For Nature Lovers: Charlotte, North Carolina

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For Nature Lovers: Charlotte, North Carolina

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Places to get back to nature near the #CLTtreehouse

Image - U.S. National Whitewater Center
U.S. National Whitewater Center
CLT:The U.S. National Whitewater Center is, hands down, the most unique place in Charlotte. You can kayak, raft, climb, bike, hike and so much more. Go for the adventure, or go for dinner. Keep an eye on their website for upcoming events, prices, and specials: Here's a link to their daily activity schedule: And here's a link to their facility (and trail) map: You're only seven miles away from the USNWC when you stay at the #CLTtreehouse
Image - Latta Plantation Nature Preserve
Latta Plantation Nature Preserve
CLT:Sixteen miles of trails, many of which are alongside Mountain Island Lake. Go for a forest bath, rent a canoe, check out the fairy houses in the spring -- made with found objects by locals, visit the nature center and more. Also at Latta: The Raptor Center and Latta Plantation, a living history exhibit. Only 10 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Historic Rural Hill
Historic Rural Hill
CLT:Rural Hill has a lot going on. For starters, there is a two-mile hike around the property, which is cut through by the paved road. (See if you can find the bench of sanity!) On your walk, you might notice a circular rock formation. There is also a historic graveyard that is surrounded by one of the area's trademark stone fences. Inside the graveyard you'll find tombstones dating back to pre-Revolutionary times; even some women's graves note their contributions to that war. Across the street from the old Davidson graveyard is the working historical farm that is Rural Hill. There are many types of festivals held here throughout the year; check their website for details: Parking when closed and you're there to walk the trail: Simply park at one of the gates. My preference is to park near the old one-room school house to the far end of the property. It's not usually open, but there is a picnic area where you can rest. If you were to keep driving, bear to the left and you might see a llama, alpaca, ostrich, or peacock. Drive further and you'll be at Cowen Ford Nature Preserve.
Image - RibbonWalk Nature Preserve
RibbonWalk Nature Preserve
CLT:RibbonWalk is truly one of Charlotte's hidden gems. It is in the middle of the city, yet secluded. You could see all sorts of wildlife here, including beavers and herons. It's a lovely place to get a little forest bathing. Here's a trail map for you: Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Shuffletown Park
Shuffletown Park
CLT:If you're traveling with dogs or kids, this is a great place for both of them to work off some energy. There is a fenced dog park and a playground. Only 2.5 miles from the #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Reedy Creek Park
Reedy Creek Park
CLT:A great place for picnics and outdoor sports near UNC Charlotte. Here's a trail map for you: Only 21 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens
UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens
CLT:Check out their website for special shows and sales. They host a lovely collection of orchids, and there is a Zen Garden on the property, too. Admission is often free, but check their website for daily details: Only 17 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
CLT:Absolutely lovely immersion into the world of plants. In addition to the gardens, there is a walking trail. Learn more: Only 17 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Crowders Mountain State Park
Crowders Mountain State Park
CLT:Hike to the top of Crowder Mountain for a view of Uptown Charlotte from afar, rent a canoe, fish ... and enjoy that you're only 25 miles from #CLTtreehouse when you're ready to come home. Learn more:
Image - McDowell Nature Preserve
McDowell Nature Preserve
CLT:On Lake Wylie, which is part of the Catawba River, McDowell Nature Preserve offers seven miles of hiking trails, and dogs are welcome. Learn more: ... and download a map to your phone. Only 20 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Riverbend Boat Ramp
Riverbend Boat Ramp
CLT:Did you bring your own boat? Well, #CLTtreehouse is less than three miles from this easy-to-access boat launch on Mountain Island Lake ... it's tiny, but mighty since it provides the bulk of Charlotte's drinking water. It is also part of the Catawba River, as is Lake Norman (to the north) and Lake Wylie (to the south).
Image - Blythe Landing Park
Blythe Landing Park
CLT:Launch your boat, hang out on a beach, play volleyball, have a picnic ... and it's only 16 miles from #CLTtreehouse on Lake Norman. P.S. Call ahead to rent sail boats.
Image - Mt Holly Boat Landing
Mt Holly Boat Landing
CLT:This is a family-owned, paid boat landing on Lake Wylie (a.k.a. the Catawba River). It's located in Mount Holly, only 5 miles from #CLTtreehouse. Not the best place to hang out, but an easy way to access Lake Wylie. Very close to the U.S. National Whitewater Center.
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Local restaurants

Our picks for best local -- and nearby -- restaurants.

