What to do in Amsterdam

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Viktor Grasztity

What to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is much more than your typical European big city with its beautiful historic buildings, calm canals and small bridges. It is also home to things you don't get to see anywhere else...

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The lines to the museums are usually huge, so if you want to get in, it's a good idea to buy your tickets in advance.

Image - Rijksmuseum
Viktor:Collects classical and modern artists with a focus on Dutch art from medieval times to the present day
Image - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Viktor:Contemporary art and design
Image - Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Museum
Viktor:Van Gogh and his modernist contemporaries
Image - Canals of Amsterdam
Canals of Amsterdam
Viktor:Amsterdam is often called the Venice of the north. Don't miss a canal cruise for a different perspective of the city.
Image - Vondelpark
Viktor:If you're tired of walking around, relax in this beautiful park.
Image - The Oude Church
The Oude Church
Viktor:The Old Church is the oldest church in Amsterdam in the middle of the red light district.
Image - De Wallen
De Wallen
Viktor:Red light district
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Image - Albert Cuyp Market
Albert Cuyp Market
Viktor:At this street market, you can find anything from fresh fish to bicycles. Make sure to try a delicious Indonesian spring roll called loempia, and a sweet stroopwafel for dessert. You can also buy funny Dutch souvenirs like cheese with pictures of the Dutch royal family on it.
Image - Foodhallen
Viktor:Old tram garage turned foodhall
Image - Hannekes Boom
Hannekes Boom
Viktor:Waterfront restaurant serving sustainable food
Image - REM Eiland
REM Eiland
Viktor:Illegal TV broadcast platform turned concept restaurant

Coffee shops

Coffee shops are one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about Amsterdam, and yes, some are just as you would imagine them, but others might just surprise you. There is one for everyone's taste.

Image - De Graal Health Cafe
De Graal Health Cafe
Viktor:Cozy coffee shop with comfortable armchairs to make you feel like in your friend's living room
Image - Coffeeshop Best Friends - Center
Coffeeshop Best Friends - Center
Viktor:Conveniently located in the middle of the shopping district, if you get tired of the crowds on the streets, this basement coffee shop offers a chill and weird refuge from the hustle and bustle outside.
Image - The Bulldog The First
The Bulldog The First
Viktor:The megaplex of coffee shops, very crowded, but worth seeing that businesses like this exist
Image - Kadinsky Coffeeshop
Kadinsky Coffeeshop
Viktor:Minimalist and tasteful coffee shop, perfect for those who don't identify with the stoner stereotype

Night out

Image - Chicago Social Club B.V.
Chicago Social Club B.V.
Viktor:Hip cocktail bar
Image - De School
De School
Viktor:Club, restaurant, café, gallery, and gym all rolled into one
Image - OT301
Viktor:Squat turned social center hosting parties

Wonderguide map

  1. Rijksmuseum
  2. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
  3. Van Gogh Museum
  4. Canals of Amsterdam
  5. Vondelpark
  6. The Oude Church
  7. De Wallen
  8. Albert Cuyp Market
  9. Foodhallen
  10. Hannekes Boom
  11. REM Eiland
  12. De Graal Health Cafe
  13. Coffeeshop Best Friends - Center
  14. The Bulldog The First
  15. Kadinsky Coffeeshop
  16. Chicago Social Club B.V.
  17. De School
  18. OT301

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