Villa Dalmatina

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Mirjana Alaburić

Villa Dalmatina

Dear guest, welcome to Villa Dalmatina. We are very happy to have you, and to make your visit unforgettable, here are some recommendations.

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My favourite restaurants

When you get hungry and don't know where to go, here are some great places. If you want traditional Dalmatian dishes like peka (under the iron lid) you can order it here in our guest house.

Image - Fragola
Mirjana:Charming little place with great food and affordable prices.
Image - Pizzeria Šime
Pizzeria Šime
Mirjana:Some say this place has the best pizza in Zadar, I say not only pizza, meat plate is really great too.
Image - Restaurant Taverna
Restaurant Taverna
Mirjana:Situated on a seaside, you can eat fresh fish and enjoy the most beautuiful sunset in the world.
Image - Restoran Bruschetta
Restoran Bruschetta
Mirjana:One of the most popular places in old city center, situated next to the remains of medieval church.
Image - Groppo
Mirjana:Next to the cathedral in Zadar, this place has wonderfull food and dishes.
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If you want to go for a drink, there are some places I want to recommend.

Image - Autopraonica Caffe bar Red Point
Autopraonica Caffe bar Red Point
Mirjana:This peacefull caffe bar is on a walking distance from our guest house.
Image - Beach Bar Bamboo
Beach Bar Bamboo
Mirjana:Beach bar with beautiful terrace and a view.
Image - Caffe Bar Forum
Caffe Bar Forum
Mirjana:In the old city, on ancient Forum, with the view on a medieval church of st. Donatus and cathedral bell tower.
Image - Caffe Bar Brazil
Caffe Bar Brazil
Mirjana:On Zadar quay, in old city center, with the view on the sea and islands here you can enjoy the sound of sea organ.


Here's where you can go for swiming

Image - Plaža Borik
Plaža Borik
Mirjana:One of the beast beaches in Zadar. Clean stone beach.
Image - Plaža Punta Skala
Plaža Punta Skala
Mirjana:Outside of Zadar, Punta Skala is a resort with a beautiful beach.
Image - Watersports Center Pinija
Watersports Center Pinija
Mirjana:Outside of Zadar, beach Pinija offers many different activities.
Image - Ždrijac
Mirjana:If you are up to sand beach, Ždrijac, 20 min from Zadar, is the best one.
Image - Sakarun
Mirjana:If you want to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, just ask me and I'll arrange the transport to Dugi otok island.

Zadar - Experiences


Image - Supernova Zadar
Supernova Zadar
Mirjana:The only big shopping center in Zadar where you can find everything you need.

Wonderguide map

  1. Fragola
  2. Pizzeria Šime
  3. Restaurant Taverna
  4. Restoran Bruschetta
  5. Groppo
  6. Autopraonica Caffe bar Red Point
  7. Beach Bar Bamboo
  8. Caffe Bar Forum
  9. Caffe Bar Brazil
  10. Plaža Borik
  11. Plaža Punta Skala
  12. Watersports Center Pinija
  13. Ždrijac
  14. Sakarun
  15. Supernova Zadar

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