The best of Valencia, Spain

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Tiina Johanna

The best of Valencia, Spain

The best tips for an amazing time in the lovely city of Valencia, Spain. These tips are created with love and passion from a local point of view and you can find all the best sights, bars, restaurants and guided tours here! Enjoy!

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Image - La Lonja de la Seda
La Lonja de la Seda
Tiina:This is a must see, it is a very beautiful and historical place. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site and and it costs only 2 euros.
Image - Playa de la Malvarrosa (Valencia)
Playa de la Malvarrosa (Valencia)
Tiina:The main beach of valencia! Very big and spacious and the atmosphere is so lovely here. It has many bars next to it and a few shops as well. The restaurants are quite touristic, so maybe you would want to eat elsewhere. The drinks are good though! Go and have an amazing beach day. :)
Image - The Central Market of Valencia
The Central Market of Valencia
Tiina:Nothing beats the Central Market, or Mercado Central as we call it. It offers fresh foods and fruits and you can get everything you need for a great dinner, paella or just snacks. It is a very beautiful building.
Image - El Carmen
El Carmen
Tiina:The historic old town. El Carmen is the heart of the centre area and has many lovely bars, cafeterias and restaurants. The vibe is always great and the old town is really the best area in the city!
Image - Mestalla Stadium
Mestalla Stadium
Tiina:The Mestalla Stadium is the big home for the Valencia CF Football team and all the great games in the city happens here.
Image - Torres de Serranos
Torres de Serranos
Tiina:The tower gates of the old town that remain standing. It is free to look around but if you want to go up, you need to pay 2 euros. The towers are beautiful, and there is also another tower gate called Torre de Quart that you should check out.
Image - Torre del Micalet
Torre del Micalet
Tiina:The clock tower of the main Cathedral of Valencia. It lies next to the Cathedral and you can either visit both of the buildings or just the clock tower. The clock tower costs 2 euros only and you can climb the stairs all the way to the top and see the amazing city view. It is worth the climb!
Image - El Corte Inglés
El Corte Inglés
Tiina:The big shopping centre that has it all.
Image - Bullring of Valencia
Bullring of Valencia
Tiina:The bull ring that does not host any bull fights! The place hosts many concerts and events around the year and it is very beautiful. You can find it right next to the main train station.
Image - Albufera
Tiina:The beautiful Natural Park of Albufera. It is easy to reach from the city with a car, a bus or even by a bike. You can spend a great day here walking or cycling around and you can even row a boat on the lake. The Paella is originally from here!! So eat it here for lunch!
Image - Platja de la Patacona
Platja de la Patacona
Tiina:Patacona Beach is a bit further but on the same coastline as the Mallvarrosa Beach. You can walk there by the beachline or go by bus/bike. Maybe a bit more chill and not so crowded in the summertime.
Image - Fallas Valencia
Fallas Valencia
Tiina:Las Fallas is the big Carnaval event of Valencia and it happens every year in March. It lasts for almost three weeks and has fireworks and statue burnings and great parties. The biggest shows are held in the Main Town Hall Square right in the centre of the city.
Image - Mascleta Valencia
Mascleta Valencia
Tiina:Mascleta is the name of the every-day-fireworks of the Las Fallas Carnaval. They shoot loud firecrackers in the air every day at the same time during the whole festival.
Image - Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
Tiina:The City of Arts and Sciences is the greatest sight of Valencia. It includes the Opera House, The Science Museum, The IMAX-movie theater and the Oceanographic Aquarium. It is big, beautiful and you can not miss it!
Image - Valencia Cathedral
Valencia Cathedral
Tiina:The gorgeous main Cathedral of the city. It is right in the middle of the old town and has two lovely squares around it.
Image - Mercado de Colón
Mercado de Colón
Tiina:The Colon Market Hall is not similar to the main Market Hall. This one has lovely restaurants and bars inside it and is a great place to hang out!
Image - Plaza del ayuntamiento de Valencia 2
Plaza del ayuntamiento de Valencia 2
Tiina:The City Square. It is in the middle of the centre and it is big. Many restaurants and shops all around it.
