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Heather Knight

Tucson - All The Things

A guide to my favorite spots to explore in Tucson, including food, coffee, beer and sightseeing.

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Favorite restaurants in Tucson

Image - Seis Kitchen
Seis Kitchen
Heather:There are a few locations around Tucson. My favorite is at the Mercado. Their tacos are some of my favorites.
Image - Blue Willow Restaurant & Gift Shop
Blue Willow Restaurant & Gift Shop
Heather:Amazing gift shop and the food is really good too. Perfect brunch spot.
Image - Cafe Desta
Cafe Desta
Heather:Really good Ethiopian food.
Image - Tuk Tuk Thai - Thai street Food On Campbell Ave
Tuk Tuk Thai - Thai street Food On Campbell Ave
Heather:Decent Thai food.
Image - Penca
Heather:Good Sonoran Mexican food and creative cocktails.
Image - Baja Cafe on Campbell
Baja Cafe on Campbell
Heather:They have quite a few locations. Get there early to get at able. First timers can get a free pancake too! The breakfasts are so good here.
Image - Five Points Market & Restaurant
Five Points Market & Restaurant
Heather:Great for breakfast.
Image - El Güero Canelo Restaurant
El Güero Canelo Restaurant
Heather:There are a few locations around town. This is THE PLACE to get a Sonoran Hotdog. There is one very close to my house on 22nd Street.
Image - Toss-Fried Chicken and Ramen
Toss-Fried Chicken and Ramen
Heather:The fried chicken here is amazing. It's Japanese-style with delicious sauces.
Image - Tran’s Fats Truck
Tran’s Fats Truck
Heather:Words cannot describe the deliciousness of the brisket dumplings served at this food truck. It's located at the parking lot of Hotel McCoy and you can sit on the patio or inside (and grab a local beer or wine at the bar!) to eat your meal. Highly recommend trying this food truck.
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Coffee Shops

Favorite coffee shops in Tucson.

Image - Presta Coffee Roasters
Presta Coffee Roasters
Heather:There are a few locations in Tucson, my favorite is at the Mercado.
Image - Cartel Roasting Co.
Cartel Roasting Co.
Heather:There are several locations throughout Tucson. These are great for coworking. I like the Campbell location, though parking can be tight.
Image - Decibel Coffee Works
Decibel Coffee Works
Heather:One of my top three coffee shops in Tucson. Try the coffee soda.
Image - Transit Tea
Transit Tea
Heather:I know, it's not coffee. But they have some delicious tea here. Definitely give it a try.
Image - Raging Sage Coffee Roasters
Raging Sage Coffee Roasters
Heather:Local coffee shop. Outdoor seating in the courtyard. Good for coworking.

Breweries and Bars

Favorite breweries and bars in Tucson

Image - Motosonora Brewing Co
Motosonora Brewing Co
Heather:Good beer, great outside seating in the back and a vegan food truck out front. They also have an inside dog run for your furry friends.
Image - Borderlands Brewing Sam Hughes
Borderlands Brewing Sam Hughes
Heather:Parking can be a bit tight around here, but the beer and the food are pretty good.

Art & Culture

Spots to experience Tucson's amazing and diverse art and culture scene.

Image - Old Tucson
Old Tucson
Heather:They're trying to resurrect this old movie set town. It is open Thursday through Sundays from 10:30a to 5p and there are quite a few things to see and do here. Admission is $34 for adults. I don't know how much they charge for kids. If you like kitschy, campy, wild west stuff, this is the place!!!
Image - Heirloom Farmers Markets | Rillito Park
Heirloom Farmers Markets | Rillito Park
Heather:Grab some local produce, arts & crafts and other wares at the farmers market.
Image - San Xavier del Bac Mission
San Xavier del Bac Mission
Heather:This is a bit outside of town, but well worth a visit. It's a Spanish Mission Church. Be sure to buy some fry bread in the parking lot.
Image - Pima Air & Space Museum
Pima Air & Space Museum
Heather:If you are an aviation geek, then you should check this out!
Image - The Historic Aviation Bone Yard
The Historic Aviation Bone Yard
Heather:Another spot to visit for the aviation geeks.
Image - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Heather:Great spot to learn more about the Sonoran Desert

Nature, Parks, and Outdoor Activities

Some of my favorite spots to see the glory of the Sonoran Desert.

Image - Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park
Heather:There are two sides to the park. East and West. East is about 30 minutes from my house. West is about 45 minutes. You should absolutely spend a day at each place. Both sites have so much to offer. The drives in the park can also be done on bike or ebike.
Image - Tucson Botanical Gardens
Tucson Botanical Gardens
Heather:Great spot to learn more about the plants of the Sonoran Desert.
Image - Mount Lemmon
Mount Lemmon
Heather:Definitely take a drive up here to see views of the Sky Islands to the south, all across Tucson and more. There are a lot of mountain biking and hiking trails as well as rock climbing.
Image - Gates Pass
Gates Pass
Heather:On your way to Saguaro West, stop here for some stunning views.


Some of my favorite shops in Tucson.

Image - Travelade Image
The Ninth House
Heather:Great spot for buying gems, tarot cards or other woo woo things.
Image - Why I Love Where I Live
Why I Love Where I Live
Heather:Located in the Mercado San Anton (MSA) Annex, this is a great spot to explore and buy gifts for friends and family.
Image - Transit Cycles
Transit Cycles
Heather:Also located at the Mercado San Anton (MSA) Annex, this is a wonderful LBS to support. Very helpful staff and they always have what I need.
Image - Tucson Herb Store
Tucson Herb Store
Heather:They sell dry herbs in bulk here, and offer classes too. Great spot for all your herbal needs.
Image - Antigone Books
Antigone Books
Heather:A Tucson institution. Support this local bookstore. Located on 4th Ave where many other amazing stores can also be found.
Image - Summit Hut
Summit Hut
Heather:Local outdoor store.

My Recommendations

Wonderguide map

  1. Seis Kitchen
  2. Blue Willow Restaurant & Gift Shop
  3. Cafe Desta
  4. Tuk Tuk Thai - Thai street Food On Campbell Ave
  5. Penca
  6. Baja Cafe on Campbell
  7. Five Points Market & Restaurant
  8. El Güero Canelo Restaurant
  9. Toss-Fried Chicken and Ramen
  10. Tran’s Fats Truck
  11. Presta Coffee Roasters
  12. Cartel Roasting Co.
  13. Decibel Coffee Works
  14. Transit Tea
  15. Raging Sage Coffee Roasters
  16. Motosonora Brewing Co
  17. Borderlands Brewing Sam Hughes
  18. Old Tucson
  19. Heirloom Farmers Markets | Rillito Park
  20. San Xavier del Bac Mission
  21. Pima Air & Space Museum
  22. The Historic Aviation Bone Yard
  23. Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
  24. Saguaro National Park
  25. Tucson Botanical Gardens
  26. Mount Lemmon
  27. Gates Pass
  28. The Ninth House
  29. Why I Love Where I Live
  30. Transit Cycles
  31. Tucson Herb Store
  32. Antigone Books
  33. Summit Hut

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