Image - Shuffletown Grill
Shuffletown Grill
CLT:Shuffletown is where you want to go for breakfast in Mountain Island Lake, though know that they're closed on Sundays and swamped on Saturdays, though worth the wait. So if you're here mid-week you're in luck and must go. Lunch is meat'n'three style and always delicious. They close at 2 p.m. It's a Greek-style diner that has been in this community since the 1950s and includes a lot of memorabilia from back in the day, and I'm including the sparkly red seats in that category. Only a mile and a half away from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Sports Page Food & Spirits
Sports Page Food & Spirits
CLT:A great place to eavesdrop on the locals, watch a game at the bar (which is in a separate room from the dining room), and grab some home cookin' or a burger. It's only three miles away. For their fancier location, check out the Sports Page in Denver at 179 Cross Center Dr., Denver, N.C. -- it is only 10 miles away.
Image - Heirloom
CLT:A farm-to-fork restaurant that is a culinary delight, and only three miles away. We recommend making reservations. Only three miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Londa's Place
Londa's Place
CLT:If you're hungry for a meat'n'three but could do without eating there, check out this home-style buffet. Only two miles away from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Coppa Coffee and Tea Cafe
Coppa Coffee and Tea Cafe
CLT:The only locally-owned coffee and tea shop in Mountain Island Lake. Double check their hours on their website, though. Only two miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Fat Parrot
Fat Parrot
CLT:If you like food, pool, and T.V. trivia (Showtime's Homeland filmed a fight here ... if that tells you anything ...) in one place, the Fat Parrot is your jam. Only three and a half miles away from #CLTtreehouse. Here's an article in the local newspaper about Homeland's visit:
Image - Salam Pizza Mediterranean Original
Salam Pizza Mediterranean Original
CLT:A nice place for small plates and Mediterranean cuisine. Only 6 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Island Ice
Island Ice
CLT:Sometimes you just need some shaved ice. Only a mile and a half from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Lancasters BBQ
Lancasters BBQ
CLT:Our favorite BBQ joint ... try the okra! (LOL ... inside joke; no, seriously, we could live off their okra and ranch dressing.) Only 7 miles from #CLTtreehouse near Latta Nature Preserve.
Image - Tony's Pizza
Tony's Pizza
CLT:Forget the delivery places, this is the pizza joint you want! Only 7 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Pinky's Westside Grill
Pinky's Westside Grill
CLT:We love Pinky's quirky menu, and you can order in via Postmates, et al, though it's worth a visit. Only 11 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Vasileio's Italian Kitchen
Vasileio's Italian Kitchen
CLT:Home style, delicious, and everything you expect out of a mom'n'pop Italian kitchen, including a totally reasonable bill. Protip: On Fridays you might also find a local festival in the street and on Saturdays you can also visit the farmer's market if you go for lunch. Can also order via Post Mates, et al. Located in Mount Holly only 6 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Lowesville Cafe
Lowesville Cafe
CLT:Small hole-in-the-wall spot that you kinda have to know is there to visit. Great for a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One of our favorites. You might have a short wait on weekends. Only six and a half miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - dish
CLT:Probably my favorite Charlotte restaurant, and not only because you can get liquor drinks at lunch. Great for home-style meals, and right in the heart of Plaza-Midwood. Plus, it's been featured on Food Network's Diner's Drive-ins and Dives: Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Crepe Cellar Kitchen and Pub
Crepe Cellar Kitchen and Pub
CLT:Great food. Great wine. Located in NoDa, so parking is a pain (take a rideshare!) but within walking distance of a couple music venues, breweries, and bars. Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Tupelo Honey
Tupelo Honey
CLT:If you're craving a higher-end brunch, Tupelo Honey is totally worth the upcharge. Located in South End and only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Cajun Queen
Cajun Queen
