VENICE for LOW budget travelers

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laura biagioni

VENICE for LOW budget travelers

Known as one of the most expensive cities in Italy..that can be true .. unless you know where to go! I lived there during my university years and my budget was extraordinary low..and I survived!

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Image - Venice Walking Tour_332909
$ 61
Venice Walking Tour
laura:I love guided tours.. that’s why when I go abroad I always do at least one.. knowing the secrets of a city fascinates me.. and I always wonder.. but the people who live here, will they know these things? Usually the answer is no.
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There are some beautiful places in Venice that you can visit for free..that sound sooooo good, right?

Image - Saint Mark's Basilica
Saint Mark's Basilica
laura:Yes. In the city where seems like you have to pay even your own breath, the wonderful Basilica is FREE. Just be sure to leave your backpack in a store close to the church and proceed to the line. If you don't want to wait you can skip the line for 3€..
Image - Acqua Alta Book Shop
Acqua Alta Book Shop
laura:Ready to fall in love with something unique and unusual? This book story will steal your heart.
Image - Fondaco dei Tedeschi
Fondaco dei Tedeschi
laura:The terrace of this huge mall is free and gives you an amazing view of Venice! You just have to reserve your visit online and join the time!
Image - St. Mark's Square
St. Mark's Square
laura:Not a lot to say..this is something really magic! But BE CAREFUL! Drink a coffee here is a bad idea cause the prices are crazy! Be always sure you can check a price list before you order!


Outside form the touristic path, the student side of Venice can show you some really nice places, where you can relax and enjoy a different kind of Venice

Image - Campo Santa Margherita
Campo Santa Margherita
laura:Usually full of students, in this place, you can find food and drinks for cheap and take part in the Venetian life
Image - Zattere Gesuati
Zattere Gesuati
laura:Take a walk along there. Lay down for a sunbath while resting after a hard Venice Walk. This place is so beautiful and gives you a really nice view.


The most famous places in Venice are called ”BACARI” and there you can ear and drink for a very good price and high quality

Image - Al Bottegon
Al Bottegon
laura:”cicchetto and spritz” is the new ”bella vita”.
Image - Osteria Al Squero
Osteria Al Squero
laura:Small but gold! This little Bacaro is right in front of my favorite corner of Venice!
Image - Bacaro da Fiore
Bacaro da Fiore
laura:The perfect break between Accademia’s bridge and S.Marco’s square
Image - Cafe' Noir
Cafe' Noir
laura:Little, but with good prices and great sandwiches
Image - Il Paradiso Perduto
Il Paradiso Perduto
laura:Nice Place for spending a night out with your friends

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  1. Venice Walking Tour
  2. Saint Mark's Basilica
  3. Acqua Alta Book Shop
  4. Fondaco dei Tedeschi
  5. St. Mark's Square
  6. Campo Santa Margherita
  7. Zattere Gesuati
  8. Al Bottegon
  9. Osteria Al Squero
  10. Bacaro da Fiore
  11. Cafe' Noir
  12. Il Paradiso Perduto

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