Vallabregues, historical meeting point of basket weavers at the gateways of the Camargue

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kurt moeyersons

Vallabregues, historical meeting point of basket weavers at the gateways of the Camargue

... let you overwhelm by basketry traditions

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Popular destinations in the "Gard" region

Image - The Bamboo Cevennes
The Bamboo Cevennes
kurt:.... awesome place to visit, also with children. You'll find out the history of this "installation" is also the measurement of the weather level😉
Image - Aven Armand
Aven Armand
kurt:.... Where you can loge the "Notre Dame"...beautiful...whithout other words....
Image - Sautadet Falls
Sautadet Falls
kurt:.... Just watch your kids jumping in the "blue".... and they ask you.... Do you dare?
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My favorite restaurants

.. to taste

Image - Pizzéria le Camalou
Pizzéria le Camalou
kurt:... Very good pizza..certainly the vegetarian and the pizzaladiere....with câpres and anchovis😉mmm
Image - Le Bar des Platanes
Le Bar des Platanes
kurt:... Very good menue..
Image - Travelade Image

My Recommendations

Image - Musée la Vannerie et l’Artisanat de Vallabrègues
Musée la Vannerie et l’Artisanat de Vallabrègues
kurt:... an awesome place, re-flecting years of basketry tradition..
Image - Camping Lou Vincen
Camping Lou Vincen
kurt:... Very friendly people, very good service in the midle of town...
Image - Vallabrègues
kurt:"Fête de la Vannerie".. FEAST OF THE WINTER. Every summer, the second weekend of August , the inhabitants of Vallabrègues mobilize to revive during 2 days the fever of the bears: the happy return to the village of the men left several weeks to harvest the reed of Camargue. Craftsmen from all over the world display their baskets in a happy atmospher. Program
Image - Travelade Image
kurt:...on travel or stay at the village, for all your local and other basic stuff, you certainly will find it here. Very friendly and kindly people.
Image - diga di Vallabrègues
diga di Vallabrègues
kurt:... Standing on this big "wal" supporting wather for electricity transformation... Suddenly something like huge bees went down over us... Indeed... Plains with propellor, full of wather, to fight/concer fire.... Hopefully on training mission.. Gorgeous view...

Wonderguide map

  1. Salin d’Aigues-Mortes
  2. The Bamboo Cevennes
  3. Arena of Nîmes
  4. Aven Armand
  5. Camargue Natural Regional Park
  6. Sautadet Falls
  7. Pizzéria le Camalou
  8. Bar Restaurant Du Cours
  9. Le Bar des Platanes
  10. Pizz'olive
  11. Musée la Vannerie et l’Artisanat de Vallabrègues
  12. Camping Lou Vincen
  13. Vallabrègues
  15. diga di Vallabrègues

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