Where to Grab Breakfast in Reykjavik

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Nína Hjördís Þorkelsdóttir

Where to Grab Breakfast in Reykjavik

It's 8 am and you're already starving. Hotel breakfast isn't really for you, and you just want to grab something quick, yet delicious. Well, here are some places that I have been able to count on over the past years, at least when it comes to breakfast.

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Reykjavik has fantastic bakeries! And they are usually cheaper than cafés and restaurants ;)

Image - Brauð & Co.
Brauð & Co.
Nína:Serving freshly baked sourdough bread, yummy pastries and iconic cinnamon buns, Brauð&Co became an instant hit when it opened in 2016. If you have an ultra-sweet tooth, try the vanilla/nougat cruffin 😋
Image - Sandholt
Nína:I used to go there all the time, but after they renovated the place it kinda lost its charm. Anyway, they have superb sourdough bread and amazing pastries. It's a must for pastry-lovers visiting Reykjavik.
Image - DEIG workshop
DEIG workshop
Nína:This bakery and bagel-shop opened last year. A great addition to Reykjavik's thriving "bakery scene".
Image - Kornið bakarí
Kornið bakarí
Nína:I like this bakery, although most of my friends seem to disagree. I go there for the pretzels, which I kinda like.
Image - Björnsbakarí
Nína:Björnsbakarí is your most authentic choice when it comes to bakeries. Opt for some traditional delicacies, such as "kleina", "vínarbrauð" or "kringla".
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Cafés open early and are a great choice if you want to sit down for a bit and enjoy a cup of coffee with your breakfast.

Image - Reykjavik Roasters - Kárastígur
Reykjavik Roasters - Kárastígur
Nína:A fancy little coffee place with quality coffee and pretty decent pastries.
Image - Systrasamlagið
Nína:If you're looking for a breakfast that is good, but on the wholesome side, Systrasamlagið is ideal. It's small and cozy, and always good.
Image - Kaffifélagið
Nína:This is one of the tiniest cafés I've been to. Grab a decent cup of coffee before starting the day.
Image - Te & Kaffi
Te & Kaffi
Nína:Where there's a bookstore, there's a Te&Kaffi. I particularly like their flatkaka (an Icelandic flat bread) and their snickers-inspired flapjack.

🐋Things to Do after Breakfast

If you're feeling restless after your breakfast, I recommend these tours and activities:

Image - Reykjavík Classic Whale Watching_11743
$ 93
Reykjavík Classic Whale Watching
Nína:Chances of spotting a whale off the Icelandic coast are pretty high. So I think you should use the opportunity and see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.
Image - Into the Glacier: Classic Tour_38910
$ 149
Into the Glacier Classic Tour | Meet on Location
Nína:Hey honey, should we go INSIDE a glacier after breakfast? Well, why not?

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  1. Brauð & Co.
  2. Sandholt
  3. DEIG workshop
  4. Kornið bakarí
  5. Björnsbakarí
  6. Reykjavik Roasters - Kárastígur
  7. Systrasamlagið
  8. Kaffifélagið
  9. Te & Kaffi
  10. Reykjavík Classic Whale Watching
  11. Into the Glacier Classic Tour | Meet on Location

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