CLT:Quirky and delicious! Look for the giant 'gater in the front yard. Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Mert's Heart & Soul
Mert's Heart & Soul
CLT:If you're spending the day in Uptown, make your way over to Mert's for some outstanding Southern cuisine. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Zada Jane's Corner Cafe
Zada Jane's Corner Cafe
CLT:Local, organic and genuinely slow food (srsly, the staff has a rep for being extremely slow) ... but the wait is worth it because the food is healthy and delicious. Located in Plaza-Midwood only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Midwood Smokehouse
Midwood Smokehouse
CLT:Our favorite thing to order at Midwood Smokehouse is the chopped salad with brisket and goddess dressing ... so, so good. This restaurant has several locations throughout the city, though this one is in Plaza-Midwood and only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Diamond Restaurant
Diamond Restaurant
CLT:Restored 1940s restaurant in Plaza-Midwood with hefty servings of diner classics. Everyone there will probably have tattoos ... I'm just sayin'. Fantastic place to go if you're hanging out in Plaza-Midwood. Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Workman’s Friend
Workman’s Friend
CLT:Terrific pub with equally excellent pub food in Plaza-Midwood. Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Krazy Fish
Krazy Fish
CLT:Another of our absolute favorites. The cuisine is difficult to describe since it's a fusion of several cultures, so we recommend checking out their menu before visiting this eclectic spot. On the edge of Plaza-Midwood and near lots of bars, breweries, and equally eclectic shopping. Only 15 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - The Flying Biscuit Café
The Flying Biscuit Café
CLT:Fantastic breakfast and brunch place. Expect to wait, but it's worth it. We recommend the oatmeal pancakes with peaches. This location is 18 miles from #CLTtreehouse in the Park Road Shopping Center which is home to quite a few shops, including an independent bookstore that's worth visiting.
Image - Bistro La Bon
Bistro La Bon
CLT:Absolutely divine, whether you're there for brunch, lunch, or dinner. We recommend the Swedish meatballs. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse in Plaza-Midwood.
Image - Sabor Latin Street Grill
Sabor Latin Street Grill
CLT:Several locations in Charlotte. This one is in the Elizabeth community near Uptown. Small plates, and they're all delicious. Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - 7th Street Public Market
7th Street Public Market
CLT:Another terrific stop if you're in Uptown. It's a food court full of excellent food. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Intermezzo
CLT:Fabulous and unique pizza, and some Middle Eastern fare too. In Plaza-Midwood and only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Two Scoops Creamery Plaza Midwood
Two Scoops Creamery Plaza Midwood
CLT:Best ice cream joint in Charlotte. In Plaza-Midwood, 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Amélie's French Bakery & Cafe | Uptown
Amélie's French Bakery & Cafe | Uptown
CLT:Multiple locations in Charlotte, and they all look about the same and taste great. Their soups and sandwiches are great, but they are famous for their French-inspired sweets. Go for lunch and return with desert and tomorrow's breakfast. The Uptown location is only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse and worth a visit.
Image - The King's Kitchen
The King's Kitchen
CLT:We love the food at King's Kitchen, but we love the altruistic spirit more. The staff are almost entirely rehabbing their lives in one way or another and the owners are helping by teaching them how to work in the restaurant industry. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse in the heart of Uptown Charlotte.
Image - Saffron Indian Cuisine
Saffron Indian Cuisine
CLT:The best Indian restaurant in Charlotte, according to us. The staff is wonderful, too. Only 17 miles from #CLTtreehouse via I-485 (warning: do not attempt during rush hour!). Near a movie theater, so you can make a night of it.
Image - J Patisserie
J Patisserie
CLT:Bakery where you can find organic and non-GMO ingredients and order online. Only 14 miles away in Myers Park, near Queens University.
Image - CupLux Coffee Drive-Thru
CupLux Coffee Drive-Thru
CLT:Gourmet, drive-thru coffee? Yasss! Only 9 miles from #CLTtreehouse, on your way to Uptown Charlotte.

