Villanova i la Geltru, blending old and new

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kurt moeyersons

Villanova i la Geltru, blending old and new

part of extremely attractive Catalonia

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My favourite places

Image - Vilanova Park
Vilanova Park
kurt:Ideal to stay with a camper, all year long. Very good restaurant. All you need is available, swimming pools, very clean douches, shop, etc. The office people are very friendly. When you love biking, at only 15 min you're in town, very easy. Nearby you can "hit" guided tours which brings you to beautiful places in the surroundings (Lake, Castle, beaches...) An info map you'll get at the tourism office in town.
Image - Vilanova i la Geltrú
Vilanova i la Geltrú
kurt:... Certainly word to visit, the old part of the town. Lovely colours and houses.
Image - Vilanova Grand Marina - Barcelona
Vilanova Grand Marina - Barcelona
kurt:... At the harbour, life never stops. Try watching the fishermen coming in and out, the fish market, or... simply watching the enormous vessels of the rich people. In the marina you can rent several things(jetski, boat,...)...or by a trip on a catamaran...
Image - Rambla de Vilanova
Rambla de Vilanova
kurt:... The place to be, all day... For your coffee in the morning, tapas at lunch and breakfast... And of course, for shopping. It's always crowdy...which gives you a "family feeling".... being embraced by the atmosfeer of the'l never feel alone.
Image - Teatre Principal
Teatre Principal
kurt:The theatre is very impressive.
Image - Playa Vilanova
Playa Vilanova
kurt:.... White sand beaches... Cleaned almost every day.. Certainly end Octobre it's so fine to stay. At several places there are bars... And sometimes it happens that musicians are welcoming and enjoying you. At the end of the beach, near the Marina, if you wish, you can rent windsurfing stuff.
Image - La Daurada
La Daurada
Image - Tsunami Beach
Tsunami Beach
Image - Atalaya
Image - Embassament de Foix
Embassament de Foix can bike and / or hike arround the lake. Beautiful views.
Image - Vilanova i la Geltrú
Vilanova i la Geltrú
kurt:...easily you can take the train to Sitges and Barcelona
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My shops

Image - Mercat del centre de Vilanova i la Geltrú
Mercat del centre de Vilanova i la Geltrú
kurt:...even if you don't like shopping, this is a real experience....the crowd, the flavour of smells, the colours of food and the special atmosphere

My favorite restaurants


Image - L'Oganpetit
L'Oganpetit preferred restaurant ! Deliceous food and very friendly people. You sure will like ...the whole menu!!!

My Recommendation

Image - Esports Prieto
Esports Prieto
kurt:....for every bike intervention and maintenance....very friendly people.
Image - Platja de Cubelles
Platja de Cubelles
kurt:...from mid September you can bike along the sea, on the promenades, for more then 30km....On your way you can still find open, delightful gelataria.
Image - Hotel Cesar
Hotel Cesar to be for "the" basket weaving events "Weaven by the Sea" (Autumn) and "Crossing Sticks Basketweaving Winter School". Very cosy hotel which includes a very good restaurant. Perfect location, nearby the sea, the promenade, shops, bars and restaurants.
Image - L'Espiga d'Or
L'Espiga d'Or
kurt:If you love very good coffee, bread and pastry....this is the place!
Image - Pauma’s Museum
Pauma’s Museum
kurt:They explain the palm-working process of the plant to the finished item. At the museum you can participate in palm (palmetto) and other plant fibre weaving workshops and you can see exhibitions. Very interesting and very friendly people.

Wonderguide map

  1. Vilanova Park
  2. Vilanova i la Geltrú
  3. Vilanova Grand Marina - Barcelona
  4. Rambla de Vilanova
  5. Teatre Principal
  6. Playa Vilanova
  7. Platja Vilanova
  8. Playa de Ribes Roges
  9. La Daurada
  10. Tsunami Beach
  11. Plaça de la Vila, Vilanova i la Geltrú
  12. Mas del Artís
  13. Atalaya
  14. Playa del Muerto
  15. Torre Blava - Espai Guinovart
  16. Plaça de Font i Gumà
  17. Racó de la Calma
  18. Embassament de Foix
  19. Vilanova i la Geltrú
  20. Mercat del centre de Vilanova i la Geltrú
  21. Festival de Cinema Fantàstic
  22. Festival Internacional de Patchwork
  23. Sitges NEXT
  24. Vida, Festival Internacional de Vilanova i la Geltrú
  25. L'Oganpetit
  26. la rambla kebab i pizzeria
  27. Restaurante la Nau
  28. Restaurant la Taverna del Port
  29. Esports Prieto
  31. Platja de Cubelles
  32. Sculpture by Oscar Estruga Vilanova
  33. Nautica Spirit
  34. Hotel Cesar
  35. L'Espiga d'Or
  36. Pauma’s Museum

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