Uneso World Heritage Borobudur and Prambanan Temple Tour

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Eko Wahyu

UNESCO World Heritage Borobudur and Pram

Visit and see one of UNESCO's world heritages, which was built around the 8th century with the elegance, beauty and sophistication of its architectural techniques from that time to the present.

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Image - Home Stay Berkah
Home Stay Berkah
Eko:Contact Reservation (+62 ) 889 8051 3583 (Whatsapp, Phone, Text). Only walking distance from the entrance gate of Borobudur Temple
Image - Punthuk Setumbu
Punthuk Setumbu
Eko:Watch Sunrise on hilltop with Borobudur Temple, Merbabu montain and Merapi Volcano are part of beautiful Landscape. This location only 4.8 kilometers from Borobudur Temple
Image - Air Terjun Kedung Kayang
Air Terjun Kedung Kayang
Eko:Pure water and fresh air direct from Merapi volcano. About 30 Kilometers or about 45 minutes driving by car from Borobudur area
Image - Dapoer Gending
Dapoer Gending
Eko:One of best local food restaurant in Borobudur area, can reach only by walk if your stay in Borobudur area
Image - Pawon Luwak Coffee
Pawon Luwak Coffee
Eko:The One and only place of to know how to make or produce the best and the most expensive coffee in the world. This place about 2 kilometers away from Borobudur Temple
Image - Stupa Restaurant
Stupa Restaurant
Eko:Open space restaurant with many varian delicious menu and beverage with ricefield view.
Image - Candi Selogriyo
Candi Selogriyo
Eko:Small temple on quiet place and to reach this temple you have walk ( soft trekking or hike ) with beautiful rice field terrace on the other side. This location about 15 kilometers from Borobudur Temple
Image - Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa
Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa
Eko:One of best luxurious resort nearby Borobudur Temple
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  1. Home Stay Berkah
  2. Punthuk Setumbu
  3. Air Terjun Kedung Kayang
  4. Dapoer Gending
  5. Pawon Luwak Coffee
  6. GRINATA ADVENTURE Merapi Jeep Tours
  7. Stupa Restaurant
  8. Candi Selogriyo
  9. Mendut Buddhist Monastery
  10. Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa

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