Music Venues

Image - AvidXchange Music Factory
AvidXchange Music Factory
CLT:Great concerts, excellent food, and plenty of parking. Though if you plan to drink we recommend you take a rideshare. Heck, if you want to save a buck (parking can get pricey depending on what's going on at this busy spot), take a rideshare. The venue is only 11 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - PNC Music Pavilion
PNC Music Pavilion
CLT:The best acts stop here. Only 18 miles from #CLTtreehouse, but if you're going to see a show you should give yourself a lot of extra time, especially if you're driving yourself. Rideshares, however, drop you off near an entrance.
Image - The Fillmore Charlotte
The Fillmore Charlotte
CLT:Located in the N.C. Music Factory. We recommend taking a rideshare and giving yourself extra time to arrive if you're going to a big-name show. Several restaurants within walking distance. Only 11 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Belk Theater at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
Belk Theater at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
CLT:Home to a variety of performances including the Charlotte Opera, Charlotte Symphony, and traveling acts of all sorts including authors, musicians, comedians and more. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Jazz at the Bechtler
Jazz at the Bechtler
CLT:Located inside the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. You'll know you're there when you see the Disco Chicken (see this photo by James Willamor: Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse and close to loads of entertainment and restaurants in Uptown Charlotte.
Image - The Underground
The Underground
CLT:Standing-room only venue at The Fillmore in the N.C. Music Factory. Parking can be expensive, so rideshare. Plenty of restaurants nearby. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - The Evening Muse
The Evening Muse
CLT:If local bands and indie music is your jam, The Evening Muse, in hip NoDa, is the place for you. Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Visulite Theatre
Visulite Theatre
CLT:Another great haunt for local bands, oldies but goodies, and indie rock. Walking distance to several yummy eateries. Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse in the Elizabeth community.
Image - The Milestone Club
The Milestone Club
CLT:That hole-in-the-wall place that's just cool enough for punk rockers and underground bands. Only 10 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre
Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre
CLT:Outdoor venue at the N.C. Music Factory. Pre- and post-show traffic sucks, and parking is expensive. We recommend taking a rideshare. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse and close to several restaurants and bars.
Image - Neighborhood Theatre
Neighborhood Theatre
CLT:The Neighborhood Theater, in hip NoDa, hosts all sorts of acts and festivals. Check their website for listings. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - The Rabbit Hole
The Rabbit Hole
CLT:Funk, punk, and bluegrass EDM ... and only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Amos' Southend
Amos' Southend
CLT:(Now) a low-key venue with a variety of acts including cover bands. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Petra's
CLT:Petra's, in Plaza-Midwood, hosts all sorts of events and acts, including comedy and interactive game nights. LGBTQ+ Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse and close to several bars and restaurants.


Love craft beer? So does the Queen City, so you're in luck!

Image - The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery
The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery
CLT:This is, by far, my husband's favorite Charlotte brewery because he spent his youth in Bitburg, Germany, and Olde Meck's beer reminds him of his time there. They also have excellent food, a wonderful Bavarian Christmas market, and live music. Only 15 miles from #CLTtreehouse. Don't drink and drive, take rideshares! Learn more:
Image - Blue Blaze Brewing
Blue Blaze Brewing
CLT:Only 10 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Town Brewing Co
Town Brewing Co
CLT:Only 11 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Birdsong Brewing Co.
Birdsong Brewing Co.
CLT:Smaller than some of the other breweries, but very close to one of Charlotte's coolest communities: NoDa (short for North Davidson). Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse. Don't drink and drive; request a rideshare!
Image - Catawba Brewing Company Charlotte
Catawba Brewing Company Charlotte
CLT:Popular brew house with good food and plenty of space in the hip Plaza-Midwood community ... but not quite close enough to it to walk to other venues. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - The Unknown Brewing Co.
The Unknown Brewing Co.
CLT:Unknown is unknown to us, so let us know what you think. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Wooden Robot Brewery
Wooden Robot Brewery
CLT:A favorite of Millennials. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - NoDa Brewing Company
NoDa Brewing Company
CLT:Huge, popular, and close to one of the coolest communities in Charlotte: NoDa (short for North Davidson). Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse. P.S. Don't drink and drive, take a rideshare!
Image - Lenny Boy Brewing Co.
Lenny Boy Brewing Co.
CLT:Organic beers and kombucha, oh my! Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Free Range Brewing
Free Range Brewing
CLT:Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse in the ever-cool NoDa community.
Image - Sycamore Brewing - Beer Garden
Sycamore Brewing - Beer Garden
CLT:This brewery is always hopping with young Millennials and GenZers. Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Heist Brewery
Heist Brewery
CLT:Heist Brewery is located in one of Charlotte's coolest 'hoods: NoDa. Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Legion Brewing
Legion Brewing
CLT:There are two locations of this brewery, and this one is the closest, at 13 miles, to #CLTtreehouse. The other is near South Park Mall.
Image - Resident Culture Brewing Company
Resident Culture Brewing Company
CLT:Popular brewery in Charlotte's hip Plaza-Midwood community. Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Divine Barrel Brewing
Divine Barrel Brewing
CLT:Located in the hip NoDa community and only 14 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Triple C Brewing Company
Triple C Brewing Company
CLT:Only 15 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Bold Missy Brewery
Bold Missy Brewery
CLT:Only 15 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Thirsty Nomad Brewing
Thirsty Nomad Brewing
CLT:Only 15 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Sugar Creek Brewing Company
Sugar Creek Brewing Company
CLT:Only 16 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Brewers at 4001 Yancey
Brewers at 4001 Yancey
CLT:Only 17 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Red Clay Ciderworks
Red Clay Ciderworks
CLT:Very close to Great Wagon Road Distillery and Olde Mecklenburg Brewery ... and others. Only 14 miles from #CLTtreehouse.


