Yurimaguas, Loreto, Perú

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Yurimaguas, Loreto, Perú

Aquí comienza la amazonía peruana, tierra de paisajes y bella naturaleza

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Image - Yurimaguas
Blas:Enjoy a City Tour knowing its ports on the banks of the Huallaga and Paranapura rivers, delight your senses by visiting its typical markets full of color and flavor.
Image - Lake Cuipari
Lake Cuipari
Blas:Cuipari Lake is located 1:30 hours by boat from Yurimaguas. An ideal place to enjoy the Amazonian landscape. Come and meet and climb the trees renacos, make a ride on a raft and bathe in its fresh waters, enjoy a delicious regional lunch and take a horse ride.
Image - Lago Sanango
Lago Sanango
Blas:Sanango Lake is located just 30 minutes by boat from Yurimaguas and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, savor rich tropical fruits and feel the fresh breeze of the Amazon.
Image - Sauce
Image - Lamas
Blas:Here we find the lamistas, a town with a lot of history that still preserve their clothes and their quechua lamist language, you can visit waterfalls and walk a medieval castle
Image - Waterfall Ahuashiyacu
Waterfall Ahuashiyacu
Blas:Just 15 km from Tarapoto and climbing the hill 15 minutes we find this beautiful place of a cold and pleasant water fall.
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  1. Yurimaguas
  2. Lake Cuipari
  3. Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve
  4. Lago Sanango
  5. Sauce
  6. Lamas
  7. Tingana Tours Tarapoto
  8. Shapaja District
  9. Waterfall Ahuashiyacu
  10. Waterfalls Pishurayacu

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