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Here's a list of tours and activities and we personally recommend for your stay on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. We have also included a few articles which you might find helpful and inspiring as you prepare for your trip. Let me know if you have any questions and happy adventure hunting!

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My Recommendations

These are my recommendations of things to do, guided experiences and local insights.

Image - Summit Adventure Guides
Summit Adventure Guides
Westpark:Our partners Summit Adventure Guides !
Image - SKER Restaurant
SKER Restaurant
Westpark:New restaurant in west Iceland highly recommend!
Image - Vatnshellir Cave Tour_22305
$ 33
Vatnshellir Cave Tour
Westpark:Our partners Summit Adventure Guides !
Image - Viðvík
Image - Midnight Sun Summit Tour_22342
Midnight Sun Summit Tour
Westpark:Our partners Summit Adventure Guides !
Image - Get to Know the Regions in Iceland
A Guide to the Regions of Iceland
Image - Must See Places in Snaefellsnes, West Iceland
10 Must See Places in West Iceland
Image - Arnarstapi - West Iceland
Go further west: Exploring West Iceland and the Westfjords
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  1. Summit Adventure Guides
  2. SKER Restaurant
  3. Viðvík
  4. Puffin Tour from Snæfellsnes Peninsula
  5. The Breiðafjörður Ferry: Brjánslækur - Stykkishólmur

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