Visit Saranda Albania

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Visit Saranda Albania

Saranda has it all, beach, mountain, rivers, castles but the most important of all, hospitality.

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My Recommendations

Image - Hotel Villa Margarit
Hotel Villa Margarit
Alion:Best welcoming staff ever. Near everything you will ever need.
Image - The Blue Eye
The Blue Eye
Alion:Visit this place and you will be amazed by the beauty of the nature.
Image - Lëkursi
Alion:The view from the castle will make you never leave Albania.
Image - Butrint National Park
Butrint National Park
Alion:For those into archeology, this is the place.
Image - Ksamil Islands
Ksamil Islands
Alion:For those hot days, Ksamili islands and it's beaches are the solution.
Image - Krorëza Beach
Krorëza Beach
Alion:A trip by boat to Kroreza beach is the most wonderful scenary your eyes will ever see.
Image - The Mussel House
The Mussel House
Alion:Fresh mussels from Butrinti lake will give ypu the best lunch ever.
Image - Fourth Island
Fourth Island
Alion:Great restaurant with one of the best chefs in Albania.
Image - Orange Cocktail Bar
Orange Cocktail Bar
Alion:Best night bar in town.
Image - Hotel Andon Lapa i Pare
Hotel Andon Lapa i Pare
Alion:Great resort in town.
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  1. Hotel Villa Margarit
  2. The Blue Eye
  3. Lëkursi
  4. Butrint National Park
  5. Ksamil Islands
  6. Krorëza Beach
  7. The Mussel House
  8. Fourth Island
  9. Orange Cocktail Bar
  10. Hotel Andon Lapa i Pare

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