things to do in Albania

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Top things to do in Albania

Most beautiful locations and best beaches

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Tirana Things To Do

Image - Pyramid of Tirana
Pyramid of Tirana
Ellie:From 1944 to 1992, Albania was governed under a harsh Communist ideal that modeled itself after Stalinism. Landmarks such as the pyramid of Tirana still recall darker days. You can't currently go inside but it's definitely worth a stop to look at and think about the history fo Albania.
Image - Skanderbeg Square
Skanderbeg Square
Ellie:Skanderbeg is the main square in Tirana, and where you will find some beautiful colourful parliament buildings
Image - Blloku
Ellie:If you're into cute cafés then make sure you walk around Blloku, there's one on every street!
Image - National History Museum
National History Museum
Ellie:Located on the main square the National History Museum will give you a good insight into the History of Albania (although it only goes up to the 1970s.
Image - Et'hem Bej Mosque
Et'hem Bej Mosque
Ellie:Dating back to the early-19th century the Et'hem Bej Mosque is one of the city’s top landmarks.
Image - Bunk'Art 2
Bunk'Art 2
Ellie:Bunk’Art is an underground bunker that was constructed for Tirana’s communist-era politicians and military in case of nuclear war. It has now been turned into a historical art centre called "BUNK'ART showing the albanian life during the 45 years of communism.
Image - Sky Tower
Sky Tower
Ellie:If you're looking for the best view of Tirana then make sure you head to the Sky Tower for a drink!
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Beautiful locations in Albania

Image - Gjirokaster
Ellie:If you are heading south make sure you stop in Gjirokaster, it is a rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman town, built by farmers of large estate. Walk around the old quarters and visit the beautiful castle.
Image - Theth National Park
Theth National Park
Ellie:My favourite place in Albania by far! Theth is the best place to explore the Albanian Alps. You can use it as a base for hikes or hike from Theth to Valbonna. I wouldn't recommend driving here as the road is really bad. You can hire jeeps for €10 per person each way from Schkoder.
Image - Blue Eye Theth
Blue Eye Theth
Ellie:If you come to Theth make sure you hike to the Blue Eye. The water is the most amazing colour but it is FREEZING! It takes around 3 hours each way to hike here. You can pay to take a taxi back to Theth if you don't want to do the whole hike.
Image - Shkodër
Ellie:Such a cute town! I recommend checking out the Rozafa castle and Rruga Kole Idromeno. And go to Chicago bar for an awesome rooftop bar!
Image - Mesi Bridge
Mesi Bridge
Ellie:About a 20 minute drive from Shkoder is the most beautiful bridge dating from the 18th century! It will look a lot more spectacular during a wetter season.
Image - Butrint National Park
Butrint National Park
Ellie:The archaeological heritage of Butrint is one of the most important archaeological sites in Albania, containing different artefacts and structures, dating from the Iron Age up until the Middle Ages. Numerous monuments are still extant including the city walls, a late-antique baptistery, a great basilica, roman theatre and two castles.
Image - Komani Lake
Komani Lake
Ellie:One of the things you have to do in Albania is take a boat on Komani Lake, the water and landscape is just incredible! You can get here by jeep from Shkoder for €5 per person.
Image - Lumi i Shales
Lumi i Shales
Ellie:One of the most beautiful places I've ever been! We took the boat along the Komani Lake to get here and it was just an incredible day trip.
Image - Berat
Image - The Church of Thethi
The Church of Thethi
Ellie:The most photogenic church! Make sure you go at sunrise and/or sunset to capture the amazing light on the mountains.

Beaches to visit

Image - Ksamil Islands
Ksamil Islands
Ellie:The water at Ksamil beach is just incredible! However the beaches get very crowded in the summer and you will need to prebook parasols a day in advance. Try swimming across to one of the 3 Ksamil islands for more peace and quiet
Image - Dhermi Beach
Dhermi Beach
Ellie:Dhermi beach is beautiful long beach with crystal blue water. Dhermi is one of the more high end locations on the Albanian Riveria so expect to pay more for accommodation here
Image - Gjipe Beach
Gjipe Beach
Ellie:My personal favourite beach in Albania! It's not accessible by road so you need to walk 20-30 minutes to get here, so there are a lot less people on the beach than anywhere else.
Image - Himarë
Ellie:Beautiful beach with really clear water.

Wonderguide map

  1. Pyramid of Tirana
  2. Skanderbeg Square
  3. Blloku
  4. National History Museum
  5. Et'hem Bej Mosque
  6. Bunk'Art 2
  7. Sky Tower
  8. Gjirokaster
  9. Theth National Park
  10. Blue Eye Theth
  11. Shkodër
  12. Mesi Bridge
  13. Butrint National Park
  14. Komani Lake
  15. Lumi i Shales
  16. Berat
  17. The Church of Thethi
  18. Ksamil Islands
  19. Dhermi Beach
  20. Gjipe Beach
  21. Himarë

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