Summer in Vienna

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Ana Stamatovic

Summer in Vienna

Among all the capitals I have visited in Europe, Vienna has left the biggest impression on me. Centuries of a great history are visible in every corner of the city. The stunning combination of royal and modern makes this perfectly organized city worth visiting more than once.

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👑 Feel like a royal

The capital of Austria is famous for its stunning castles, gardens and cultural monuments. Feel the atmosphere of the time when Vienna was lead by the famous kings and queens.

Image - Stephansdom
Ana:The stunning Gothic cathedral stands for centuries in the heart of Vienna. The interior of this monumental, 136m high, church impressed me as much as the exterior.
Image - Rathaus
Ana:Vienna’s city hall is an extraordinary building, with many events to offer during the whole year. In summer, the Rathaus square is a great place to spend hot evenings, drink beer or wine, and enjoy classical music.
Image - Karlskirche
Ana:Take a walk around Karlsplatz. This is a great place to take some photos, listen to street musicians, or simply relax and admire the Vienna’s architecture.
Image - Maria-Theresien-Platz
Ana:Surrounded by twin museum buildings, covered with grass and flowers, this square is one of my favorite in Vienna. Stands with food and hand-made stuff are placed at the square on special occasions. I bought a unique teapot last year here and had a great snack.
Image - Burgtheater
Ana:National Theater is the soul of every city. This building lives me speechless every time I see it. There are plenty of events and performances during the year. Check for the tickets online before you decide to visit the theater, and book them in advance.
Image - Votivkirche
Ana:My mother took me for a Gospel music performance placed in this church. That was quite of an experience. Interior of the church is beautiful, and listening to that special kind of music, made an unforgettable evening for both of us.
Image - Time Travel Vienna
Time Travel Vienna
Ana:I didn’t go for many paid tours around Vienna, but this one I would definitely recommend. Located in the basement of the building in downtown, creators of this tour made me really feel like I am going back in time. The tour is very interesting, interactive, and made for all generations.
Image - Heldenplatz
Ana:This is a place where I like to chill on the grass and read a book. It is located near to all the main attractions in downtown, right next to the National Library. Don't forget to bring a blanket (and some snacks) with you.
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🎼 Listen to music

Vienna is the city where famous composers like Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, and many others lived and performed. Vienna is still a huge fan of the music and concerts, and many music festivals are going on during the summer.

Image - Vienna Operahouse
Vienna Operahouse
Ana:Symbol of the Royal Vienna. I saw this building so many times, and I still admire the architecture and design.
Image - Wiener Musikverein
Wiener Musikverein
Ana:If you are a fan of classical music, this place is perfect for you. In case you don’t have enough time, go for a tour with the professional guide and feel the atmosphere of Mozart’s Vienna.
Image - Popfest Vienna
Popfest Vienna
Ana:Summer in Vienna brings a lot of concerts around the city. I especially like the ones placed next to the Danube river. The atmosphere is amazing.
Image - Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts
Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts
Ana:Although I never had a chance to attend this extraordinary event, it is still on my bucket list.
Image - Donaukanal
Ana:You can find here plenty of restaurants, bars, and music events during the summer. Located near downtown, this part of the city is a great place where you can spend hot summer evenings.

😋 Try some tasty food

I am a big fan of Austrian traditional cuisine. That is why I never miss visiting my favorite restaurants and cafes.

Image - Brezlgwölb Cafe Restaurant Wien
Brezlgwölb Cafe Restaurant Wien
Ana:My absolute number one restaurant in Vienna. Intimate atmosphere and the interior will bring you back in time, in the middle ages. They serve the best traditional food, punch and pretzels.
Image - Hotel Sacher Wien
Hotel Sacher Wien
Ana:I love cakes and good coffee, and this place offers the best of both. Sacher Hotel is the place where the famous Sacher cake was actually invented, and I love to come back here every time I visit Vienna.
Image - Café Central
Café Central
Ana:The most important Vienna’s intellectuals of the 19th century were enjoying the great coffee and pastries in this café. My favorite combination is cappuccino with a plain croissant.
Image - Zanoni & Zanoni
Zanoni & Zanoni
Ana:I don't even remember how many times I ate the ice cream from Zanoni. It is simply the best. I like to choose 3 flavors and enjoy the taste while walking around the city center. Zanoni also offers plenty of other desserts, snacks and dishes.
Image - Café Frauenhuber
Café Frauenhuber
Ana:Officially the oldest café in Vienna. The café changed the location a few times, but it kept the nice interior and great service. You can come here for lunch or coffee.

📸 Enjoy Vienna from above

Observing the things from above gives you a different perspective about them. Climbing the highest buildings and rooftops allows you to find out more about the city. Plus, you will make amazing photos.

Image - Stephansdom Nordturm
Stephansdom Nordturm
Ana:Even though I had to pay to climb more than 300 stairs, the view from the top was priceless. For a couple of Euros, you will get an exercise and the chance to meet Vienna’s downtown from the bird’s perspective.
Image - Danube Tower
Danube Tower
Ana:The first time I visited this tower, there was a bungee jump platform on the lowes terrace, but I wasn't brave enough to try it. The tower also has a nice café, which is moving, so you can enjoy the views while drinking your favorite hot drink.
Image - Atmosphere Rooftop Bar
Atmosphere Rooftop Bar
Ana:Enjoy some fresh air, chill atmosphere, and tasty cocktails. Great place to spend the hot summer evenings.
Image - Lamée Rooftop
Lamée Rooftop
Ana:I like rooftops, especially when they are located in downtown. This is the place where you can take a break and enjoy the amazing view of the old town.

Wonderguide map

  1. Stephansdom
  2. Rathaus
  3. Karlskirche
  4. Maria-Theresien-Platz
  5. Burgtheater
  6. Votivkirche
  7. Time Travel Vienna
  8. Heldenplatz
  9. Vienna Operahouse
  10. Wiener Musikverein
  11. Popfest Vienna
  12. Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts
  13. Donaukanal
  14. Brezlgwölb Cafe Restaurant Wien
  15. Hotel Sacher Wien
  16. Café Central
  17. Zanoni & Zanoni
  18. Café Frauenhuber
  19. Stephansdom Nordturm
  20. Danube Tower
  21. Atmosphere Rooftop Bar
  22. Lamée Rooftop

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