Bakki’s Guide to the South

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Bakki’s Guide to the South

Recommendations, discounted tours, information and local insights

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Eat and drink

Treat yourself to a delicious meal out, or buy something to prepare in your apartment.

Image - Rauða Húsið Restaurant
Rauða Húsið Restaurant
Jessi:The pride of Eyrarbakki! Our local restaurant, beloved by Icelanders and travelers alike. Try the langoustine, fish, or lamb.
Image - Travelade Image
ÓB Eyrabakki
Jessi:Convenience store and gas station. Open 9:00-19:00 most days.
Image - Kaffi Krús
Kaffi Krús
Jessi:Casual bistro in Selfoss. Open for breakfast from 8:00.
Image - Hendur í höfn
Hendur í höfn
Jessi:In Þorlákshöfn, 15 minutes' drive west of Eyrarbakki
Image - Fjorubordid Restaurant
Fjorubordid Restaurant
Jessi:Lobster restaurant. Lobster in a pot served family style, crack them open with your fingers.
Image - Vínbúðin
Jessi:The local liquor store, the only place you can get beer, wine or hard alcohol outside a bar (and the Duty-Free). Closed Sundays.
Image - Krónan
Jessi:The best selection in Selfoss, including specialty, gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan items
Image - Travelade Image
Krambúðin Selfoss
Jessi:Open 7:30-23:30 most days. Good option when the other shops are closed.
Image - Ölvisholt Brewery
Ölvisholt Brewery
Jessi:Local brewery that offers tours, tasting room. Excellent beers!
Image - Ölverk Pizza & Brewery
Ölverk Pizza & Brewery
Jessi:Brewpub and pizza place with a brick oven.
Image - Krisp Restaurant
Krisp Restaurant
Jessi:Casual restaurant in Selfoss
Image - GK Bakarí
GK Bakarí
Jessi:Wonderful breads and pastries. I recommend the cinnamon rolls (snuður)
Image - Almar Bakari
Almar Bakari
Jessi:Cakes, breads, pastries and more. Perfect for a casual breakfast as you head out of town or to pick up supplies for a picnic lunch.
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Seasonal Highlights

Find tips about what to do, how to dress and the best experiences to do at the moment.

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Iceland Summer Packing List
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Iceland with Kids

Iceland has plenty to offer for the whole family. Here are some ideas.

Image - Kid-Friendly Iceland Travel Guide
Iceland with kids - An incredible adventure
Image - Sundhöll Selfoss
Sundhöll Selfoss
Jessi:Good outdoor swimming pool with a big slide. Hot tubs at different temperatures.
Image - Family-Friendly Restaurants and Food in Iceland
Eating in Iceland with kids: Traditional meets Bizarre
Image - Five Ideas for Kid-friendly Activities in Iceland
Top 5 things to do in Iceland with kids
Image - Bakkahestar Horse Riding Tours
Bakkahestar Horse Riding Tours
Jessi:Great for kids 5 and up. No experience necessary. The owner teaches riding to kids and the horses are very calm.
Image - Sundlaug Þorlákshafnar
Sundlaug Þorlákshafnar
Jessi:Good indoor and outdoor swimming pools for the whole family. Indoor shallow pool with slides and other water features; outdoor lap pool, hot tubs, and water slides.
Image - Slakki
Jessi:A fun stop on the Golden Circle if you have kids. Domestic and farm animals, putt putt golf, and more. Open in summer.

Hot Springs & Swimming Pools

From navigating your way to hot springs, to how to navigate Icelandic swimming pool culture.

Image - Seljavallalaug: A Secret Geothermal Pool in South Iceland
Seljavallalaug: The Ultra "Secret" Icelandic Geothermal Swimming Pool
Image - Everything You Need to Know about The Blue Lagoon
Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Image - The Great Icelandic Soak-Off: A Potted Guide To Wild Pools
The Great Icelandic Soak-Off: A Potted Guide To Wild Pools
Image - Hrunalaug
Jessi:A small place. It gets easily crowded, so if you have your heart set on a visit, you might want to plan extra time in case you need to wait and come back. If there aren't too many other people there, it's a lovely, secluded place.

Outdoor adventures and activities

It’s what Iceland does best….choose from a wide variety of top rated tours and experiences that will take you out into the wild Icelandic nature.