Take a tour, sample the spirits, buy a bottle ... just don't drink and drive!

Image - Muddy River Distillery
Muddy River Distillery
CLT:Muddy River's coconut rum is to die for! They have several other quality spirits, too. Located in the (super cute) Belmont, you'll be close to antique shops and plenty to eat. Only 11 miles from #CLTtreehouse, and if you take the back way though the equally cute Mount Holly* you'll pass the impressive-looking Belmont Abby. (Local trivia: Belmont and Mount Holly are age-old rivals for, well, pretty much everything ... but we love them both equally.)
Image - Great Wagon Road Distilling Company
Great Wagon Road Distilling Company
CLT:Irish drink, Irish food, Irish atmosphere. Only 15 miles from #CLTtreehouse and within walking distance of Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, which is our top pick for Charlotte Breweries ... and others, plus a Cider brewer and more.
Image - Doc Porter's Distillery
Doc Porter's Distillery
CLT:A great mom-n-pop distillery with a wonderful locally-sourced vodka. Only 15 miles from #CLTtreehouse and close to a few other distilleries and breweries.
Image - Dragon Moonshine Company
Dragon Moonshine Company
CLT:Located in the very cool Area 15 in NoDa, these guys make a killer whiskey. Be sure to ask them about the brand that shares profits with military vets. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse. Park in the grass/gravel lot ... or, better yet, take a rideshare and definitely don't drink and drive!
Image - Travelade Image
Snake Oil Distillery
CLT:We haven't visited this distillery yet, but will and will report back. Let us know if you go! It's opening up in a brand new shopping center in our community, Mountain Island Lake. Only TWO miles from #CLTtreehouse, but don't you dare drink and drive -- request a rideshare instead.
Image - Seven Jars Distillery
Seven Jars Distillery
CLT:Another new-to-us distillery that's opened recently. This one is less than seven miles from #CLTtreehouse. We'll visit soon and report back, you do the same!


If you're here for the big game, you'll be glad to know #CLTtreehouse is only 12 miles away!

Image - Bank of America Stadium
Bank of America Stadium
CLT:Gooooo Panthers! Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse
Image - Spectrum Center
Spectrum Center
CLT:Whether you're here for a basketball game, a hockey game, or a concert you'll be glad to know #CLTtreehouse is only 12 miles away. We recommend taking a rideshare since parking might cost as much for a big event, they'll let you off near the entrance, and you can avoid the headache of finding parking in Uptown.
Image - Bb & T Ball Park
Bb & T Ball Park
CLT:Take (yourself) out to the ball game! A great place for baseball fans, though we highly recommend taking a rideshare as games tend to begin during rush hour and parking can be expensive and difficult to find. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Jerry Richardson Stadium
Jerry Richardson Stadium
CLT:Go Miners! Only 18 miles from #CLTtreehouse. Parking can be precarious, so consider parking and taking the Light Rail onto campus. (Trivia: Pres. Obama gave his final speech as a candidate where this football field now stands.)
Image - NASCAR Racing Experience and Richard Petty Driving Experience
NASCAR Racing Experience and Richard Petty Driving Experience
CLT:Get your vrroooom on! Learn to drive on the actual track NASCAR drivers race on. Only 20 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Grayson SkatePark
Grayson SkatePark
CLT:Charlotte's only publicly-owned skate park. Learn more: Only 16 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Hornets Nest Park
Hornets Nest Park
CLT:If you're into disc golf, know that the Professional Disc Golf Association rates Hornets Nest Park's 18-hole course as extremely challenging. It's also home to a BMX track, and you can find folks practicing on it most every day. Also a great place to picnic and play tennis. Only 8 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center
Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center
CLT:For when you need to get your swim on. Located in Uptown and only a few bucks per visit. We've included some beach towels for you ... just bring them back home! Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.


