Visiting Sarajevo? Here's a To Do List

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Viktor Grasztity

Visiting Sarajevo? Here's a To Do List

Sarajevo is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. It has a unique mix of cultures not found elsewhere in Europe, it has beautiful nature, as well as some unexpected surprises. What else do you need?

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Christianity, Islam and Judaism can be found side by side in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina with reminders of Austro-Hungarian times here and there.

Image - Ashkenazi Synagogue
Ashkenazi Synagogue
Viktor:Pseudo-Moorish style synagogue located on the bank of the Miljacka River
Image - Latin Bridge
Latin Bridge
Viktor:Built in 1798, this is where the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand happened, which led to the beginning of the First World War.
Image - Emperor's Mosque
Emperor's Mosque
Viktor:The oldest mosque in Sarajevo
Image - Clock Tower
Clock Tower
Viktor:The only public clock in the world that keeps lunar time to indicate the times for the daily prayers
Image - Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque
Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque
Viktor:Considered to be the most important architectural monument from the time of Ottoman rule
Image - Baščaršija
Viktor:Recently renewed old town
Image - Sarajevo City Hall
Sarajevo City Hall
Viktor:Pseudo-Moorish city hall turned library
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Stumbling across a Joseph Beuys or an Anish Kapoor is unlikely in most parts of the world, but still this can happen in Sarajevo.

Image - Ars Aevi
Ars Aevi
Viktor:Hidden gem of contemporary art in an old socialist building boasting internationally famous names
Image - The Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo
The Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo
Viktor:Home to the Sarajevo Centre for Contemporary Art
Image - Duplex/100m2
Viktor:Hip apartment gallery

Outside the center

For beautiful views and peaceful nature, one has to wander outside of the city, but it is well worth the effort.

Image - Yellow Bastion
Yellow Bastion
Viktor:Climb up to the Yellow Bastion for the best view of Sarajevo.
Image - Ilidža
Viktor:Park just a tram ride away from downtown
Image - Vrelo Bosne
Vrelo Bosne
Viktor:Beautiful nature park with the source of the River Bosna. Unforgettable experience


Image - Hotel Isa-begov hamam
Hotel Isa-begov hamam
Viktor:Traditional Turkish bath. Before you go, make sure to check if it's women's day, or men's day.
Image - Ilidža Thermal Riviera
Ilidža Thermal Riviera
Viktor:Indoor and outdoor thermal pools, waterslides and areas for children
Image - Hotel Hills Sarajevo Congress & Termal spa Resort
Hotel Hills Sarajevo Congress & Termal spa Resort
Viktor:Hamam and Roman-style baths with saunas and salt room

Rafting and hiking tours

Wonderguide map

  1. Ashkenazi Synagogue
  2. Latin Bridge
  3. Emperor's Mosque
  4. Clock Tower
  5. Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque
  6. Baščaršija
  7. Sarajevo City Hall
  8. Sarajevo: 2-Hour Walking Tour
  9. Ars Aevi
  10. The Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo
  11. Duplex/100m2
  12. Yellow Bastion
  13. Ilidža
  14. Vrelo Bosne
  15. Hotel Isa-begov hamam
  16. Ilidža Thermal Riviera
  17. Hotel Hills Sarajevo Congress & Termal spa Resort

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