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Some places for folks to check out if they have spare time in town and aren't sure how to spend it.

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🗿 Novelty

There are some things in Austin you can't get anywhere else. For tourist spots and places of note, look no further.

Image - Peter Pan Mini-Golf
Peter Pan Mini-Golf
Walter:Classic Austin mini-golf spot that's been open since the 1950s. The statues are strange and make for great photos, and you're allowed to bring a cooler with you if you'd like to have a beer on the course.
Image - Uncommon Objects
Uncommon Objects
Walter:This should perhaps go in shopping, but "Antique shop" does it a disservice. I've seen taxidermy armadillos, full human skeletons, antique carnival games, collections of beetles and butterflies... you never know what you'll find. Worth looking even if you don't plan to buy anything.
Image - The Original Pinballz Arcade
The Original Pinballz Arcade
Walter:Gigantic arcade with everything you can imagine. Pinball, racing games, fighters, brawlers, space shooters, puzzles, and more. It's also BYOB, so you can bring a few beers in with you. Check their rules for details.
Image - Blanton Museum of Art
Blanton Museum of Art
Walter:Austin's museums aren't as impressive as most big cities, but The Blanton has some good stuff in it. Of particular note is Ellsworth Kelly's Austin which is the only building he's designed.
Image - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Village
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Village
Walter:Alamo Drafthouse has changed a lot over the past 10 years. This location is the last bastion of what it used to be like before it got big and started opening in other states. A great place to see a movie if the weather's terrible and there's something you're eager to check out! Famous for their strict no-talking and no phones policy. Most of the food is pretty good, but they really get their popcorn top notch.
Image - Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market
Walter:This is the original location of the very first Whole Foods Market, and the headquarters. There are groceries naturally, but also lots of great prepared foods and gift shopping that can be done.
Image - Texas Toy Museum
Texas Toy Museum
Walter:A love letter to vintage toys. Any collector or enthusiast of toys from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s should swing by to see the elaborate dioramas and fun setups.
Image - About Austin Mural
About Austin Mural
Walter:Forget "I love You So Much" or "Jeremiah the Frog"; this mural is on the side of a convenience store that opted to put itself in the middle alongside UT Tower, the bats, and our statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Just in case you wondered what this town was really all about!
Image - AFS Cinema
AFS Cinema
Walter:Austin Film Society was started by Richard Linklater, and the AFS Cinema is a great independent theater premiering and showcasing independent movies from all over the world.
Image - Jeremiah The Innocent Mural
Jeremiah The Innocent Mural
Walter:Daniel Johnston's famous frog, and one of Austin's longest lasting and most recognizable murals. Iconic!
Image - “I love you so much” Mural
“I love you so much” Mural
Walter:I'm pretty sure someone just tagged this coffee shop and it took off. But people love instagramming themselves in front of it!
Image - Congress Avenue Bridge
Congress Avenue Bridge
Walter:The Congress Avenue bridge goes over Town Lake and houses the largest urban bat colony in North America known as the Congress Bridge Bats. They usually come out between mid-March and early November. Seeing this is one of the most iconic Austin things you can do!
Image - Violet Crown Cinema
Violet Crown Cinema
Walter:Another great independent cinema that shows movies you might not see at a big box cinema, and they also serve food! The bar isn't a bad place to hang out and have a cocktail or snack before or after the show.
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⛰️ Outdoors

Is it nice out and you aren't hungry or thirsty? Tired of asphalt and cement? Your allergies aren't bothering you? Here you go!

