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Turkey Cappadocia Izmir Pamukkale Fethiye Antalya Istanbul 9 Days Private Tour From Istanbul Including Guide And Domestic Flights

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High Quality Service ,Experienced Guide ,Hotel Take up and Drop off , 3 Days Private Tour ,Three Night Cave Hotel ,Two Domestic Flights

What to expect?

Cappadocia is the name of a region in history, roughly located in the southeast of ancient Asia Minor (ie Turkey). In the time of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, Cappadocia encompassed a vast area from the Taurus Mountains to the Black Sea.

Cappadocia is famous for its fairy-tale speckled rock formations: strange rock formations, caves and historical sites of semi-reclusive people are fascinating. It was originally a refuge for Christians to escape Roman persecution. In the 4th century, a group of monks established the main part of Cappadocia. After years of weathering and water erosion, there are rocky hills of different shapes. Thousands of caves have been excavated on these rock faces. Many caves are still preserved in many frescoes, which are the late anti-icon worship in Byzantine art. The unique testimony. Cappadocia’s unique karst landform is similar to the surface of the moon and is called "the most moon-like place on earth."

The ruins of Ephesus is a very important center in terms of Turkish and world tourism. The history of Ephesus dates back to the 6th millennium BC. Selçuk Ephesus Museum is one of the most important and richest museums in Europe with only local artifacts that it owns and exhibits. In addition, it is certain that the city, which is mentioned as Apasas in the Hittite written texts, is this city. Apart from these activities, conferences and painting exhibitions opened in the museum keep the cultural life alive.

In "Pamukkale" you will hear such a legend: Once, in order to meet the Greek moon god Serini, the shepherd Andy Mien even forgot to milk the goat, causing the goat's milk to flow freely, covering the entire hill This is the reason why the Turkish folk about Pamukkale is beautiful.

Fethiye is a small town on the Mediterranean coast in southern Turkey and is a famous Mediterranean resort city. In particular, the vast beaches of Oludeniz and the Mediterranean coast of turquoise forests are surrounded by mountains to form a calm and waveless lagoon. Because the bay here is calm and the reflections in the water are almost still, it is also called "Dead Sea Beach" ". It is known as the most exciting beach in the world, blue dreamy and dazzling, unforgettable forever.

Antalya is the most beautiful region in Turkey. It is located on the Mediterranean coast and surrounded by countless mountains. Rows of palm trees form a boulevard, a beautiful and historic pier, and delicious dishes are all the charms of the city of Antalya. Antalya will bring visitors a feeling of physical and mental pleasure. Antalya is indeed a relaxing holiday paradise. Antalya, located in southwestern Turkey, faces the Mediterranean Sea. It is a good place for swimming, surfing, water skiing, white water rafting, mountain climbing, and skiing. There are also many important historical sites that make travelers wonder.

The name of Istanbul existed at least more than a hundred years before the Ottoman Empire conquered. For example, in 1403, the Spanish king sent envoys to visit Timur the Great, and the envoys passed by Constantinople. It is mentioned in the memoirs that the Greeks also called this place. Istanbul (see the Chinese translation of the Commercial Press of "Clavillo East Envoy"), but Western countries believe that the Ottoman Empire was the invader here, so they still insist on calling this place Constantinople. When the Republic of Turkey was first established as the capital in 1923 (the capital was moved to Ankara during the War of Independence), Istanbul became the official international name.

What is included?

  • Air-conditional vehicle
    • Professional and highly experienced Guide
    • Breakfast for eight days (in hotel ,self service buffet)
    • Hotel pick up (First Day)
    • 3 Flights (Istanbul to Cappadocia , Cappadocia to Izmir ,Antalya to Istanbul)
    • Eight nights accommodation (in Cappadocia,Kusadasi ,Pamukkale,Fethiye ,Kas and Istanbul)
    • Airport transfer
    • Equipment for skiing (for the passengers chose skiing tour )

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