Charlotte is home to several top-notch museums whether you're interested in local history or abstract art, there is a museum in the Queen City for you.

Image - Mint Museum UPTOWN
Mint Museum UPTOWN
CLT:From classic to contemporary art, the Mint Museum is in Uptown Charlotte near several other museums if you'd like to take a tour of several at once. Pricing may vary depending on the current showing. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse, and right in the heart of the city near every amenity you can imagine.
Image - Mint Museum Randolph
Mint Museum Randolph
CLT:Learn more about Charlotte's history, participate in live-history lesson, and hear illustrious speakers. Only 16 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture
Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture
CLT:In the heart of Uptown near several other museums, the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture hosts African American artists, speakers, and more. One of the best museums in the Queen City. (Trivia: Queen Charlotte, by the way, is known as the first biracial monarch in England, not Meghan Markle.) Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse and near a multitude of other venues and the city's best restaurants.
Image - Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
CLT:Charlotte's mid-20th Century modern art museum and home to the "disco chicken" ... trust us, you'll know it when you see it. Next door to the Mint Museum Uptown and catty-corner to the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts & Culture. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse Okay, okay ... here's a photo of the Disco Chicken by James Willamore:
Image - Discovery Place Science
Discovery Place Science
CLT:Great for kids of all ages with lots of interactive learning stations. Includes an IMAX theater. Only 12 miles from #CLTtreehouse with an adjoining parking deck.
Image - Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville
Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville
CLT:More fun for the kids and only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - NASCAR Hall of Fame
NASCAR Hall of Fame
CLT:A one-of-a-kind museum for folks into car racing. Only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse in Uptown Charlotte.
Image - Billy Graham Library
Billy Graham Library
CLT:We understand people have an uplifting time here. Only 15 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - The Schiele Museum of Natural History & Planetarium
The Schiele Museum of Natural History & Planetarium
CLT:A lovely place where you can get your learnin' on. Only 17 miles from #CLTtreehouse if you take the scenic route through Mount Holly and past the Belmont Abby, which we recommend.
Image - Hendrick Motorsports Museum and Team Shop
Hendrick Motorsports Museum and Team Shop
CLT:For you NASCAR fans. Only 18 miles from #CLTtreehouse near Concord Mills Outlet Mall.
Image - Levine Museum of the New South
Levine Museum of the New South
CLT:One of the best storytellers in Charlotte, offering a mirror to the city's residents. Highly recommended. Check their website for current showings. Only 11 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - North Carolina Music Hall Of Fame
North Carolina Music Hall Of Fame
CLT:This museum is actually on our to-visit list, so if you go let us know what you think. Only 30 miles from #CLTtreehouse.


Image - Northlake Mall
Northlake Mall
CLT:The closest mall to #CLTtreehouse at only 9 miles, and two exits on I-485. Hosts quite a few national-chain restaurants, including many more nearby. Includes a movie theater with an IMAX.
Image - SouthPark
CLT:Charlotte's high(est) end mall with all of the big name brands and eateries. Twenty miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Concord Mills
Concord Mills
CLT:Large indoor outlet mall anchored by a huge Bass Pro Shop. Includes a movie theater. Many popular chain restaurants nearby. Only 16 miles from #CLTtreehouse.
Image - Charlotte Premium Outlets
Charlotte Premium Outlets
CLT:Outdoor outlet with all of the name brands you'd expect. This is a new facility and several eateries are popping up nearby. Only 14 miles from #CLTtreehouse.


Image - The Comedy Zone
The Comedy Zone
CLT:Located in the N.C. Music Factory 11 miles from the #CLTtreehouse. Because there are sometimes big-name concerts going on you should give yourself extra time to arrive. Valet parking is usually upwards of $20 and other paid parking might mean you're in for a walk.
Image - Charlotte Comedy Theater & Training Center
Charlotte Comedy Theater & Training Center
CLT:Also located in the N.C. Music Factory inside of Wet Willies, 11 miles from #CLTtreehouse. Tickets are usually $10 -- CASH -- at the door, or you can look for their Eventbright page and pay in advance, though it usually costs a little more. They usually offer one or two shows every Friday and Saturday night. Wet Willies' serves food and drink.
Image - Travelade Image
Comedy At Petras
CLT:Located in hip Plaza-Midwood, and only 13 miles from #CLTtreehouse, this LGBTQ+ venue is one of our absolute favorite places when it's time to have fun. Close to several bars and restaurants.