Image - Mount Bonnell
Mount Bonnell
Walter:One of the best places in central Austin to watch the sunset. Voted "Best Place to Make Out" in the Austin Chronicle's 2007 Reader's Choice awards!
Image - Pennybacker Bridge Overlook
Pennybacker Bridge Overlook
Walter:Really pretty view of the Colorado River after a short climb up a rocky trail. Pennybacker Bridge is a bit of an iconic spot in Austin, and worth checking out if the weather's nice and you're up for a small trek.
Image - Auditorium Shores Dog Park
Auditorium Shores Dog Park
Walter:Although it says it's a dog park (and folks will have their dogs), it's not a mud pit with dozens of dogs barking and making messes everywhere. Lots of green space, paved paths, and a great park to stroll through and see a nice view of downtown over Town Lake.
Image - Zilker Metropolitan Park
Zilker Metropolitan Park
Walter:The city's big public park. The city will have festivals here such as the annual kite festival. You'll see folks playing disc golf, riding bicycles, having picnics, or just hanging out.
Image - McKinney Falls State Park
McKinney Falls State Park
Walter:Are you looking to do some camping around the time you're visiting? McKinney Falls is close to the airport, and definitely worth a visit or even staying a few nights. There are plenty of great parks near Austin, but this may be the most convenient for folks using air travel.
Image - Red Bud Isle
Red Bud Isle
Walter:If it's open and you want a brief visit to a tiny park, Red Bud Isle is a small dog park on an island. Pretty views, and as long as conditions allow, then there will be folks with their dogs.
Image - Barton Creek Greenbelt
Barton Creek Greenbelt
Walter:When folks in Austin talk about "the Greenbelt", they're talking about Barton Creek Greenbelt. A favorite trail for hikers and joggers.
Image - Barton Springs
Barton Springs
Walter:There are four natural water springs that are on the Zilker Park grounds, and the largest supplies water to this popular swimming spot.

🍲 Food

Restaurants, food trucks, diners, etc.

Image - Franklin Barbecue
Franklin Barbecue
Walter:This is the home of world famous Franklin Barbecue. Unless you manage to order ahead for pickup, folks line up in the morning in order to eat lunch, so plan accordingly.
Image - Uchi
Walter:If you're looking for a really nice dinner while you're in town, Uchi (or sister restaurant Uchiko) is where I regularly celebrate things like anniversaries. If you have dietary restrictions, they're usually willing to work with you. I highly recommend you leave room for their desserts. One time I was served ice cream with pop rocks in it.
Image - Rockstar Bagels
Rockstar Bagels
Walter:My favorite bagel shop (though I've heard Nervous Charlie's is good and haven't yet tried it.) Bagels in Texas can be underwhelming, but Friends from the northeast have visited and attested to Rockstar's capabilities in round pastrycraft.
Image - Ramen Tatsu-Ya
Ramen Tatsu-Ya
Walter:Austin's bar for good Asian food is low compared to other places, but ramen tatsu-ya and its sister restaurants continue to draw crowds.
Image - Amy's Ice Creams
Amy's Ice Creams
Walter:There are many Amy's locations throughout Austin. They started in 1984, and you can only find them in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Comparable to Marble Slab or Cold Stone Creamery, Amy's has a variety of flavors and things that can be mixed in. Some of the employees do juggling tricks with the cones as well.
Image - ThunderCloud Subs
ThunderCloud Subs
Walter:Thundercloud is not going to win any awards, nor will it make you want to move here. But it's a classic Austin chain with subs that are either amazing or meh, depending on who you ask. (I'm in the amazing camp, but recognize they're not for everyone.) Comparable to Subway in terms of both cost and culinary flare, but typically of better quality, and independently run!
Image - P. Terry's Burger Stand #1
P. Terry's Burger Stand #1
Walter:P. Terry's is the dominant burger chain in Austin, and boasts dozens of locations, so the likelihood you'll see one is high. The food is pretty good, but be sure to eat your french fries quickly because they get soggy.
Image - JuiceLand
Walter:Maybe you don't want something solid? What if you could drink your meal? Juiceland has juices and smoothies with flavors you can't get anywhere else. Good stuff!
Image - Arlo's
Walter:Legitimately the best vegan burger you'll ever have. I originally heard about it from meat eaters, and if it has them convinced, you know you'll enjoy it.
Image - Old Thousand
Old Thousand
Walter:High end Chinese food with a little more flare than you'd typically find. Good cocktails, and people rave about the brisket fried rice.
Image - Discada
Walter:Mexican street tacos that everyone raves about. If you're eating plant-based, it's best to avoid. But otherwise I hear you should run and not walk!
Image - Via 313 Pizza
Via 313 Pizza
Walter:313 is the Detroit area code, and Via 313's pizza is "Detroit-style" which is basically delicious deep dish, fried pizza. It's decadent, bready, filling, and awesome.
Image - Bufalina Due
Bufalina Due
Walter:When friends who are big on food are in from out of town and want pizza, Bufalina is where I take them. Austin's best wood fire Neapolitan pizza.
Image - Veracruz All Natural
Veracruz All Natural
Walter:One of Austin's best taco trucks! Delicious stuff to be had.
Image - Torchy's Tacos
Torchy's Tacos
Walter:Torchy's Tacos are over-the-top enormous concoctions that don't really reflect purists' views on what a taco should be. Nevertheless, they're pretty delicious and definitely something everyone in Austin has tried at least once.
Image - Hopdoddy Burger Bar
Hopdoddy Burger Bar
Walter:I can swear by Hopdoddy's veggie burgers, and most folks I've talked to who have had their standard and more exotic burgers also rave about them. A step up in quality (and price) from a place like P. Terry's.
Image - 1618 Asian Fusion
1618 Asian Fusion
Walter:1618 is a favorite Asian restaurant that blends a lot of different Asian cuisine in a really great way. It's in regular rotation for us with getting delivery!
Image - East Side King
East Side King
Walter:The beet fries here taught me to enjoy beets, but East Side King's delicious food doesn't stop there! There are several locations and they all have great stuff at them.
Image - Chi'Lantro
Walter:Another really great Austin chain, Chi'lantro is effectively Korean Tex Mex. Famous for their kimchi fries, I also recommend a build-your-own bowl or wrap with everything you think sounds good. It works out!
Image - Curra's Grill Oltorf
Curra's Grill Oltorf
Walter:There are about five Mexican restaurants I rotate through. Curra's is always a crowd pleaser. Definitely try the tamales and the avocado margarita.
Image - El Chilito
El Chilito
Walter:My first favorite taco place in Austin. I don't get to visit as often as I used to, but it's an inexpensive but consistently solid taco place.
Image - Saddle Up Austin
Saddle Up Austin
Walter:Saddle Up is a beer shop, but it's home to Micklethwait Craft Meats which is where I direct folks who missed the memo on Franklin having a long line and selling out by lunchtime. Sometimes they have outdoor concerts benefitting various charities in the area.
Image - Nasha
Walter:Indian food with some Mexican inspiration thrown in. If they give you several sauces, be sure to use them, because they tend to make or break the dish. Also they aren't messing around when they call it "desi hot".

