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Ksamil peninsula & 3 icelands

Ksamil all you need to know

Image - King Hotel
King Hotel
Image - The Mussel House
The Mussel House
SarandaOfficial:A special Restaurant & Resort inside the lake of Butrint
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Experiences & Tours by locals

Best restaurants in town


My Saranda

Photos of Saranda

Image - SarandaOfficial
Image - Monastery of 40 Saints
Monastery of 40 Saints
SarandaOfficial:The monastery is located on a hill close to the city of Saranda. Actually the name of Saranda is taken from this monastery. In greek Agioi Saranta means 40 Saints. Shortly> Saranda

My Recommendations

Image - Ksamil
Image - Poda Boutique Hotel
Poda Boutique Hotel
SarandaOfficial:Brand new Luxury Hotel all included.Pool,Private beach, beach bar, restaurant,Parking. Perfect seaview, comfortable & luxury rooms.
Image - Antika Kokali
Antika Kokali
SarandaOfficial:Located in the Village of Aliko,10 km from Sarande, this is a traditional Albanian restaurant with good quality food and very good prices. The building is an old stone and wooden house which the owner has restored and turned it to a restaurant. There is also a very big garden where you can seat and enjoy the perfect land view
Image - Guvat Bar Restorant
Guvat Bar Restorant
SarandaOfficial:A really nice restaurant with quality seafood & perfect sea and three icelands view
Image - Friendship Park
Friendship Park
SarandaOfficial:It is the central park of Saranda city Right next to the ancient city ruins, Synagoga-Basilica
Image - Wine Bar Kristiano
Wine Bar Kristiano
SarandaOfficial:The most perfect view especially in the evening. Enjoy it with a glass of wine
Image - Rox cafe bar
Rox cafe bar
Image - Travelade Image


Best Hotels in town

Wonderguide map

  1. Poda Boutique Hotel
  2. King Hotel
  3. Restaurant Rilinda
  4. The Mussel House
  5. SunSet Saranda Restaurant
  6. Bar Restaurant Limani
  7. Centrali
  8. Mare Nostrum Cuisine
  9. Harmony Hotel
  10. Atlantis Restaurant & Lounge
  11. Haxhi
  12. Salad Farm
  13. Gerthela
  14. Layo's
  15. Demi Hotel
  16. SarandaOfficial
  17. Lekuresi Castle
  18. Monastery of 40 Saints
  19. Synagogue - Basilica, Archeological Remains
  20. Mirrors’ beach
  21. Bulevardi Hasan Tahsini
  22. Butrint National Park
  23. Monastery Beach
  24. Saranda Ferry Terminal
  25. Statue of Hillary Clinton
  26. Shëtitorja Naim Frashëri
  27. Sarande bus stop (by port; big tree in roundabout)
  28. Ksamil
  29. Poda Boutique Hotel
  30. Antika Kokali
  31. Butrint National Park
  32. Guvat Bar Restorant
  33. Palermiti Luxury Rooms
  34. Friendship Park
  35. Λιμάνι Αγίων Σαράντα
  36. Wine Bar Kristiano
  37. Rox cafe bar
  38. Gabby Yachting Agency
  39. Museum Of Traditions
  40. Onhezmus
  41. Poda Beach Bar
  42. Statue of Hillary Clinton
  43. Spiranca Diving Center
  44. Hotel Royal Saranda
  45. Hotel Andon Lapa i Pare
  46. Grand Hotel
  47. Bougainville Bay
  48. Hotel Palma

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