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Wonderfully Wanderlust Romania- part 1

Discovering my home country.. behind the mountains, unknown towns, traditions and.. most instagramable spots

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Natural landscapes

Image - Danube's Big Boilers
Danube's Big Boilers
Ella:This is one of the magical places in Romania and it's just at the national border with Serbia! The Danube divides Romania from Serbia for many kilometers and the highway is just alongside the Danube, so you can admire the fascinating Romanian landscapes but also the Serbian ones, which in some spots, are very closely. I can tell you this is a special place for me! I was born there in a little old town, but I moved when I was 4. So I left my heart in this place because it reminds me who I am and what are my roots.
Image - Rock Sculpture of Decebalus
Rock Sculpture of Decebalus
Ella:This carving in rock represents the last king of Dacia, who fought against the Roman emperors to preserve the independence of his country, which corresponded to modern Romania. The rock sculpture of Decebalus is a 42.9m height and 31.6m width. The sculpture was made between 1994 and 2004, on a rocky outcrop on the river Danube. It is located near the city of Orșova in Romania.
Image - Salina Turda
Salina Turda
Ella:Salina Turda is a salt mine in the area of Turda, the second-largest city in Cluj County, Romania. Opened for tourists in 1992, the Salina Turda was visited by about 618,000 Romanians and foreign tourists just in 2017. Salina Turda was ranked among the "25 hidden gems around the world that are worth the trek". In fact, inside the mine, you can see many magnificent constructions in wood and sculptures carved in the salt walls.
Image - Cheile Turzii
Cheile Turzii
Ella:Turda Gorge is a natural reserve situated 6 km west of Turda and about 15 km south-east of Cluj-Napoca, in Transylvania. This is one of the main climbing mountains in Romania, but also you can find many green valleys, for those who just want to relax in the middle of nature.
Image - Bicaz Gorge
Bicaz Gorge
Ella:This is maybe the most beautiful canyon in Romania. You should stop and walk around to see its beauty! The Bicaz Gorge is a gorge located in the north-east part of the country, in Neamt and Harghita counties. The road along the 8 kilometers of ravines, often in serpentines with rock on one side and a sheer drop on the other, is one of the most spectacular drives in the country! Around half a mile long has a stream which can change in a flash into a river if starts raining. There are a few waterfalls, and in some points, the water is dripping on the rocks. If you can see it during the day and at the sunset, you will be amazed by the beauty and how different looks. Also within the gorge is Lacul Rosu (the Red Lake), with its traditional cabins, hotels, and its famous lake (situated at 980m altitude) caused by a landslide in the 19th century.
Image - Iron Gates
Iron Gates
Ella:Many people say the Iron Gates is the Danube Gorge (as I spoke in the previous post), but trust me it's not the same thing. The Iron Gates refers to the main hydroelectric power stations of Serbia and Romania, and also the most powerful in the whole of Europe. The Iron Gates I is the 1st boundary on the Danube river and is situated between the city of Orsova and Drobeta-Turnu Severin. The Iron Gates II is the 2nd boundary between these two countries and is situated just some km far away from the city of Ostrovu Mare. These two boundaries can be reached by car, as both of the hydroelectric power stations are passed by a bridge. Also, there are 77km from the 1st power station to the 2nd one, so this is the part which is correctly named the Iron Gates Gorge. If you have the opportunity to come to Romania, you have to pass through one of those boundaries! It will be a unique experience!
Image - Bucharest Herastrau Park
Bucharest Herastrau Park
Ella:Great outdoor experience. The park offers a variety of activities for every age and preference. Form fine dining at a restaurant on the lake to having fun with friends riding the free bikes provided by the city hall. For a great weekend in Bucharest, you must visit Herastrau park. Here, the views are amazing, so be sure to bring your camera with you. There is even a small island here to see and stand on. The Park can be reached by Metro or Uber Taxi if you want something economical.
Image - Seven Ladders Canyon
Seven Ladders Canyon