🤠 Texan Stuff

If you're wanting to Instagram yourself next to a horse and a guy who looks like Boomhauer in Wranglers, look no further.

Image - Broken Spoke
Broken Spoke
Walter:Similar to White Horse but much older and more famous. A great spot for people watching, live music, and two-stepping.
Image - Donn's Depot
Donn's Depot
Image - Texas Capitol
Texas Capitol
Walter:The grounds are pretty, and there's a lot of history here. Worth checking out if you're at all into politics or history!
Image - LBJ Presidential Library
LBJ Presidential Library
Walter:The only place where you can see an animatronic former president!

🛍️ Shopping

Looking for souvenirs for friends, or maybe something for yourself?

Image - Room Service Vintage
Room Service Vintage
Walter:If you're looking for a souvenir from Austin, this is a great vintage / thrift shop. There are other shops nearby that have some neat stuff as well, but Room Service has been around a long time and has a lot of cool things even just to look at.
Image - The Domain
The Domain
Walter:The Domain is a weird, enormous region of the city operated by Simon Malls. It has a lot of shops you'd see at a typical mall, and then a few local places scattered throughout. Additionally there are buildings here where yuppies live and work, and even a crude facsimile of 6th street called Rock Rose Ave.
Image - BookPeople
Walter:If you're a book person, BookPeople is for you. Multi-story book shop with tons of inventory, as well as a great place to find gifts and souvenirs.
Image - Waterloo Records & Video
Waterloo Records & Video
Walter:One of Austin's most famous record shops. Great selection of new and used, along with some other surprises and in-store performances.
Image - Toy Joy
Toy Joy
Walter:In my opinion, Toy Joy is the world's best toy shop. It's dripping with novelty and nostalgia, and there's just really no way to remain in a funk after being there for 15 minutes.
Image - Eliza Page
Eliza Page
Walter:Really well-made jewelry. Excellent place to find a good gift for someone (or for you!)
Image - take heart
take heart
Walter:A neat little carefully curated independent gift shop with incense, stationery, candles, books, and more. Many items imported from Mexico and Japan.

