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Tips on local food, drinks and lifestyle in Zadar city

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Image - BackStage Bar
BackStage Bar
Josip:One of the bars with the best selection of Croatian craft beer in Zadar.
Image - Coffee & Cake
Coffee & Cake
Josip:By far the cosiest place in the city centre - good cakes and good coffee, hence the name.
Image - Cogito Coffee Shop / Zadar
Cogito Coffee Shop / Zadar
Josip:Croatia's finest craft coffee.
Image - GUMA Bar
Josip:Zadar's newest but also the best night bar. 80's style decorated.
Image - Restaurant Taverna
Restaurant Taverna
Josip:One of the restaurants that still preserve as remaining of some previous decades. Set in Zadar's great neighbourhood of Diklo, few meters from the sea front.
Image - Back Door
Back Door
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  1. Caffe Bar Kult
  2. BackStage Bar
  3. Coffee & Cake
  4. Cogito Coffee Shop / Zadar
  5. GUMA Bar
  6. plaža uskok zadar
  7. Restaurant Taverna
  8. Back Door

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