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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In what currency are your prices?

All our prices are listed in USD.

Q: How do I add tours and experiences onto my Wonderguide?

It’s a breeze... In your Wonderguide edit mode, simply add Item to a Collection, type in the activity or the location and click Search. A list will appear and any item that says Experiences is a tour that you can add and sell on your Wonderguide. If you want to see a list of all experiences in the area you can search for 'Tours'.

Q: Why can’t I find any Experiences in my location?

Wonderguide is open in 40 countries and we offer a great range of tours in each of these destinations. If you are creating a Wonderguide outside of these 40 countries then there will not be any tours for you to sell. You can find a list of our active countries Click here.

Q: How can I add a specific tour operator onto my Wonderguide?

If the tours you are searching for are not showing up as an Experience in the search results, that may be because we are not working with that tour operator (yet!). In this case you will be unable to sell that Experience on your Wonderguide.

Q: I’m a Tour Operator, how does a Wonderguide work for me?

The Wonderguide is a great tool for tour operators and guides because they can put all their local recommendations for visitors, as well as have another opportunity to showcase your tours. If you would like to sell your tours on our website, please email

Q: Who do I share my Wonderguide with?

The world! But specifically with people who are visiting a location that you happen to know all about. Share your tips on your city, give travelers ideas on what to do, best places to eat...share your unique point of view! We recommend sharing it on all of your social media platforms and groups, in email to your customers and just to anyone that is interested!

Q: How high is the commission for premium users?

You can earn 10% commission on all sales.

Q: Is it possible to embed the Wonderguide on my own website?

Hells yes it is! Send us an email at and we’ll help you get that set up.

Q: What places can I add to my Wonderguide?

If Google considers it a place, then you can add it to your Wonderguide.

Q: What if the place is a Google place but I can not add it to my Wonderguide?

If you know the native name of the place, try typing that into the search (for example: နမ့်ဒေါင် (ဝ်) ခမ်း for the Restaurant Nam Dao Kham in Myanmar). If you don't know the native name you can go to Google maps and search for the place there. When it appears, it usually displays the name of the place in the native language under the name. Copy that into the search at travelade and Voilá!

Q: How can I add a profile photo of my self?

For now you can not upload a profile photo yourself but we are working hard on implementing that functionality! In the mean time you can send us the picture you would like to be your profile photo to and we will upload it for you.

Q: How can I add my social media handles?

You just go to the settings page or go to your dashboard and click 'Edit Profile' button below your name. The settings page is also reachable from clicking the user icon in the top right corner of the screen when you are signed in.