Ubud Travel Guide by @bigbirdstravels

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Joshua Grant

Ubud Travel Guide by @bigbirdstravels

Ubud is one of the best places to visit in Bali. We loved it there, this is our guide for the top places to visit.

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Our Recommendations

This is the places we visited and would recommend.

Image - The Samara Villas & Restaurant
The Samara Villas & Restaurant
Joshua:Staying at these villas was truly wonderful. Firstly to get to them the taxi can only take you so far and then two mopeds arrive and take you the rest of the way, winding down and up little paths to get you there and this was so fun! The villas themselves are lovely, we had one of the ones over looking the pool and because you are set in the middle of a rice field it is so peaceful and beautiful 😃. The staff are so friendly and it was so nice enjoying breakfast overlooking a rice field. We also had a massage in our room which was a must!
Image - Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
Joshua:This is a must visit place if you love monkeys and even if you don’t it is very entertaining! The forest now has over 1000 monkeys and beware, they will climb on you but they are harmless. They will however take from you whatever they can so make sure your belongings are secure to prevent this. This is still a working temple but the monkeys have adopted it as their home and although it is commercial it is something different to see. We would say you need around 1-2 hours to visit.
Joshua:This market is described as an art market but a lot of the stalls do sell the same things, although this is the case it’s still worth a visit for the experience. Many of the stall holders will work hard to get your attention and you will have to barter, although this can be tricky but even if you don’t intend on buying here it’s quite entertaining to see it does offer some nice fresh fruit and many souvenirs! You can find this market just across from the Ubud Palace.
Image - Tegalalang Rice Terrace
Tegalalang Rice Terrace
Joshua:This is a beautiful place to visit, you can get a taxi here from Ubud which will take around 30 minutes or you can book a tour. We took the taxi option and went at our own pace, we also went very early to avoid the crowds. Although it is a tourist location and can be very busy, if you look past that is it beautiful. Once you are on the terrace the owners of the field may require small donations from you to continue walking around but this is not much and it’s good to help the locals, we carried with us small notes for this. There are a few swings where you can swing out over the field to which is cool and some nice coffee shops along the more populated areas to grab a cool drink.
Image - Cafe Pomegranate
Cafe Pomegranate
Joshua:This is a great little cafe, at first when your wondering down the little path through nature and passed locals selling hand made things in little shops you may wonder where your going and when you get there it’s beautiful, set right in the middle of a rice field you will find this little cafe. We sat at one of the floor tables at the front of the cafe enjoying the view, the food was super tasty and the staff where friendly. This place is definitely worth a visit while in Ubud!
Image - Gelato Secrets
Gelato Secrets
Joshua:After wondering around Ubud and exploring there’s nothing quite like a gelato and we can’t recommend this place more! Yummy ice-cream, big portions, great selection of flavours and very friendly staff 😋
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  1. The Samara Villas & Restaurant
  2. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
  4. Tegalalang Rice Terrace
  5. Cafe Pomegranate
  6. Gelato Secrets

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