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The medieval town of Porrentruy with its impressive Castle is our lovely hometown. Many fossilized dinosaur footprints were found in the area and the untouched landscape is just stunning. If you are looking for a Mindful Experience, love wide and open spaces, you've come to the right place!

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Where To Stay

Hotel & Spa

Image - AjoieSpa
AjoieSpa:Welcome to AjoieSpa! Not just a hotel, but a cosy place with wonderful suites and a private spa - a place for Creatives and Bohemians from allover the World.
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Where To Eat


Image - L'Orchidée
Image - Spizzicati pizzeria rosticceria bar
Spizzicati pizzeria rosticceria bar
AjoieSpa:For an italian snack on the go
Image - La Bella Ciao - Porrentruy
La Bella Ciao - Porrentruy
AjoieSpa:Pizza Take-Away

Where To Eat | Around Town

Where To Drink Well

Cafés and Bars

Image - Chez Steph
Chez Steph
Image - Atelier4 - Vélo & Café
Atelier4 - Vélo & Café
AjoieSpa:Great coffee
Image - Restaurant de la Cigogne
Restaurant de la Cigogne
AjoieSpa:This is your place if you want to immerse yourself in the local life.
Image - Le Caram'Bar
Le Caram'Bar

Where To Go

Image - Musee de l'Hotel-Dieu
Musee de l'Hotel-Dieu
AjoieSpa:MUST SEE: The historical apothecary, a masterpiece of Wood craftmanship
Image - JURASSICA Jardin botanique
JURASSICA Jardin botanique
AjoieSpa:The 200-year old botanical garden is Switzerland's oldest with 800 plants from the Jura Region.

Where To Go With Kids

Image - Roche-d'Or
Image - Prehistoric Park & ​​Caves Réclère
Prehistoric Park & ​​Caves Réclère
AjoieSpa:A fun place for children

Where To Go On A Sunday

Where To Shop

Image - La Boite à Pétales
La Boite à Pétales
AjoieSpa:Beautiful Flowers and all you need to decorate your home. Emma, the owner has great taste!
Image - Nora et Mario, boulangerie, patisserie, chocolaterie
Nora et Mario, boulangerie, patisserie, chocolaterie
AjoieSpa:Nora is a very creative Pastry creator

Mindful Ajoie

Image - Gorges du Pichoux
Gorges du Pichoux
AjoieSpa:Just beautiful and stunning
Image - Etangs de Bonfol
Etangs de Bonfol
AjoieSpa:Mindful Ajoie: walk, relax and enjoy the landscape and nature

Wonderguide map

  1. AjoieSpa
  2. Brasserie Deux Clefs
  3. Auberge du Mouton
  4. Restaurant Le Suisse
  5. L'Orchidée
  6. Hôtel Restaurant Lion d'Or
  7. Local de la Colonie italienne de Porrentruy, société coopérative
  8. Spizzicati pizzeria rosticceria bar
  9. La Bella Ciao - Porrentruy
  10. Restaurant Itaste
  11. Château de Pleujouse
  12. Hôtel-Restaurant du Boeuf
  13. Végé'table
  14. Auberge Saint-Hubert
  15. Wine&Co, Nguyen Christophe Vinotheque
  16. Chez Steph
  17. Atelier4 - Vélo & Café
  18. Restaurant de la Cigogne
  19. Le Caram'Bar
  20. Musee de l'Hotel-Dieu
  21. JURASSICA Jardin botanique
  22. Château de Porrentruy
  23. Église Saint Pierre
  24. Galerie Du Sauvage
  25. JURASSICA Museum
  26. JURASSICA Dinotec
  27. Roche-d'Or
  28. Prehistoric Park & ​​Caves Réclère
  29. Fondation La Ferme du Bonheur
  30. AjoieSpa
  31. Confiserie Roelli Sàrl
  32. Golf LaLargue
  33. La Boite à Pétales
  34. Nora et Mario, boulangerie, patisserie, chocolaterie
  35. Brocante Oethel
  36. Gorges du Pichoux
  37. Etangs de Bonfol
  38. Ermitage et Chapelle de Saint-Ursanne
  39. Etang de Lucelle
  40. Rue de l'Etang
  41. Tour de Milandre
  42. Collégiale Saint-Ursanne
  43. Doubs franco-suisse
  44. Equestrian Tourism

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