Where to Buy Groceries in Iceland

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Nína Þorkelsdóttir

Where to Buy Groceries in Iceland

Eating out in Iceland is pretty expensive, which is why many visitors choose to stock up on groceries during their trip. As a person who lives and shops in Iceland, I will share a few tips about the local supermarkets.

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Budget Supermarkets 🛒💰

Here are my reviews of low cost supermarkets in Iceland. Although they might be cheaper, it is good to keep in mind that the selection is usually poorer and opening hours more restricted.

Image - Bónus
Nína:This is where I usually shop, mostly due to the fact that it's the cheapest supermarket in Iceland. The selection is OK, but the fruit and veg isn't always fresh. There's a Bonus store on Laugavegur, and in many other places in Iceland.
Image - Krónan
Nína:Kronan is an upscale version of Bonus. Their stores are bigger and they offer more exciting products. It is, however, a bit more expensive.
Image - Costco Wholesale Iceland
Costco Wholesale Iceland
Nína:Costco may be an option for those staying in Iceland for some time, as you need a membership card to shop there. It is also very very far away from the city centre.
Image - Nettó
Nína:Netto is a discount supermarket which offers a very good selection of health products and vegan food. They are significantly more expensive than Bonus, but their opening hours are longer.
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Other Supermarkets 🛒🥒

These slightly more expensive supermarkets are usually open until late. Some of them offer a larger selection of products.

Image - Hagkaup
Nína:Probably the fanciest supermarket chain in Iceland. A bit like Mark's and Spencer's, which means that it's also much more expensive than the budget supermarkets already mentioned.
Image - Krambúðin
Nína:An incredibly expensive supermarket chain. It's OK to go there to grab a snack, but I would do my grocery shopping elsewhere.
Image - 10-11
Nína:Another incredibly expensive supermarket chain.
Image - Samkaup Strax
Samkaup Strax
Nína:I'm definitely not a fan of Samkaup. Unfortunately, this is the only supermarket in many of Iceland's smaller towns. It's a good idea to stop at a Bonus store and stock up before visiting a town that doesn't have a discount store.
Image - Melabúðin
Nína:Melabudin is a tiny grocery shop in the West side of Reykjavik. Still, they have so much variety of products. Love this store, even if it's a bit expensive.
Image - Extra
Nína:Yet another way too expensive grocery store in downtown Reykjavik.
Image - Vínbúðin
Nína:ATTENTION: Wine and liquor is not sold in supermarket in Iceland. You have to go to Vinbudin if you want to drink red wine with your steak. Keep in mind that Vinbudin is closed on Sundays.

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  1. Bónus
  2. Krónan
  3. Costco Wholesale Iceland
  4. Nettó
  5. Hagkaup
  6. Krambúðin
  7. 10-11
  8. Samkaup Strax
  9. Melabúðin
  10. Extra
  11. Vínbúðin

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