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Visitors love receiving travel recommendations from locals. Create a Wonderguide for your hotel, guesthouse or short-term rental properties to share with guests. Save time in guest communication and get better reviews.


For guesthouses, individuals, AirBnB hosts, travel influencers, guides, local travel experts and anyone who frequently shares travel recommendations with other travelers.

  • Discount on Wonderguide.com
  • Customizable design layout
  • Dashboard and weekly reports

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For larger hotels, hotel chains and larger short-term vacation rental companies who share travel recommendations with a very large number of visitors.

  • 10% sales commission
  • Premium branding
  • White label solution

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Discount on Wonderguide
Unlimited travel recommendations
Customizable design layout
Comprehensive dashboard
Weekly progress reports
Sales Commission10%
Premium branded design
Premium customer support
Editorial support for 1 Wonderguide
White label solution hosted on your website