Ella:This canyon is underrated. It’s a moderate hike uphill with 10 km in total. You will walk by a wonderful stream and smell the forest fresh air while hearing the sound too gushing water. Such a peaceful and gorgeous place. Once you reach the canyon you have to climb ladders next to the waterfall. They also have amazing zip-lines if you are up for an adventure.
Image - Bâlea Lake
Bâlea Lake
Ella:75 km from Sibiu, 25 km from the main road, Balea lake is located almost to the top of the mountains. For arriving there you have to take the Transfagarasan road, which across the mountains through many serpentines and green valleys. Blue sky, some high and low clouds all enhance the beauty of the area. Also, it's more spectacular to see it in the winter, with snow and the frozen lake. It will definitely worth the trip!! Near Balea Lake there is also a big waterfall, where you have definitely to stop and take some pics!
Image - Danube delta cruises
Danube delta cruises
Ella:Words can't describe the beautiful wildlife contained in the Danube Delta reserve. So much species of wild birds - herons, pelicans, eagles, falcons, ducks, swans, storks, egrets, kingfishers, bitterns and more and more. You watch them in their natural habitats and the views are stunning. It's an Unesco heritage site, so highly recommend it. Here you will be immersed in a totally quiteness and simplicity natural world. It's so amazing seeing all fishermen, in the early morning, working on their boats till the sun comes down..
Image - Bucegi Mountains
Bucegi Mountains
Ella:If you are in the Sinaia area, you can't miss the cable car ride to the top of the Bucegi Mountains. The views are awesome and the walks are wonderful all time of the year.
Image - Poiana Brașov
Poiana Brașov
Ella:This place is so beautiful in winter! Just 25 min away from Brasov by bus, you enter in the winter wonderland. You will find ski slopes and ski schools, delicious traditional food and drinks, and wonderful mark treks in the woods. While during the summer days you can do a lot of trekking and relax in the quietness of the mountain.
Image - Făgăraș Mountains
Făgăraș Mountains
Ella:Each time I pass near these location I stop to take hundreds of pictures. There are loads of places where you can stop and take pictures, buy souvenirs, eat traditional food.. All you need is free time and a full battery.
Image - Lake Saint Ann
Lake Saint Ann
Ella:This is a really stunning place to go for a picnic. This ancient crater lake is a perfect circle of blue, and its forested slopes of beech turn copper and gold in the autumn. There is a path around it and in the heat of the summer you can paddle in the shallows, or relax in the shade of the trees and listen to the water gently lapping against the rocks. A great place to come to paint, meditate or write poetry.
Image - Bigar Cascade Falls
Bigar Cascade Falls
Ella:Bigar Waterfall is part of Cheile Nerei National Park. At only 10 minute’s walking, you can see Bigar cave and the spring. The waterfall has many legends, but one says that if lovers drink water from the waterfall they will be together forever. Journalists from Huffington Post declared that the waterfall is one of the most unusual and spectacular, and in 2013 The World Geography site posted Bigar Waterfall as no.1 in the world for its beauty.
Image - Lake Vidraru
Lake Vidraru
Ella:Such a lovely stop on Transfăgărășan road. A peaceful view and I recommend taking the half an hour trip on the lake. The tickets are cheap and it is worth doing.
Image - Ciucaș Peak
Ciucaș Peak
Ella:This is one of the highest peaks in Romania, Vârful Ciucaș (Ciucaș Peak) and counts 1,954 meters. And one of the most beautiful to see in each season. So you can go there to admire the nature while taking relaxing walks. On the top of the mountain, there is also a Cabin where you can spend the night and eat something typical. Also the view at the sunset is amazing!
Image - Piatra Craiului National Park
Piatra Craiului National Park
Ella:Probably one of the most beautiful natural parks to see in Fall season. Also it's near the traditional villages of Magura, Pestera, Sirnea. So make sure to make a stop there to get in touch with the traditional Romanian way of life.
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  1. Danube's Big Boilers
  2. Rock Sculpture of Decebalus
  3. Salina Turda
  4. Cheile Turzii
  5. Bicaz Gorge
  6. Iron Gates
  7. Bucharest Herastrau Park
  8. Seven Ladders Canyon
  9. Bâlea Lake
  10. Danube delta cruises
  11. Bucegi Mountains
  12. Poiana Brașov
  13. Făgăraș Mountains
  14. Lake Saint Ann
  15. Bigar Cascade Falls
  16. Lake Vidraru
  17. Ciucaș Peak
  18. Piatra Craiului National Park

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