☕️ Coffee

Get your caffeine fix, and probably also eat a taco.

Image - Flitch Coffee
Flitch Coffee
Walter:I'm here every Sunday morning, and used to work across the street when it opened. Virtually no parking! Go on a day when the weather's nice, because it's mostly outdoors. Dog and kid friendly. You can also get some tacos from Pueblo Viejo. I stand by the Mi Madre, but meat eaters love the Don Chago.
Image - Houndstooth Coffee
Houndstooth Coffee
Walter:There are a lot of Houndstooth locations throughout town, and they're all really good. Most locations carry Taco Deli breakfast tacos in the morning, which are divisive among locals (but I personally enjoy!)
Image - Cenote
Walter:An old favorite I don't get to visit as often as I'd like.
Image - Try Hard Coffee Roasters
Try Hard Coffee Roasters
Walter:They opened up at the beginning of the Pandemic and managed to stick around. If they still have it, I highly recommend the mushroom toast.
Image - Mozart's Coffee Roasters
Mozart's Coffee Roasters
Walter:Great view of the Colorado River while you gulp down coffee and scarf down pastries. Not the town's best coffee, but you could do a lot worse, and the views are hard to beat.
Image - Fleet Coffee
Fleet Coffee
Walter:There are some creative drinks here, and the classics never disappoint either.
Image - Flat Track Coffee
Flat Track Coffee
Walter:A bicycle shop combined with a coffee shop. Why not!
Image - Merit Coffee
Merit Coffee
Walter:I believe Merit is out of San Antonio originally, but they've expanded to Austin and Dallas. They used to be my daily shop when I worked in this part of town.
Image - Swedish Hill
Swedish Hill
Walter:An old Austin staple. Good stuff here!
Image - Medici Roasting
Medici Roasting
Walter:My wife used to live near this place while we were dating. It's in a cute neighborhood, and a great place to hang out with a bagel and a cup of coffee.
Image - Sa-Tén @ Airport Blvd
Sa-Tén @ Airport Blvd
Walter:Japanese-inspired café with great food. Be sure to get some of their toast. I especially love the Nori Tama.
Image - Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors
Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors
Walter:I buy my beans here! Often times it's hard to find a seat indoors, but there are some picnic tables outside.
Image - Texas Coffee Traders
Texas Coffee Traders
Walter:Distributor / roaster / technician for several places in Austin. A great place to look for coffee-relate souvenirs.
Image - Patika
Walter:Not often am I in this area of town nowadays, but Patika is a recommendation I can make.
Image - Bennu Coffee
Bennu Coffee
Walter:It's the middle of the night and you want coffee? Yes, serving students and insomniacs since 2009, Bennu's got you covered.

☕️🍺 Coffee + Alcohol

Why someone decided to serve both coffee and beer or coffee and cocktails at the same place is beyond me, but I'm here for it.

Image - Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden
Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden
Walter:A great big, carefully manicured outdoor area with lots of food trucks. Tends to get crazy on weekends, but a great place to work or hang out on a weekday!
Image - Easy Tiger - The Linc
Easy Tiger - The Linc
Walter:There are a few Easy Tiger locations, all of which serve pastries and baked goods along with beer and coffee.
Image - Thunderbird Coffee
Thunderbird Coffee
Walter:Another old favorite that I don't visit as often as I used to. Get a pitcher with some friends, or just an americano for yourself. Munch on chips and salsa inside, or have a bagel on their patio!
Image - Wright Bros. Brew and Brew
Wright Bros. Brew and Brew
Walter:Run by the same folks that run Better Half, there's more of an emphasis on coffee and beer here and less on brunch.
Image - Radio Coffee & Beer
Radio Coffee & Beer
Walter:Nice indoor/outdoor space that serves both coffee and beer. Be sure to grab a taco from Veracruz! They're some of the best in town.
Image - Revival Coffee
Revival Coffee
Walter:Unassuming, small, and out of the way. I believe they also serve cocktails, and there's a small patio if the weather's nice.
Image - Better Half Coffee & Cocktails
Better Half Coffee & Cocktails
Walter:Great place for brunch. Excellent coffee, good food, good cocktails, but tends to get a bit crowded.
Image - Lazarus Brewing Co.
Lazarus Brewing Co.
Walter:Lazarus's beer and coffee are both pretty good. It's got a lot of outdoor seating, and they serve some pretty good food as well. Not a bad choice if you're meeting with a larger group.

