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Photo Story: Jahorina Ultra Trail – Mini Trail

Jahorina Ultra Trail gathered nearly 400 competitors from 23 countries this year, and it confirmed its status of one of the most popular trail races among runners in this part of Europe. If you like trail running, this is one of the races in Europe you have to check out!

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Lejla Mujagic

15. September 2017

Last weekend brought hundreds of runners to the Bosnian capital, who took part in one of the four races of Jahorina Ultra trail – Mini, Midi, Maxi and Ultra. Although I was planning to make an attempt atrunning the Midi Trail this year (35K), I learned that the route of Mini Trail has significantly changed both in length (from 10K to 14K) and direction, so I decided to leave Midi for the next year.

A map of the Jahorina trail.Circular 14K course with total ascent of 766 m. 

The weather was perfect for the race that started at 9 am, just after arrival of the last competitor of Ultra Trail race (104K). The Mini Trail started off slowly, on a fairly flat terrain for couple of first kilometers – just enough for warming up. Then came a tougher part of following up a ski slope for about three kilometers after we reached the ski lift station and the first refreshment station.

A ski lift on a sunny day. Turning left, following ski slope and ski lift to the top of the hill. Wonderguide/Lejla. 

Hilly landscapes. Reward for all that climbing up. Wonderguide/Lejla. 

A gravel roads. Flat and fast. Wonderguide/Lejla. 

Then came the part of seven to eight kilometers of pure pleasure, lot of green fields, blue skies and amazing panoramic views, and slow running. Somewhere in the middle of this route I decided I would not go for improving my last year’s time and that I would just enjoy the race to the fullest. 

A tiny hut in a green hill on the Jahorina trail. Blue and green scenery everywhere. Wonderguide/Lejla. 

Pine trees in a green valley. The fastest parts of the course. Wonderguide/Lejla. 

Pine trees and green grass. Parts of the course where you are likely to sprain your ankle if not careful enough. Wonderguide/Lejla. 

The trail was just perfectly marked, even if this was your first time in the area it would be impossible to get lost thank to the organizer’s idea to mark the trail with small pink flags or white boards showing sudden change of direction. There were also volunteers scattered all over the trail, supporting the runners and making sure they take the right path.

A marker for the path. Perfectly marked path. Wonderguide/Lejla. 

A sign for the trail. More trail blazing. Wonderguide/Lejla. 

The final three kilometers go through a forest, first on flat terrain, then uphill to an amazing viewpoint, continuing over a ridge, then a little bit of forest again and finally to the finish line.

Forest on the Jahorina trail. Up through the forest. Wonderguide/Lejla. 

A woman runner on top of a hill, spreading out her arms. To the viewpoint, Photo of me by a random runner :)

Mountain landscapes. ...and finally towards the finish line. Wonderguide/Lejla. 

Being a road runner I cannot tell for sure if this was a demanding or an easy race, but I can say it does require a good degree of physical fitness and preparedness. Trail running shoes are mandatory, because of very bumpy and muddy terrain. You may also need either a hydration pack or a small bottle of water because there is only one refreshment station on the fourth kilometer. 

Running gear and a banana lying on the ground. Jahorina Ultra Trail, see you next year☺. Wonderguide/Lejla. 

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