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Apartments josip

Welcome to Apartments Josip in Turanj. If you need any recommendations, what to do and see in Turanj, Biograd or Zadar just scroll down.

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If you want something to eat, ether local specialties or something international, here are my recommendations.

Image - TORETA Cafe & Restaurant
TORETA Cafe & Restaurant
Katarina:This restaurant is on walking distance from your apartment. It has great local specialties, especially seafood which is always fresh.
Image - Pizzeria Kod Bakilca
Pizzeria Kod Bakilca
Katarina:The best pizza in Turanj and region. Also on walking distance. It has great service.
Image - Casa Vecchia
Casa Vecchia
Katarina:5 min of driving from Turanj. Great Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, lasagna, bruschette etc.
Image - Maškovića han Vrana
Maškovića han Vrana
Katarina:Great restaurant inside 17th ct monument. It offers special oriental dishes and traditional Croatian food.
Image - 4 Kantuna
4 Kantuna
Katarina:This place has the best pizza in Zadar which is 30 min of driving from Turanj.
Image - Foša
Katarina:The best seafood restaurant in Zadar.
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Croatia has beautiful coastline with many islands. Turanj is one of the jewels on Medeterenian sea. You have to explore every hidden beach and rich archipelago so let me help you...

Image - Galešnjak
Katarina:Croatian Love Island has shape of hart and wild nature. It's uninhabited.
Image - Babac
Katarina:Small island near Turanj with beautiful beaches on south side. Sea is crystal clear with sand sea bottom. here you can find great sea restaurant where you can sit in the sea and have a drink. Also, there is interesting lighthouse.
Image - Pašman
Katarina:Bigger island with many small places and beautiful sand beaches.
Image - Beach Bar Ričul
Beach Bar Ričul
Katarina:Beach bar a little bit outside of center where you can have a cocktail in peaceful environment and have view on prehistoric sea port.
Image - beach lučica Turanj
beach lučica Turanj
Katarina:Main beach in Turanj, 5 min of walking from apartment.
Image - Sakarun
Katarina:One of the most famous beaches in Croatia. Sand beach on north-west side of Dugi otok.

Nearby seights

If you are into culture or nature, there is something for everybody. Here's what I think you should visit.

Image - Vidikovac, Kamenjak
Vidikovac, Kamenjak
Katarina:Half an hour from Turanj you will find this location with a view on Vransko lake and Kornati National Park.
Image - Lake Vrana
Lake Vrana
Katarina:Vransko lake is biggest lake in Croatia and ornithology park.
Image - Maškovića han Vrana
Maškovića han Vrana
Katarina:17th ct oriental monument, Maškovića han with great restaurant and small museum.
Image - Biograd na Moru
Biograd na Moru
Katarina:Historical city important for Croatian history. Four Croatian kings were coronated here.
Image - Benkovac
Katarina:Small city with 16th century fortress and interesting museum of local history and art.
Image - Šibenik
Katarina:Medieval city with the most beautiful cathedral in Croatia, work of famous architect and sculptor Juraj Dalmatinac.

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Wonderguide map

  1. TORETA Cafe & Restaurant
  2. Pizzeria Kod Bakilca
  3. Casa Vecchia
  4. Maškovića han Vrana
  5. 4 Kantuna
  6. Foša
  7. Restaurant 2Ribara
  8. Galešnjak
  9. Babac
  10. Pašman
  11. Beach Bar Ričul
  12. beach lučica Turanj
  13. Sakarun
  14. Veli Žal Plaža
  15. Lighthouse Veli Rat
  16. Vidikovac, Kamenjak
  17. Lake Vrana
  18. Maškovića han Vrana
  19. Biograd na Moru
  20. Benkovac
  21. Šibenik

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