🍻 Beer

If you're wanting to check out breweries in or around town, or just taprooms where you can sample some of central texas's best beers, these are my top picks.

Image - Draught House Pub & Brewery
Draught House Pub & Brewery
Walter:This is Austin's best pub. Tons of taps and a warm, cozy atmosphere with a spacious patio in the front. There are a lot of great breweries and taprooms, but if you only have time to visit one, this is it.
Image - Hi Hat Public House
Hi Hat Public House
Walter:It feels dishonest pigeonholing Hi Hat into "beer" because their food is legitimately one of the primary reasons I visit. They have what I believe is the best pretzel in town, and I've eaten everything from pizza to a lion's mane mushroom burger there. It's always terrific.
Image - Jester King -- Brewery, Kitchen, Farm & Event Hall
Jester King -- Brewery, Kitchen, Farm & Event Hall
Walter:Do you have a few hours you want to kill outdoors? Do you like sour beer (and a few non-sours?) How about wood fire pizza? Jester King is a favorite among folks in Austin who enjoy these things. Take a tour of the brewery, and if it's a Sunday, you might be able to participate in the death metal goat yoga.
Image - Zilker Brewing Company and Taproom
Zilker Brewing Company and Taproom
Walter:Zilker arrived in the middle of an enormous boom of breweries opening in Austin, and I initially wrote it off as just another one of those. But their brews are consistently pretty great, and I'm happy they've stuck around!
Image - Oddwood Brewing
Oddwood Brewing
Walter:Oddwood's a great, small place to grab a slice of pizza, enjoy a cold beer, and chat with a few friends.
Image - Independence Brewing Co.
Independence Brewing Co.
Walter:The brewery itself is in an out-of-the-way spot that may not be that interesting for out-of-towners to visit. But the brews are solid, and it's a nice spot to chill out away from the bustle downtown.
Image - Southern Heights Brewing Company
Southern Heights Brewing Company
Walter:Some friends own this place, but I'd recommend it either way. The beers (and branding!) are great. Don't snooze on La Taquicardia, because it's as authentic as great Mexican food truck cuisine gets.

🥃 Cocktails & Bars

From dive bars to craft cocktails, Austin especially has you covered in this arena.

Image - Small Victory
Small Victory
Walter:My absolute favorite cocktail bar. Extremely small and cozy, so don't plan on bringing more than a couple of friends. If you make it for happy hour, they do bartender's choice daiquiris and they never disappoint. Bartenders are comfortable hearing what you feel like and riffing. The cheese plates are also usually pretty great. A+
Walter:This tiny dive bar is right next to the capitol. It's a little shady and strange, and that's compounded by the fact that government officials go there to unwind and make deals with each other.
Image - Casino El Camino
Casino El Camino
Walter:Many of the places on "Dirty 6th" have come and gone. Meanwhile Casino El Camino has consistently good food, cheap drinks, great atmosphere, and an excellent jukebox for decades.
Image - Sahara Lounge
Sahara Lounge
Walter:A great old dive bar where you can hear live music or hang out on the back patio.
Image - Cheer Up Charlies
Cheer Up Charlies
Walter:Formerly Club DeVille and named after arguably the worst song from Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Cheer Up's is situated right next to The Mohawk and across from Stubbs. Cheer Up's is one of Austin's most popular LGBTQIA bars, and it's a terrific place with welcoming people, cheap drinks, and a cool layout with frequent live music.
Image - Ego's
Walter:Ego's is one of Austin's more popular karaoke bars. I haven't been (my friends gravitate toward private rooms) but I hear it's a dive, so go in expecting drunk people singing off-key.
Image - The Aristocrat Lounge
The Aristocrat Lounge
Walter:If you're up in north Austin, this is a great little dive bar to spend some time at. Pool, shuffleboard, and old fashioned on tap. They also have a mystery shot you can take, if you're feeling courageous.
Image - Taco Flats-Burnet Road
Taco Flats-Burnet Road
Walter:Taco Flats knows their cocktails, and it's one of the few places I'll order something more complex nowadays. But they ALSO know their tacos, and it's an unlikely pair that I'm always up for.
Image - The Wheel
The Wheel
Walter:The Wheel has an excellent whiskey selection, and several beers on tap. Both indoor and outdoor seating, and with its proximity to Austin Daily Press, it's a great place to have a drink and eat.
Image - School House Pub
School House Pub
Walter:A great crowd pleaser that checks the boxes of good pub food, good cocktails, and good beer. I recommend the Detention cocktail if they still serve it. There's a bell in the building they'll ring if it's your birthday!
Image - Kinda Tropical
Kinda Tropical
Walter:Kinda Tropical serves Caribbean inspired food along with beers and cocktails. Their yucca fries are great, and it laid-back patio is a great place to decompress and chat with friends.

