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Wander Nepal.

Experience the true essence of Nepal in it's alleys and peoples.

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My Recommendations.

Image - Kakani International Scout Center
Kakani International Scout Center
Muna:It's a Nepal Scout's International training center. But also Great for camping with your friends. Make sure to take the permission or make a booking before camping. Has a spot for rock climbing, hiking and other adventurous activities. The place remains chill most of the season so be sure to pack some light jackets too. And you will definitely encounter lot of leeches on monsoon. But the view of Mountain range in the morning will leave you mesmerized. It's just couple of hour far from Kathmandu. Great for a short weekends.
Image - Garden of Dreams
Garden of Dreams
Muna:Historically, It used to be a personal garden of King Keiser. Perfect for a solo date too, with your books . Need to pay for tickets*. You might love to hang out with your books, sketchbook and also friends. You wil be surrounded with greens and also peek-a-boo with squirrels.
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UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The World heritage sites and nearby places to wander while you stay in Nepal. You'd not want to miss these places.

Image - Basantpur Dabali
Basantpur Dabali
Muna:A fun and cultural place to hang out with your friends, stroll arou d and witness the cultural values on Nepal. You can visit to kumari house. There are lots of cafes around. You would enjoy the chiya in morning with your colleagues around. You can find lots of stalls selling Handmade sculptures and statues, jewellery.
Image - Boudha Stupa
Boudha Stupa
Muna:Indeed, the most peaceful place you will find. A peaceful ambiance is always a go-to place for me when in search of bliss. You will find the cuisines you want, experience the hospitality of Nepalese people, and find the spiritual essence of your own. The enchanting Mandala arts and sculptures and souvenirs will leave you mesmerized and happy. :)
Image - Basantapur Durbar Square
Basantapur Durbar Square
Muna:Cool place to hang out with your friends. You can explore the heritage site and also enjoy Nepalese culture. And you can also get the lifetime chance of seeking blessing from the living goddess Kumari. Don't miss the Newari cuisines and cafes around.

Hiking Spots.

Destinations for short and splendid hiking.

Image - Shivapuri National Park
Shivapuri National Park
Muna:Few kilometers away from Kathmandu city, it will bring you closer to nature. Though you won't be seeing lots of wild animals and birds all of a sudden the greenery, waterfall, rivers, and fresh air will revive you. Suitable for short day hikes and also for camping if you have spare days. The Chisapani. Surya chaur. Kakani is a few popular destinations inside the National park. There's also Nepal Scout's National Training center where campings and hiking are regulars. There are also picnic spots.
Image - Suryachaur Nuwakot
Suryachaur Nuwakot
Muna:Good for a day hike with your friends or your team. Check the weather before visiting to ensure you get to see the view of mountain range. It lies inside Shivapuri nationall park so you need to g through ticketing and checking prosess. Usually will take you maxinum of 4 hrs to reach there if you don't have any personal vehicle. Monsoon won't be realy pleasing for the bikers as the road conditions. You can take a bus to jhor from samakhusi and get off at the last stop called laalbari. From there you need to hike and can ask anyone for the direction if you get confused. It's actualy a straight way. Not much of directions. You will find few hotels and home stays too.


Some libraries and places to hang out with a good read.

Image - Kaiser Library
Kaiser Library
Muna:Personally, This is my best library in the town. The ambiance and peaceful environment are all I seek. Being a royal library, It feels fascinating to roam around the library. There is a huge collection of so many interesting books and references. But you will need to struggle to search through books. Library membership isn't available though. The Kaiser Collection contains approximately Twenty Eight Thousand volumes of books and documents that cover a wide range of subjects like philosophy, religion, astronomy, social science, military science, game, hunting, gardening, medicine, literature, history and biography.
Image - Kathmandu Valley Public Library
Kathmandu Valley Public Library
Muna:A lovely place for anyone who just wants to read in a peaceful space. The library contains more than 50-80000 books, reports bulletins and teaching materials including Novels, books on business studies, theology, mathematics, biology, Nepali novels and English fiction, children's' books, travel books. They also provide membership facilities. Books in this library are mainly donated by various groups and organization.
Image - Nepal Bharat Library
Nepal Bharat Library
Muna:Established in 1956, Nepal Bharat Library is situated within Nepal Airlines Corporation Building in Sundhara. The library which subscribes to all major Indian and Nepali newspaper and magazines have more than 62000 books including Indian History, economy, politics, culture, science and so on. It also has a large collection of Hindi books and responsible number of Nepali book. They too do provide membership facilities.

Wonderguide map

  1. Kakani International Scout Center
  2. Garden of Dreams
  3. Basantpur Dabali
  4. Boudha Stupa
  5. Basantapur Durbar Square
  6. Shivapuri National Park
  7. Suryachaur Nuwakot
  8. Kaiser Library
  9. Kathmandu Valley Public Library
  10. Nepal Bharat Library

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