Wonderguide map

  1. U.S. National Whitewater Center
  2. Latta Plantation Nature Preserve
  3. Historic Rural Hill
  4. RibbonWalk Nature Preserve
  5. Shuffletown Park
  6. Reedy Creek Park
  7. UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens
  8. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
  9. Crowders Mountain State Park
  10. McDowell Nature Preserve
  11. Riverbend Boat Ramp
  12. Blythe Landing Park
  13. Mt Holly Boat Landing
  14. Shuffletown Grill
  15. Sports Page Food & Spirits
  16. Heirloom
  17. Londa's Place
  18. Coppa Coffee and Tea Cafe
  19. Fat Parrot
  20. Salam Pizza Mediterranean Original
  21. Island Ice
  22. Lancasters BBQ
  23. Tony's Pizza
  24. Pinky's Westside Grill
  25. Vasileio's Italian Kitchen
  26. Lowesville Cafe
  27. dish
  28. Crepe Cellar Kitchen and Pub
  29. Tupelo Honey
  30. Cajun Queen
  31. Mert's Heart & Soul
  32. Zada Jane's Corner Cafe
  33. Midwood Smokehouse
  34. Diamond Restaurant
  35. Workman’s Friend
  36. Krazy Fish
  37. The Flying Biscuit Café
  38. Bistro La Bon
  39. Sabor Latin Street Grill
  40. 7th Street Public Market
  41. Intermezzo
  42. Two Scoops Creamery Plaza Midwood
  43. Amélie's French Bakery & Cafe | Uptown
  44. The King's Kitchen
  45. Saffron Indian Cuisine
  46. J Patisserie
  47. CupLux Coffee Drive-Thru
  48. AvidXchange Music Factory
  49. PNC Music Pavilion
  50. The Fillmore Charlotte
  51. Belk Theater at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
  52. Jazz at the Bechtler
  53. The Underground
  54. The Evening Muse
  55. Visulite Theatre
  56. The Milestone Club
  57. Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre
  58. Neighborhood Theatre
  59. The Rabbit Hole
  60. Amos' Southend
  61. Petra's
  62. The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery
  63. Blue Blaze Brewing
  64. Town Brewing Co
  65. Birdsong Brewing Co.
  66. Catawba Brewing Company Charlotte
  67. The Unknown Brewing Co.
  68. Wooden Robot Brewery
  69. NoDa Brewing Company
  70. Lenny Boy Brewing Co.
  71. Free Range Brewing
  72. Sycamore Brewing - Beer Garden
  73. Heist Brewery
  74. Legion Brewing
  75. Resident Culture Brewing Company
  76. Divine Barrel Brewing
  77. Triple C Brewing Company
  78. Bold Missy Brewery
  79. Thirsty Nomad Brewing
  80. Sugar Creek Brewing Company
  81. Brewers at 4001 Yancey
  82. Red Clay Ciderworks
  83. Muddy River Distillery
  84. Great Wagon Road Distilling Company
  85. Doc Porter's Distillery
  86. Dragon Moonshine Company
  87. Snake Oil Distillery
  88. Seven Jars Distillery
  89. Bank of America Stadium
  90. Spectrum Center
  91. Bb & T Ball Park
  92. Jerry Richardson Stadium
  93. NASCAR Racing Experience and Richard Petty Driving Experience
  94. Grayson SkatePark
  95. Hornets Nest Park
  96. Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center
  97. Mint Museum UPTOWN
  98. Mint Museum Randolph
  99. Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture
  100. Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
  101. Discovery Place Science
  102. Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville
  103. NASCAR Hall of Fame
  104. Billy Graham Library
  105. The Schiele Museum of Natural History & Planetarium
  106. Hendrick Motorsports Museum and Team Shop
  107. Levine Museum of the New South
  108. North Carolina Music Hall Of Fame
  109. Northlake Mall
  110. SouthPark
  111. Concord Mills
  112. Charlotte Premium Outlets
  113. The Comedy Zone
  114. Charlotte Comedy Theater & Training Center
  115. Comedy At Petras

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