Wonderguide map

  1. Peter Pan Mini-Golf
  2. Uncommon Objects
  3. The Original Pinballz Arcade
  4. Blanton Museum of Art
  5. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Village
  6. Whole Foods Market
  7. Texas Toy Museum
  8. About Austin Mural
  9. AFS Cinema
  10. Jeremiah The Innocent Mural
  11. “I love you so much” Mural
  12. Congress Avenue Bridge
  13. Violet Crown Cinema
  14. Mount Bonnell
  15. Pennybacker Bridge Overlook
  16. Auditorium Shores Dog Park
  17. Zilker Metropolitan Park
  18. McKinney Falls State Park
  19. Red Bud Isle
  20. Lakeshore at Lady Bird Lake Metropolitan Park
  21. Barton Creek Greenbelt
  22. Barton Springs
  23. Franklin Barbecue
  24. Uchi
  25. Rockstar Bagels
  26. Ramen Tatsu-Ya
  27. Amy's Ice Creams
  28. ThunderCloud Subs
  29. P. Terry's Burger Stand #1
  30. JuiceLand
  31. Arlo's
  32. Old Thousand
  33. Discada
  34. Via 313 Pizza
  35. Bufalina Due
  36. Veracruz All Natural
  37. Torchy's Tacos
  38. Hopdoddy Burger Bar
  39. 1618 Asian Fusion
  40. East Side King
  41. Chi'Lantro
  42. Curra's Grill Oltorf
  43. El Chilito
  44. Saddle Up Austin
  45. Nasha
  46. The White Horse
  47. Broken Spoke
  48. Donn's Depot
  49. Callahan's General Store
  50. Texas Capitol
  51. LBJ Presidential Library
  52. Room Service Vintage
  53. The Domain
  54. BookPeople
  55. Waterloo Records & Video
  56. Toy Joy
  57. Eliza Page
  58. take heart
  59. Flitch Coffee
  60. Houndstooth Coffee
  61. Cenote
  62. Try Hard Coffee Roasters
  63. Mozart's Coffee Roasters
  64. Fleet Coffee
  65. Flat Track Coffee
  66. Merit Coffee
  67. Swedish Hill
  68. Medici Roasting
  69. Sa-Tén @ Airport Blvd
  70. Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors
  71. Texas Coffee Traders
  72. Patika
  73. Bennu Coffee
  74. Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden
  75. Easy Tiger - The Linc
  76. Thunderbird Coffee
  77. Wright Bros. Brew and Brew
  78. Radio Coffee & Beer
  79. Revival Coffee
  80. Better Half Coffee & Cocktails
  81. Lazarus Brewing Co.
  82. Draught House Pub & Brewery
  83. Hi Hat Public House
  84. Jester King -- Brewery, Kitchen, Farm & Event Hall
  85. Zilker Brewing Company and Taproom
  86. Oddwood Brewing
  87. St. Elmo Brewing Company
  88. Independence Brewing Co.
  89. Southern Heights Brewing Company
  90. Small Victory
  92. Casino El Camino
  93. Sahara Lounge
  94. Cheer Up Charlies
  95. Ego's
  96. The Aristocrat Lounge
  97. Taco Flats-Burnet Road
  98. The Wheel
  99. School House Pub
  100. Kinda Tropical

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