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A tropical country stretched along the coast, rife with natural wonders from the punctuated bays to the enveloping jungles and to the intricate dance of the hurried cities.

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Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia that borders China, Laos and Cambodia. It has a population of over 95 million, having one of the highest population densities in the world.

At certain points in history, the country was ruled by France and Japan. In the 1950s, conflict between the North and South caused the start of the Vietnam War. The United States, Russia and China also got involved in the war, which lasted until 1975

Why is Vietnam so popular to visit?

Vietnam is a popular budget-friendly beach destination. Although the country has an international reputation for its beaches, it’s certainly not the only aspect of the country that draws in visitors. The cuisine is often something visitors are excited about experiencing in addition to the coffee. By the way, the country is the second largest coffee producer in the world, just after Brazil, so coffee-addicts will be in total heaven. The chaotic cities and the calming mountain villages are other alluring features of the country.

Things to do in Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is famous for its tree-covered limestone islands, and diving and hiking spots. If you’re searching for total tranquility head to Phú Quốc, which is an island off the coast of Cambodia. Hoi An is Vietnam’s ancient city and a must-see for any traveler to the country. Phuc Kien Assembly Hall and the Japanese Covered Bridge are two very popular sites within the city. Ho Chi Minh City is a busy city with a number of eye-catching temples and historic landmarks...and buzzing motorbikes! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, hop on one for the ride of your life! Head north to see the stunning mountain village of Sa Pa, which is one of the most photographed parts of the country. You'll most definitely recognize it!

What is the best time of year to visit Iceland?

The best time to visit Vietnam is from December to February. Generally, the weather is pleasant and rain is at a minimum. However, the country has a diverse climate so choosing when to go largely depends on where you will be going. Monsoon season is typically from April to October, so expect rain in much of the country, but fewer crowds. Keep in mind there are a number of festivals, holidays and events throughout the year that offer tourists exciting and authentic experiences.

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