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Guesthouse Skálafell

Guesthouse Skálafell

Information about the South east part of Iceland. Our suggestions about what do and what to see!

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Image - Guesthouse Skalafell
Guesthouse Skalafell
Guesthouse:From our guetshouse there is a marked hiking trail inside Vatnajokull National Park that goes around Hjallanes. A beatiful hike that takes you up to Skalafellsjokull glacier.
Image - Heinabergslón
Guesthouse:Beautiful small glacier lagoon nearby our guesthouse. This is the place to go if you want to avoid the crowd and experience something difference.
Image - Glacier Lagoon
Glacier Lagoon
Guesthouse:No need to say anything about The Glacier lagoon that haven't been said before. A simply must-see place when you come to Iceland.
Image - Svartifoss
Guesthouse:Svartifoss is one of our favourite waterfalls in Iceland. A beautiful short hike from Skaftafell National Park.
Image - Vestrahorn
Guesthouse:Vestrahorn and Stokksnes are located about 35 minutes drive from our Guesthouse close to Höfn. A beautiful mountain and area to visit. Especially beautiful during sunrise.
Image - Hoffellsjökull
Guesthouse:One of many beautiful hikes you can take in the area are up to the edges of Hoffelsjökull.
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  1. Guesthouse Skalafell
  2. Heinabergslón
  3. Glacier Lagoon
  4. Svartifoss
  5. Vestrahorn
  6. Hoffellsjökull
  7. Crystal Blue Ice Cave | Supertruck From Jökulsárlón

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