Vancouver Island Road Trip

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Adam Marland

Vancouver Island Road Trip

Discover the most photogenic places in stunning Vancouver Island

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My Recommendations

Image - Tofino
Adam:The most beautiful place in all of Vancouver Island, with plentiful beaches and surreal aerial views!
Image - Ucluelet lighthouse loop
Ucluelet lighthouse loop
Adam:An absolute must-see stretch of rugged, PNW coast.
Image - Tofino Air Lines Ltd
Tofino Air Lines Ltd
Adam:The only way to truly appreciate the Clayoquot Sounds is from the air, and Tofino Air is the best in town.
Image - Mystic Beach
Mystic Beach
Adam:Go in the spring to take in a large waterfall spilling right onto the golden sand beach.
Image - Strathcona Provincial Park Headquarters
Strathcona Provincial Park Headquarters
Adam:My favorite place to photograph on the island; Strathcona is home to endless hikes, falls, lakes, and vistas.
Image - Lady Falls Picnic Area
Lady Falls Picnic Area
Adam:A beautiful little falls with a nice picnic area.
Image - Lower Myra Falls
Lower Myra Falls
Adam:The absolute best waterfall on Vancouver Island, from a photography standpoint.
Image - Port Renfrew
Port Renfrew
Adam:The end of the line on the San Juan de Fuca trail, this charming town offers respite and some beautiful views.
Image - Colliery Dam Park
Colliery Dam Park
Adam:A beautiful place for sunset if staying in Nanaimo
Image - Elk Falls Provincial Park and Protected Area
Elk Falls Provincial Park and Protected Area
Adam:Massive waterfall below a magnificent suspension bridge; easy hike in.
Image - Travelade Image
Chesterman Beach Road
Adam:Beautiful beach in the summer months
Image - Amphitrite Point Lighthouse
Amphitrite Point Lighthouse
Adam:Great place to spot Orcas or take in sunrise
Image - Landslide Lake
Landslide Lake
Adam:Long hike, but worth it for this view!
Image - Sombrio Beach Trailhead
Sombrio Beach Trailhead
Adam:The beach isnt too interesting, but theres a hidden waterfall that is spectacular!
Image - Sheringham Point Lighthouse
Sheringham Point Lighthouse
Adam:Gorgeous setting for sunrise or sunset.
Image - Sandcut Beach
Sandcut Beach
Adam:Not the most exciting beach, but the waterfall that spills onto it is very cool
Image - Hole In The Wall, Port Alberni..
Hole In The Wall, Port Alberni..
Adam:Short, hidden hike to a pretty neat natural phenomenon.
Image - Victoria
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Wonderguide map

  1. Tofino
  2. Ucluelet lighthouse loop
  3. Tofino Air Lines Ltd
  4. Mystic Beach
  5. Strathcona Provincial Park Headquarters
  6. Lady Falls Picnic Area
  7. Lower Myra Falls
  8. Port Renfrew
  9. Colliery Dam Park
  10. Mount Arrowsmith Massif Regional Park
  11. Elk Falls Provincial Park and Protected Area
  12. Chesterman Beach Road
  13. Amphitrite Point Lighthouse
  14. Landslide Lake
  15. Sombrio Beach Trailhead
  16. Sheringham Point Lighthouse
  17. Sandcut Beach
  18. Hole In The Wall, Port Alberni..
  19. Victoria
  20. Brown's River Falls
  21. Little Huson Caves Parking Lot

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