Undiscovered Lombardy

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Alice Dejaiffe

Undiscovered Lombardy

From Varese to Lago Maggiore, Lombardy has so much beauty to offer.

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Weekend in Lombardy

three days, two nights

Image - Sacro Monte di Varese
Sacro Monte di Varese
Alice:The sacro monte di Varese is always a nice idea. Whether you go up waling or take the funivia the view is absolutely stunning. It is great for sunset but also great for a Sunday morning walk.
Image - Fabbrica Pizza
Fabbrica Pizza
Alice:For a thin pizza with the best ingredient. La Fabrica della Pizza is the perfect light dinner. And if you like tiramisu, theirs is especially good!
Image - Isola Bella
Isola Bella
Alice:Even though the visit to the palace and the gardens are a little expensive (18 euros per person), I recommend going. It is an extraordinary place like no other.
Image - Santa Caterina del Sasso
Santa Caterina del Sasso
Alice:This small church on a rock by the Lago Maggiore offers an authentic view of the lake. This place is beautiful at any time of the year.
Image - Il Chiosco di Cerro
Il Chiosco di Cerro
Alice:If you are in the mood for seafood, this is the place to come. From pasta Vongole to Frito di mare, everything is delicious. And to top it off the view is very romantic.
Image - Gelateria La Romana
Gelateria La Romana
Alice:Want to taste real gelato? this is the place to go. They offer more creamy choices and for the chocolate lovers you can even have melted chocolate at the end of your conne! My favorite gelato for sure!
Image - Rocca di Angera
Rocca di Angera
Alice:This place offers a beautiful view of the small city angera and of the Lago Maggiore. They also have a small doll museum which is worth the detour.
Image - Pizzeria Damino
Pizzeria Damino
Alice:For me, this is the best pizza in Lombardy. They have a wonderful view on the lake, the food is amazing and the service is fast. In winter, they also offer local mountain food. Make sure you call to make a reservation because the place is always full!
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Other recommendations

Image - Ispra
Alice:Perfect beach for sunbathing and a refreshing swim in the lake.
Image - Villa Panza
Villa Panza
Alice:The museum offers very nice modern expositions and the gardens are a unique Italian beauty.
Image - Buosi Gelato
Buosi Gelato
Alice:For more fruity flavours, Buosi gelato offers all kinds of fruits and are definitely excelling. I also recommend trying their granitas. Everything is made from scratch and is absolutely delicious.
Image - Schiranna
Alice:A very nice place to relax and go for a walk. Beautiful sunsets too!
Image - Cerro
Alice:This small village on the Lago Maggiore is the perfect place to stay. The view is absolutely amazing and the cute restaurant offer great Italian food.

Wonderguide map

  1. Sacro Monte di Varese
  2. Fabbrica Pizza
  3. Isola Bella
  4. Santa Caterina del Sasso
  5. Il Chiosco di Cerro
  6. Gelateria La Romana
  7. Rocca di Angera
  8. Pizzeria Damino
  9. Ispra
  10. Villa Panza
  11. Buosi Gelato
  12. Schiranna
  13. Cerro

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