Vilnius, Lithuania

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Roshni P

Vilnius, Lithuania

A surprising city, with plenty to do and see

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What to see and do

Things to do and see in and around Vilnius

Image - Oreivystes centras
Oreivystes centras
Roshni:Lithuania is one of the cheapest places to ride in a hot air balloon! For 90 euros you can fly over the old town of Vilnius or the lakes of Trakai!
Image - Trakai Island Castle
Trakai Island Castle
Roshni:A visit to Vilnius wouldn't be complete without heading half an hour outside the city to the beautiful islands of Trakai. We spent an evening kayaking through the lakes to reach the castle for sunset with a company called North North East
Image - Užupis
Roshni:A unique district well worth visiting, you can even get your passport stamped when you enter!
Image - Gediminas Castle Tower
Gediminas Castle Tower
Roshni:The best place for a panoramic view of the city
Image - Saint Catherine's Church
Saint Catherine's Church
Roshni:A beautifully decorated church in the heart of Vilnius
Image - Halle Market
Halle Market
Roshni:The area around Halle Market is full of street art
Image - Vilnius Old Town
Vilnius Old Town
Roshni:You can spend an afternoon walking around the cobbled streets of Vilnius, check out the hot air balloon installation and the colourful buildings
Image - Vilnius Free Walking Tours
Vilnius Free Walking Tours
Roshni:There are several free daily tours around the city, and its the best way to learn about the history
Image - Vilnius TV Tower
Vilnius TV Tower
Roshni:The TV tower is the highest point in the city
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Where to eat

All my favourite foodie places including some vegan recommendations

Image - Holy Donut
Holy Donut
Roshni:The hotspot for vegan donuts in Vilnius!
Image - GYVAS baras - Vegan Vegetarian bar restaurant
GYVAS baras - Vegan Vegetarian bar restaurant
Roshni:The soya nuggets are to die for. We visited twice in 4 days, including just before heading to the airport for our flight home (just had to fit it in again!)
Image - Gusto Blyninė
Gusto Blyninė
Roshni:Crepes galore, the menu is full of different types of pancakes and fillings, we tried 5 between the 2 of us and particularly liked the potato pancake variety
Image - RoseHip Vegan Bistro
RoseHip Vegan Bistro
Roshni:The cutest vegan cafe with delicious burgers!
Image - Augustas ir Barbora love story café
Augustas ir Barbora love story café
Roshni:This floral decorated cafe wouldnt look out of place in London!
Image - Halle Market
Halle Market
Roshni:A great spot for local Lithuanian cuisine, I recommend the cold beetroot soup and potato pancakes with sour cream
Image - Beigelistai
Roshni:A great place for coffee and bagels

Wonderguide map

  1. Oreivystes centras
  2. Trakai Island Castle
  3. Užupis
  4. Church of St. Johns, St. John the Baptist and St. John the Apostle and Evangelist
  5. Gediminas Castle Tower
  6. Saint Catherine's Church
  7. Halle Market
  8. Vilnius Old Town
  9. Vilnius Free Walking Tours
  10. Vilnius TV Tower
  11. Holy Donut
  12. GYVAS baras - Vegan Vegetarian bar restaurant
  13. Gusto Blyninė
  14. RoseHip Vegan Bistro
  15. Augustas ir Barbora love story café
  16. Halle Market
  17. Beigelistai

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