Venezia, italy

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Marco Benedetti

Venezia, italy

This is not a city, is a open Theatre and we are the Actor

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Italy - Food culture

Image - Traditional Italy Foods: Top 10 Famous Italian Dishes
Traditional Italy Foods: Top 10 Famous Italian Dishes
Marco:In every part of Italy, the food is soo gorgeous
Image - Antico Martini
Antico Martini
Marco:This is a classic, and a very good restaurant in Venice
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My Recommendations

Image - Hostaria OSOTTOOSOPRA
Marco:Is a little local in Venice, very lovable, with a good research of a quality
Image - Al Profeta
Al Profeta
Marco:A lovely place where is possible to eat a very good italian cuisine. The quality of the food is too high, and the price is not very expensive. During the summer, is possible to eat outside, in the garden
Image - Venice
Marco:When you come to Venice, let yourself be carried away by the charm of the weaving of small streets called "calli", which will take you to unique places like Piazza San Marco, the power hub of the Republic of Venice, or to Rialto, the hub of the Republic's economic power. This city oozes with history, with its palaces overlooking the Grand Canal, eager to show their beauty. In Venice you have to get lost and let yourself go because you are ecstatic around every corner. There are some less well-known places, such as the Jewish Ghetto, the first Ghetto in the world, which deserve to be visited, or like the Chiesa dei Frari. I could stay here and tell you about my city, but I would like you to visit it to realize it.Let yourself be lulled by the swaying of the gondola, and let yourself be carried away by the skill of its gondolier, which will make us see another Venice, the Venice seen from the water, with its canals and its palaces. Let yourself be fascinated by a city that will enchant u

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  3. Hostaria OSOTTOOSOPRA
  4. Al Profeta
  5. Venice
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  7. Antico Martini
  8. Venice Combo: Walking & Gondola Ride Tour

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