Where To Tick Off The Dublin Bucketlist

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Charlotte Aimée Hulme

Where To Tick Off The Dublin Bucketlist

Whilst most journey to green Isle to say sláinte with Guinness in hand, there are plenty other nooks and crannies to visit that'll make your pals green with envy! From pubs seeped in history to drink tours that will make you giddy, here's a closer look at dandy Dublin...

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Souvenir Shops

Look, we all know you want to buy a bottle opener saying "beauty is in the eye of the beer holder " or a Guinness hat! So, look no further...

Image - Kilkenny Shop
Kilkenny Shop
Image - Carrolls Irish Gifts
Carrolls Irish Gifts
Charlotte Aimée:Carolls Irish Gifts stores are everywhere, seriously! If you've ever fancied yourself a clover necklace or a green umbrella then this is your place!
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Grab Your Guinness At...

Dublin is a treasure trove for pubs old and new and here are just a few!

Image - The Hairy Lemon
The Hairy Lemon
Charlotte Aimée:This busy little pub is totally awesome! It's an unconventional spot where "The Commitments" was filmed and paraphernalia lines the walls. Simply adorable!
Image - Toners
Image - McDaids
Image - Mulligan's
Image - JW Sweetman
JW Sweetman

Ravishing Restaurants

Because you'll need somewhere you line your tummies!

Image - The Greenhouse
The Greenhouse
Charlotte Aimée:The inside scoop: the petit fours that come with coffee are not to be missed.
Image - Richmond
Image - Terra Madre
Terra Madre
Image - Bastible
Image - Bon Appetit
Bon Appetit

Take A Tour To...

Dublin is a total treat for amateur historians, and for those who love to bask in booze, let's face it! Brimming with museums and culture, here are some top tours to enjoy...

Image - Guinness Storehouse
Guinness Storehouse
Charlotte Aimée:This place is awesome! The Guinness tastes better than any I'd ever tried. Make sure to pull your own!
Image - Giants Causeway Tour
Giants Causeway Tour
Charlotte Aimée:One for the Game of Thrones fans!

Wonderguide map

  1. Jam Art Factory
  2. Kilkenny Shop
  3. Celtic Whiskey Shop & Wines on the Green
  4. Carrolls Irish Gifts
  5. The Palace Bar
  6. The Brazen Head
  7. The Stags Head
  8. The Bleeding Horse
  9. The Hairy Lemon
  10. Toners
  11. The Auld Dubliner
  12. The Bankers Bar
  13. The Cobblestone
  14. McDaids
  15. Mulligan's
  16. JW Sweetman
  17. The Greenhouse
  18. Klaw by Niall Sabongi
  19. Richmond
  20. Terra Madre
  21. Bastible
  22. Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud
  23. Fish Shop, 6 Queen St.
  24. WILDE Restaurant
  25. Noshington Café
  26. Shanahan's on the Green
  27. The Winding Stair
  28. Bon Appetit
  29. One Pico Restaurant
  30. Chapter One Restaurant
  31. Guinness Storehouse
  32. Giants Causeway Tour
  33. Generation Pub Crawl Dublin
  34. Jameson Distillery Bow St.
  35. Irish Whiskey Museum
  36. Vaults Live Attraction Dublin

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