Villa Ventana en la Sierra de la Ventana

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Adolf Aspri

Villa Ventana en la Sierra de la Ventana

Todo el año de temporada

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Image - Cabañas Villaven
Cabañas Villaven
Adolf:Excelentes cabañas a la entrada de la Villa
Image - Sierra de La Ventana
Sierra de La Ventana
Adolf:Excellent for wallking in Sierra de la Ventana
Image - Regionales la Rueda
Regionales la Rueda
Adolf:Cheeses, cold meats, wines and regional quality items, in Sierra de la Ventana.
Image - Cabalgatas Del Belisario
Cabalgatas Del Belisario
Adolf:Horseback riding in the hills near Villa Ventana. Excursions in ATVs and Zipline in the Belisario Park
Image - Complejo Caramelo
Complejo Caramelo
Adolf:Excellent Cabins with very good attention from their owners, suitable for 2 to 6 people. Large park with pool in summer.
Image - Rocio de Luna cabins
Rocio de Luna cabins
Adolf:Excellent Cabins , suitable for 2 to 6 people. Large park with pool in summer.
Image - Hotel Moreno
Hotel Moreno
Adolf:Excellent Hotel in Tornquist
Image - Museo
Adolf:Museum that remembers the history of the first settlers of the Villa and the history of the sailors of the German pocket battleship sunk in the Rio de la Plata, housed during their stay in the Ex Club Hotel in Villa.
Image - Ristorante Da Roberto
Ristorante Da Roberto
Adolf:Italian food restaurant
Image - Cabaña Del Molino
Cabaña Del Molino
Adolf:Wooden cabins in a large park. Heated pool throughout the year. Excellent homemade breakfast
Image - Camping Campamento Base Cerro Ventana
Camping Campamento Base Cerro Ventana
Adolf: 41/5000 Family camping at the foot of Cerro Ventana
Image - Estancia Las Vertientes
Estancia Las Vertientes
Adolf:Estancia Las Vertientes has different types of accommodation for tourism. Horseback riding and activities within the ranch, 4x4 rides through the hills.
Image - Complejo Sherwood
Complejo Sherwood
Adolf:Very good log cabins in Villa Ventana, near the Dock and Camping. Good breakfast, a quiet place to rest, with pool in season.
Image - Cabañas Pasión Serrana
Cabañas Pasión Serrana
Adolf: Passion Serrana, offers you five cabins, entirely built in solid logs, set in country style
Image - Cabañas Los Siete Colores
Cabañas Los Siete Colores
Adolf:Come enjoy the charms of our cabins stone and trunk. Each cabin is a different color, referenced to the name of the street where they are located.
Image - Complejo Quillahue
Complejo Quillahue
Adolf:Built in trunk and designed to achieve privacy and comfort, have spacious rooms and a large outdoor recreation space. Indoor pool heated all year
Image - Complejo de Cabañas NASCHI RUKE
Complejo de Cabañas NASCHI RUKE
Adolf:In a 4000 m2 park, near the mountains, in the middle from the forest, in cabins widely separated from each other to preserve privacy. Pool in season
Image - Cabaña Huepil
Cabaña Huepil
Adolf:We are in a 300 hectare forest, surrounded by the Belisario stream, Las Piedras and in the background the hills Naposta, Tres Picos and Ventana. Pool in season
Image - Alfajores Mamuelquén
Alfajores Mamuelquén
Adolf: Excellent artisan alfajores in Villa Ventana. Sweets, Chocolates and various crafts
Image - Estancia Mahuida-co
Estancia Mahuida-co
Adolf:Excellent excursion to discover the fauna of the Tornquist area
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Wonderguide map

  1. Cabañas Villaven
  2. Sierra de La Ventana
  3. Regionales la Rueda
  4. Cabalgatas Del Belisario
  5. Complejo Caramelo
  6. Rocio de Luna cabins
  7. Hotel Moreno
  8. Museo
  9. Ristorante Da Roberto
  10. Cabaña Del Molino
  11. Camping Campamento Base Cerro Ventana
  12. Estancia Las Vertientes
  13. Complejo Sherwood
  14. Cabañas Pasión Serrana
  15. Cabañas Los Siete Colores
  16. Complejo Quillahue
  17. Complejo de Cabañas NASCHI RUKE
  18. Cabaña Huepil
  19. Alfajores Mamuelquén
  20. Estancia Mahuida-co

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