Image - Kerid
The Perfect 5 day Itinerary in Southern Iceland
Jessi:Eyrarbakki is the perfect base for 3-6 days exploring south Iceland. Here are some ideas to get you dreaming!
Image - Black Beach ATV Tour near Reykjavik_49858
$ 96
Black Beach ATV Tour near Reykjavik
Jessi:Just 15 minutes away in Þorlákshöfn
Image - The Striking Lake of Iceland's Kerið Crater Volcano - Travel Tramp
The Striking Lake of Iceland's Kerið Crater Volcano - Travel Tramp
Jessi:Just 20 minutes' drive from Eyrarbakki
Image - Black Beach Adrenaline Ride_59264
$ 235
Black Beach Adrenaline Ride
Jessi:Tours depart from nearby Þorlákshöfn, just 15 minutes away.
Image - The Best Places to Take Photos in South Iceland
The Best Iceland Photography Locations on the South Coast
Image - Fifteen Waterfalls Around Iceland
The 15 best waterfalls in Iceland

Hiking & Trekking

Venture out on your own or have be guided on an adventure...find the perfect fit for you!

Image - Five Places Not To Miss Near Myvatn Lake
My 5 top places to see in Myvatn, Iceland
Image - The Laugavegur Trek: All the Information You Need
The Laugavegur Trek: All the Information You Need
Image - Highlands
10 things you should know before going hiking in Iceland
Image - Hike to the Second Highest Waterfall in Iceland
I Hike For Waterfalls // Glymur, Iceland
Image - Reykjadalur Hot Springs // A Must See In Iceland
Reykjadalur Hot Springs // A Must See In Iceland
Image - Svínafellsjökull
Iceland off the Beaten Path with Hidden Gems Location Map

Animal Lovers

Get up close and personal with Icelandic wildlife

Image - Bakkahestar Horse Riding Tours
Bakkahestar Horse Riding Tours
Jessi:A local family-run company that offers horse riding tours on the beach in Eyrarbakki. Walking distance or just a few minutes' drive.
Image - The Uniqueness of the Icelandic Horse
The Uniqueness of the Icelandic Horse
Image - Sólvangur Stable Café / Hestakaffihús
Sólvangur Stable Café / Hestakaffihús
Jessi:Meet the Icelandic horse at Sólvangur. See into the stables from the coffee shop, and if you love horses, this place is great for souvenirs.
Image - Dogsledding in Iceland
Dogsledding in Iceland

Glacier Experiences

Climb it, hike it, snowmobile on it...choose how you want to experience these slow moving giants of ice and snow.

Arts & Culture

From viking legends to modern art, get to know the deeper side of Iceland.

Image - House at Eyrarbakki
Árnessýsla Heritage Museum - The house at Eyrarbakki
Jessi:Step back in time and learn a bit about the history of Iceland at the Húsið museum in Eyrarbakki. Open daily in the summer.
Image - Travelade Image
Konubókastofa (The Women´s Book Lounge)
Jessi:A library and reading room focusing on the works of Icelandic women authors.
Image - Laugabúð
Jessi:A local shop, but more than that, a step back in time. This shop is preserved much the way it was 100 years ago. The shopkeeper is a gem.
Image - Skálholt

Wonderguide map

  1. Rauða Húsið Restaurant
  2. ÓB Eyrabakki
  3. Kaffi Krús
  4. Hendur í höfn
  5. Fjorubordid Restaurant
  6. Vínbúðin
  7. Krónan
  8. Bónus & Hagkaup
  9. Krambúðin Selfoss
  10. Ölvisholt Brewery
  11. Ölverk Pizza & Brewery
  12. Krisp Restaurant
  13. GK Bakarí
  14. Almar Bakari
  15. Ice Cave And Glacier Walk
  16. Crystal Ice Cave Adventure
  17. Amazing Snowmobile Tour From Gullfoss
  18. Sundhöll Selfoss
  19. Sólvangur Stable Café / Hestakaffihús
  20. Bakkahestar Horse Riding Tours
  21. Sundlaug Þorlákshafnar
  22. Slakki
  23. Laugarvatn Fontana
  24. Secret Lagoon Hot Spring
  25. Hrunalaug
  26. Black Beach ATV Tour near Reykjavik
  27. Amazing Snowmobile Tour From Gullfoss
  28. Glacier Lagoon Zodiac Tour
  29. Black Beach Adrenaline Ride
  30. Snorkeling in Silfra: In between Two Continents
  31. Inside the Volcano Tour | Free Pickup from Reykjavik
  32. Arctic Adventures - Iceland Riverjet
  33. Þórsmörk Hike with a Local Guide
  34. Bakkahestar Horse Riding Tours
  35. Sólvangur Stable Café / Hestakaffihús
  36. Whales, Puffins & Reykjavík
  37. Reykjavík Classic Whale Watching
  38. The Heritage Horse Riding Tour
  39. Icelandic Horse Park - Fákasel
  40. Blue Ice Cave Adventure
  41. Konubókastofa (The Women´s Book Lounge)
  42. Listasafn Árnesinga Art Museum
  43. Laugabúð
  44. Gallerý GIMLI Icelandic Handkraft
  45. Bobby Fischer Center
  46. A Walk With a Viking
  47. Skálholt

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