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Where is Albania? A stones throw from the heel of Italy, this diverse and picturesque country has a coastline that stretches across the Adriatic and Ioninan sea. Relatively new to tourism having just opened their country in 1990, be ready to discover remnants of ancient Greece and Rome, medieval castles, warm sun drenched beaches and rocky mountain cliffs.

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Albania is a coastal nation in Southeastern Europe with a population of approximately 3,000,000. Tirana, the capital and the largest city in the country, is located inland near the center of the country. Over 98% of the population speaks Albanian.

In the 15th century, Albania was conquered by the Ottoman Empire. Islam was first introduced to Albania at this point in time, but it remains a Muslim majority country today. In 1912, Albania declared independence from the Ottoman Empire, but it would later be conquered by Italy and then invaded by Germany. Over 40 years of communist rule finally came to an end in the early 90s.

Albania has a predominantly mountainous terrain, but also boasts a beautiful coastline with sandy beaches and turquoise water.

Why is Albania so popular to visit?

Albania may not be the most popular destination...yet. But there’s a reason people are trading in the Amalfi coast for Albania. For starters, it’s significantly cheaper than most European vacation destinations, yet it still boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Visitors not only go for the crystal clear waters, but also for the rugged terrain, which covers over 70% of the country and makes for some great hiking. History buffs enjoy the numerous castles that are scattered throughout the country.

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If you're looking for an affordable beach vacation, then you've come to the right place. Albania is home to a number of white sand beaches including Ksamil and Himara. If beaches aren’t your thing, you can head inland to visit the natural phenomena that is the Blue Eye. Enjoy hiking at Llogara National Park or head west to visit the Albanian Alps. Venture an hour outside the capital, and you'll discover the small town of Berat, which is known as the City of a Thousand Windows and home to one of the most popular Albanian castles.

What is the best time of year to visit Iceland?

People tend to visit Albania during the warm months, from June to October. If you want to avoid crowded beaches and unbearable heat, you may want to consider avoiding the months of July and August. But even so, you won't see the same crowds here as you will on the French Riviera, even during peak season. If you're more interested in visiting the historic sites and castles, winter may be your best bet. It won't be as crowded and airfare and hotels will be cheaper, but make sure to bring your coat!

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