Vietnam - Wonderful country

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Phan Nguyen Phong Luan

Vietnam - Wonderful country

I love my Vietnam

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Image - Cu Chi Tunnels
Cu Chi Tunnels
Phan Nguyen Phong:Historic destination, very interesting
Image - Ngọc Hoàng Pagoda
Ngọc Hoàng Pagoda
Phan Nguyen Phong:The old temple of Saigon, which was once visited by the US president.
Image - Bà Thiên Hậu Temple
Bà Thiên Hậu Temple
Phan Nguyen Phong:Chinese temple, built long ago, unique architecture.
Image - Saigon Zoo And Botanical Garden
Saigon Zoo And Botanical Garden
Phan Nguyen Phong:The zoo was built during the French colonial period and is a large park in Saigon.
Image - Ho Chi Minh Museum
Ho Chi Minh Museum
Phan Nguyen Phong:A place of great historical significance for the Vietnamese nation
Image - Cai Rang Floating Market
Cai Rang Floating Market
Phan Nguyen Phong:The market floating on the water, an experience you should not miss when coming to Vietnam
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  1. Cu Chi Tunnels
  2. Ngọc Hoàng Pagoda
  3. Bà Thiên Hậu Temple
  4. Saigon Zoo And Botanical Garden
  5. Ho Chi Minh Museum
  6. Cai Rang Floating Market
  7. Les Rives - Saigon River Tours Operator

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