My Guide to Cambridge, UK

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My Guide to Cambridge, UK

Cambridge is a charming university town, just an hour's train ride away from London. If you're thinking about visiting but don't know where to start - here's a useful guide.

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🍸Best Cafés and Bars in Cambridge

Cambridge is a university town, so naturally, there's a good number of cafés for them to hang around. Here are my favs:

Image - Fitzbillies
Nína:This cozy café is famous for their chelsea buns. I don't find them all that good, but a lot of people like them.
Image - Hot Numbers Coffee
Hot Numbers Coffee
Nína:This café actually has very good coffee and the food is much better than at most cafés in town. It's usually pretty busy and noisy, so opt for something else if you want peace and quiet.
Image - Aromi
Nína:You can always bet on good food/coffee/sweets at this fantastic Sicilian joint in down town Cambridge. Go there for 2for1 happy hour before dinner, it comes with olives and charcuterie.
Image - The Old Bicycle Shop
The Old Bicycle Shop
Nína:A charming café serving excellent food and drinks. It's a popular spot so it's clever to make a reservation first.
Image - The Orchard Tea Garden
The Orchard Tea Garden
Nína:A lovely spot to visit in good weather. Sitting under the apple trees in the orchard enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of wine is simply divine! It's a bit far from the city centre and you'll have to cycle/walk through the Granchester Meadows to get there (which is a lovely route anyways).
Image - Pint Shop
Pint Shop
Nína:Large selection of craft beer, good music and a lively atmosphere. A perfect alternative to the classic British pubs that you'll find in abundance in Cambridge.
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👀Must See Stuff in Cambridge

If you have a whole day to spend in Cambridge, you should be able to fit most of these things into your schedule.

Image - Bridge of Sighs
Bridge of Sighs
Nína:This bridge is probably the most famous landmark of Cambridge. The best view of it is from the river.
Image - Paradise Fen Nature Reserve
Paradise Fen Nature Reserve
Nína:Walking through "Paradise" is the perfect way enjoy the wonderful nature surrounding the river Cam.
Image - King's College
King's College
Nína:King's College attracts thousands of visitors each year. A must see while in Cambridge.
Image - The Fitzwilliam Museum
The Fitzwilliam Museum
Nína:In this museum, you can find masterpieces by Titian, Monet and Renoir (to name a few) as well as antiquities from all over the world.
Image - Kettle's Yard
Kettle's Yard
Nína:Visit the inspiring home of artist and art collector Jim Ede.
Image - Cambridge Market Square
Cambridge Market Square
Nína:The market square is right in the center of Cambridge. You can choose from various goods and quick bites, if you're hungry.
Image - King's College Chapel
King's College Chapel
Nína:The 2nd largest chapel in the world after the Sixtine in the Vatican. It's simply breathtaking.
Image - Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Nína:Visit the Cambridge University Botanic garden if you'd like to see some interesting flora. The best season to visit is summer but spring is also nice for blossoming trees.
Image - Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Nína:This museum is free of charge so definitely recommend that you drop by (there's a huge totem pole there which is pretty awesome). It takes just a brief time to explore the whole thing.
Image - Trinity College
Trinity College
Nína:Like Kings, Trinity College is also situated on the banks of the river Cam. And like Kings, it's breathtaking.
Image - Scudamore's Mill Lane Punting Station
Scudamore's Mill Lane Punting Station
Nína:Embarking on a punting tour is a total must when in Cambridge. I've done it myself but I've also been on a guided tour with Scudamore's, which was fantastic. Couldn't recommend this activity any more!

🍕My Favourite Restaurants in Cambridge

I have had a pretty hard time finding REALLY good restaurants in Cambridge, but these below are pretty decent:

Image - Granta
Nína:The ideal place to sit down for a drink or a meal right by the river bank. Very basic British pub food (and frankly nothing special) but the lovely location makes it worth it.
Image - The Mill
The Mill
Nína:If you're in the mood for British food (fish and chips, pies etc.), The Mill is a safe bet.
Image - Nanna Mexico
Nanna Mexico
Nína:Nanna Mexico is in fact a restaurant chain, but I still like it a lot, especially if I'm in a hurry and just want to grab something quick.
Image - Bill's Cambridge Restaurant
Bill's Cambridge Restaurant
Nína:Ambitious interior design and pretty good food. There's also brunch on weekends.
Image - Bread & Meat
Bread & Meat
Nína:Hearty sandwiches and bowls if you're short on time.

Wonderguide map

  1. Fitzbillies
  2. Hot Numbers Coffee
  3. Aromi
  4. The Old Bicycle Shop
  5. The Orchard Tea Garden
  6. Pint Shop
  7. Bridge of Sighs
  8. Paradise Fen Nature Reserve
  9. King's College
  10. The Fitzwilliam Museum
  11. Kettle's Yard
  12. Cambridge Market Square
  13. King's College Chapel
  14. Cambridge University Botanic Garden
  15. Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
  16. Trinity College
  17. Scudamore's Mill Lane Punting Station
  18. Granta
  19. The Mill
  20. Nanna Mexico
  21. Bill's Cambridge Restaurant
  22. Bread & Meat

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