West-Canada - A summer guide for Alberta and BC

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Anna Vanmechelen

West-Canada - A summer guide for Alberta and BC

I did a roadtrip form Calgary to Vancouver by the southern highways and came back through the North. If you are planning on doing something alike, be aware that forest fires are very common in summer. My advise is to go in may or september, in the so called shoulder season. Enjoy!

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Bald Hills Trail
Anna:One of the longer dayhikes in Jasper National Park. An experienced hiker will do this trail in 4-5 hours. Try to start your hikes in the morning, it will be less hot and completely deserted.
Image - Joffre Lakes Provincial Park
Joffre Lakes Provincial Park
Anna:Very Touristy place but very worth it as well ;). Go early in the morning or late in the evening. It's a steep hike but a good hiker can do it in less then 2 hours. I was there at 5 pm, which was great, there were 5 other people and the light was awesome! If you don't have time to climb up to the 3th lake, no worries, the view at the 2nd is very alike.
Image - Lions Bay
Lions Bay
Anna:If you are roadtripping, try to drive from vancouver to the north, Lions bay gives you the best views over the ocean!
Image - Mount Yamnuska
Mount Yamnuska
Anna:Not so touristy hike for an experienced hiker who wants to climb a little bit (no gear needed). If you're motivated, try to wake up early and do the hike before the sun comes up! I left at 4pm if I remember well ;)
Image - Deeks Lake
Deeks Lake
Anna:If you want an extreme hike, climbing up to Deeks like starting from the highway is a good choice! Start early because it's a hell of a steep one and 14km! Let's work the glutes!
Image - Jasper National Park Of Canada
Jasper National Park Of Canada
Anna:A beautiful place with plenty of hikes and wildlife. It is less crowded than Banff (which I believe that was not so interesting, way to much tourists). Just driving through is already incredible! I saw 6 bears in the 3 days I was there. Try to visit all the areas, it's worth it! And if you're looking for some relaxation, the hot springs are a nice activity and not to expensive ;)
Image - Athabasca River
Athabasca River
Anna:Definitely step out of your car to see this river! It is as blue as the sky and in summer, you can see the icey mountains from a distance...
Image - Vancouver
Anna:Very vibrant city! I took a bicicle trip around stanley park and let me guide by two wonderful local girls! If you're looking for normal food, go for sushi, it is very cheap over there :)
Image - Sulphur Mountain
Sulphur Mountain
Anna:Do the hike in the morning and enjoy the nice hotsprings afterwards. The ideal combination! Interesting: have a look at the trees on the mountain, some of them are red. This is because of a disease. The only way to cure the forest is to cut the nearest healthy trees to avoid the spread.
Image - Olympic Oval
Olympic Oval
Anna:Want to have some real Canadian culture? Go speedskating in the Olympic Oval next to the uni! Nb Calgary is a really modern city, not worth it to stay very long as a tourist, but fun! They even have covered running from one building to another above the streets because it gets -40°C in winter!
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  1. Bald Hills Trail
  2. Joffre Lakes Provincial Park
  3. Lions Bay
  4. Mount Yamnuska
  5. Deeks Lake
  6. Jasper National Park Of Canada
  7. Athabasca River
  8. Vancouver
  9. Sulphur Mountain
  10. Olympic Oval

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