Zadar - hints and tips for your visit

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Zadar - hints and tips for your visit

What to do and where to go, eat, drink..

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My favorite restaurants

Best restaurants in town

Image - 4 Kantuna
4 Kantuna
Apartment:Nice and cozy inside and very friendly staff. The food is delicious, especially black risotto, homemade pasta mith beef and truffle!
Image - Pet Bunara
Pet Bunara
Apartment:Local cuisine in nice ambient. Interesting specials regarding the seasonal ingredients whit a reasonable price.
Image - Proto Food&More
Proto Food&More
Apartment:Super nice restaurant with awsesome food. Delicious see food and homemade pasta. Good wine.
Image - Harbor CookHouse & Club
Harbor CookHouse & Club
Apartment:This place is very near the see with a good view on old town. Fantastic steak and burger!
Image - Foša
Apartment:Best seefood in town! Romantic and lovely ambient near the sea.

My favorite Caffe Bars

Best Caffe Bars in town

Night life in Zadar

Night life

Wonderguide map

  1. 4 Kantuna
  2. Pet Bunara
  3. Proto Food&More
  4. Harbor CookHouse & Club
  5. Foša
  6. Hedonist dining & hangout
  7. Restoran Bruschetta
  8. The Garden Lounge
  9. Ledana
  10. Caffe Bar Kult
  11. Callegro café
  12. Caffe Bar Brazil
  13. The Garden Lounge
  14. GUMA Bar
  15. La Bodega Zadar

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