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Lenka Veršić

Versic Guest House

Dear guest, welcome to our guest house. We want you to have wonderful time in this small and peacefull place Jovići. What to do while you are here? Don't worry, I'm here to help so here are my recommendations. :)

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If you are too tired and hungry from swimming and enjoying yourself, here's where you can eat something.

Image - Konoba Pece
Konoba Pece
Lenka:In a picturesque place named Vinjerac, not far away from apartment. This place has it all: food, service, view and so much more. You have to try local specialties, especially seafood.
Image - Restaurant - Pizzeria Toni
Restaurant - Pizzeria Toni
Lenka:Ražanac is 5 min of driving from apartment, it has not only great beaches, but also great pizza in restaurant Toni.
Image - Konoba Matkov Dvor
Konoba Matkov Dvor
Lenka:If you are in Ražanac and want some fresh fish caught by local fisherman, go to Konoba Matkov Dvor.
Image - Pizzeria Fortuna
Pizzeria Fortuna
Lenka:The best pizza in area is in this pizzeria, just 5 min of driving from apartment. It has also great stake.
Image - Bistro Roko
Bistro Roko
Lenka:Small bistro in a place called Ljubač.
Image - Harbor CookHouse & Club
Harbor CookHouse & Club
Lenka:Zadar is half an hour of driving from Zadar, it is a place you have to see, and if you get hungry from all the beauties you saw here, Harbor is the place where you can grab something. My recommendation here is the stake and apple crumble. Terrace has the view on old city walls from 16th crntury.
Image - 4 Kantuna
4 Kantuna
Lenka:4 kantuna is the restaurant in the center of Zadar and it has the best pizza here. Also, other dishes are exceptional also - they always offer something from seasonal groceries.
Image - Konoba Skoblar
Konoba Skoblar
Lenka:Skoblar always has few already cooked meals in the menu for lower prices. You can order that or a la carte. Everything here is delicious, especially meat (lamb or veal) roasted under the iron lid (ispod peke).
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Coffee places and bars

There are some places near apartment you can go for a coffee or a bear :)

Image - Caffe Bar Azriel
Caffe Bar Azriel
Lenka:Few minutes of walking from the apartment, the only bar in Jovići.
Image - Caffe Bar Puntica
Caffe Bar Puntica
Lenka:Beautiful beach bar in Ražanac.


If you want to see something new, experience something great, and everything under the guidance of a experienced guide, feel free to book it trough here. You can book cultural sightseeing or a day in nature, there's something for everybody.


Want to go for some shopping? but where? The best option is Zadar.

Image - Supernova Zadar
Supernova Zadar
Lenka:This is the biggest shopping center in Zadar, the best place if you want to shop for some clothes, shoes and accessorize.
Image - City Galleria
City Galleria
Lenka:Smaller shopping center with few shops with clothes an shoes, one cosmetics shop (Muller) and Cinestar movie theater.
Image - Super Konzum
Super Konzum
Lenka:Bigger grocery shop, but also, here you have few shops with clothes and one sports shop.

Wonderguide map

  1. Konoba Pece
  2. Restaurant - Pizzeria Toni
  3. Konoba Matkov Dvor
  4. Pizzeria Fortuna
  5. Bistro Roko
  6. Harbor CookHouse & Club
  7. 4 Kantuna
  8. Konoba Skoblar
  9. Caffe Bar Azriel
  10. Caffe Bar Puntica
  11. Supernova Zadar
  12. City Galleria
  13. Super Konzum

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