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A little part of Veracruz.

I recommend you about some places that are most visited by tourists.

Image - Acuario de Veracruz
Acuario de Veracruz
Mary:The Veracruz Aquarium is undoubtedly the best tourist place in Veracruz for both adults and children. It is considered one of the largest in Latin America and offers various activities. It has 8 exhibition rooms where you will see freshwater fish, saltwater, jellyfish, sharks, manatees and the famous penguins, as well as enjoy the panoramic view in the reef fish tank. There used to be dolphins, but they decided to let them go free.
Image - Cancuncito
Mary:Famous and highly visited by both tourists and locals, Cancun is undoubtedly one of the best tourist places in Veracruz. You know this place when you take the tour to the island of sacrifices. Although Cancun is believed to be an island, it is actually a sandbar, which rises to the surface in spring and summer, giving bathers a place to sunbathe and bathe in crystal clear waters.
Image - Zona Arqueológica El Tajín
Zona Arqueológica El Tajín
Mary:El Tajín is one of the most historic tourist places in Veracruz, considered a World Heritage Site for its pyramids in excellent condition, its special architecture and the cultural impact of the area. The main structure found here is the famous pyramid of niches, which has 365 niches that represent 365 days a year. This Totonac wonder is located a few minutes from the city of Papantla.
Image - Tuxpan Playa Veracruz
Tuxpan Playa Veracruz
Mary:Due to the creation of the Mexico-Tuxpan highway, the beaches of Tuxpan have become one of the tourist places in Veracruz with the highest demand for tourism from the center of the country. Tuxpan has more than 40 km of beach and one of the most beautiful islands in the state, known as Isla de Lobos, another jewel of the Veracruz sea, so relaxation and seafood are mandatory.
Image - Laguna Catemaco
Laguna Catemaco
Mary:The beautiful Laguna de Catemaco is one of the largest lagoons in all of Mexico and is the center of the Sierra de los Tuxtlas, and you can explore it on a guided boat tour. Its fame is international due to the fact that its landscapes have been captured in several films and television series, as well as for its peculiar island of monkeys, where a group of Thai macaques learned to live on an islet in the lagoon.
Image - Cascada De Texolo
Cascada De Texolo
Mary:The Texolo waterfall is the most famous waterfall that the city of Xico has, due to its height and the beautiful landscape where it is located, as well as the set of waterfalls that we can find in that area. You can appreciate these beautiful waterfalls from its viewpoint, but if you want, you can go into the forest and swim in 2 other small waterfalls. We recommend you visit the city center to try the tasty Xiqueño mole.
Image - Playa Norte
Playa Norte
Image - Heroica Veracruz
Heroica Veracruz
Mary:Veracruz is the state with the longest coastline in Mexico, this means that we have 2,131 km of coastline, which has been 19% of all the coasts of Mexico. In the state you can find all kinds of beaches, but these are the 10 best beaches in Veracruz: Tuxpan Beach, Roca Partida, Tecolutla, Costa Esmeralda, Chachalacas, Montepío, Villa Rica, Muñecos, Playa Escondida and Playa de Tamiahua.
Image - La Antigua Municipality
La Antigua Municipality
Mary:Antigua is one of the tourist places in Veracruz that you should visit if you are in the port, anyone who calls himself Mexican must come to this place at least once in his life, since this was where much of the history of our nation began. Among its main attractions are the house of Hernán Cortés, the hermitage of Santiago del Rosario and the famous “la ceiba” tree, as well as its rich restaurants on the banks of the River.
Image - Museo de Cera
Museo de Cera
Mary:Located inside the aquarium square, it is one of the obligatory stops when you are visiting the aquarium, since you will not only be able to meet wax figures of your favorite characters, but also to meet unique and curious objects. Inside the wax museum you will have the opportunity to see artists and important and even historical figures, such as Malinche and Hernán Cortés, while in the Ripley museum you will see unusual objects, such as mummies and shrunken heads.
Image - Zócalo Boca del Río
Zócalo Boca del Río
Mary:This place is also known as the heart of Boca, because here are the best places to get to know this city, such as its excellent restaurants of snacks and seafood as well as the beautiful view of the river. It is in this area where you can hire the boat tours to get to know the "Venezuelan Veracruzana" and you can also enjoy one of the typical drinks of the city, known as "torito", made from cane liquor and different fruits of the zone.
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  1. Acuario de Veracruz
  2. Cancuncito
  3. Zona Arqueológica El Tajín
  4. Tuxpan Playa Veracruz
  5. Laguna Catemaco
  6. Cascada De Texolo
  7. Playa Norte
  8. Heroica Veracruz
  9. La Antigua Municipality
  10. Museo de Cera
  11. Zócalo Boca del Río

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