Image - Estació del Nord
Estació del Nord
Tiina:This is the main train station that is very beautiful to look at and is really a sight to see!
Image - Plaça de la Reina
Plaça de la Reina
Tiina:Plaza de la Reina - The Queen's Square. It is a lovely old town square with restaurants and bars. It is right next to the Cathedral.
Image - Plaza de la Virgen
Plaza de la Virgen
Tiina:Plaza de la Virgen - The Virgin's Square. This is another lovely old town square next to the Cathedral.
Image - Torres de Quart
Torres de Quart
Tiina:These are the other old town tower gates that are still standing. These are right next to the main bar street of the old town called Calle de Quart. Take a look at the bullet holes on the towers!
Image - Rio Turia Park
Rio Turia Park
Tiina:The long Turia Park that separates the centre area from the other neighbourhoods of the city. It used to be a big river, but now it is green park with a smaller river inside. You can go ride a bike, walk around or have a picnic here. You can go all the way from the city to the port area and see the City of Arts and Sciences while on the way!
Image - Port of Valencia
Port of Valencia
Tiina:The POrt area of Valencia. Here you can find boats and also nice restaurants. You can also find the beach activities here (jet skiis etc.)
Image - Pub Crawl & Free Walking Tour VALENCIA TourMeOut
Pub Crawl & Free Walking Tour VALENCIA TourMeOut
Tiina:The best tour company in the city of Valencia! Check out their web for more.
Image - El Cafetín Valencia
El Cafetín Valencia
Tiina:This is the best bar and cafeteria in Valencia! A lovely place for a relaxing cup of coffee or a nice cocktail. You should really try their version of the famous Valencian cocktail: Agua de Valencia!
Image - Port Saplaya
Port Saplaya
Tiina:A nice place for a lovely daytrip from the city area. Take a bus or a taxi or ride your bike here! It reminds a little bit of Venice! The beach here is really wonderful.
Image - Entretorres
Tiina:This is a nice restaurant in the old town. It is very spanish and the food is amazing! The prices are also cheap and the staff is so kind and funny. :)
Image - El Forn del Carmen
El Forn del Carmen
Tiina:A beautiful and lovely restaurant in the old town with great food, cheap prices and a wonderful staff!
Image - Bodega La Rentaora
Bodega La Rentaora
Tiina:This is in the middle of the old town, a nice bodega and tapas restaurant with great food, cheap prizes and fun staff. :)
Image - La Riuá
La Riuá
Tiina:The best Paella restaurant in the city! The food is amazing. You need a reservation, because this is popular with the locals and the tourists.
Image - La Lluna Restaurante Vegetariano Vegano
La Lluna Restaurante Vegetariano Vegano
Tiina:A lovely restaurant for vegetarians and vegan people. The food is delicious! You can enjoy it even if you are not a vegan. ;) In a good location too!
Image - La Otra Parte Taberna
La Otra Parte Taberna
Tiina:We really love this restaurant! It is close to the beach and the vibe is always great. The food is amazing and they have options for every diet. Sometimes they have live music too.
Image - Malafama Canyamelar
Malafama Canyamelar
Tiina:A great tapas restaurant with good cheap prizes, great atmosphere and a fun and professional staff. They have also great vegetarian and vegan options. Close to the beach!
Image - Aloha Vegan Delights
Aloha Vegan Delights
Tiina:A great vegan food place. The restaurant is small but the food is great and the prizes are cheap! Nice staff too.
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  1. La Lonja de la Seda
  2. Playa de la Malvarrosa (Valencia)
  3. The Central Market of Valencia
  4. El Carmen
  5. Mestalla Stadium
  6. Torres de Serranos
  7. Torre del Micalet
  8. El Corte Inglés
  9. Bullring of Valencia
  10. Albufera
  11. Platja de la Patacona
  12. Fallas Valencia
  13. Mascleta Valencia
  14. Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
  15. Valencia Cathedral
  16. Mercado de Colón
  17. Plaza del ayuntamiento de Valencia 2
  18. Estació del Nord
  19. Plaça de la Reina
  20. Plaza de la Virgen
  21. Torres de Quart
  22. Rio Turia Park
  23. Port of Valencia
  24. Pub Crawl & Free Walking Tour VALENCIA TourMeOut
  25. El Cafetín Valencia
  26. Port Saplaya
  27. Costa Brava Half Day Tour
  28. Barcelona Private Tour
  29. Entretorres
  30. El Forn del Carmen
  31. Bodega La Rentaora
  32. La Riuá
  33. La Lluna Restaurante Vegetariano Vegano
  34. La Otra Parte Taberna
  35. Malafama Canyamelar
  36. Aloha Vegan Delights

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