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from the perspective of a yearlong-inhabitant.

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My Recommendations

Image - Bakklandet
Amber van:This old part of the city is just beautiful with its colourful warehouses and residential houses. Definitely worth walking through the neighbourhood!
Image - Bymarka
Amber van:This nature reserve is close to Trondheim and kind of the 'garden' of all the inhabitants. In ski-season it is full of ski-enthousiast and otherwise a lot of hikers find their way up there. It has beautiful views over the fjord and offers a diverse collection of hikes and hytter (cabins) to warm up over a cup of hot chocolate.
Image - Travelade Image
Amber van:This is trail scores high on the ratio stunning/easy: you walk along the fjord with only a few hills, it is more like a scenic walk than a hike really, but so worth it! The view on the sunset is amazing from Korsvika beach and all along the trail there are beaches equipped with places you can barbeque, which makes for an awesome evening with your friends around the bonfire.
Image - Kaffebrenneriet
Amber van:The major benefit of this particular café is that its terrace has sun from morning til evening. It helps that the capuccino, mocha caramel and hot chocolate are all to die for. I also recommend the chocolatecake, but then again, does chocolatecake ever really need a recommendation?
Image - Antikvariatet
Amber van:This bar is a small cultural hub, from the books that are there to be found everyday to sporadic concerts. A major recommendation is the carrotcake and the plato ale, but do not hesitate to ask the bartender for some advice if you want to try something new!
Image - Estenstadmarka
Amber van:In ski-season (cross country ski ofcourse), this place is one big snowpark. Almost all tracks lead up to estenstadshytte where you can enjoy a cinnamon bun and hot chocolate with freshly whipped cream (there's just a big bowl with a spoon , scoop as much as you please!). In the less wintery seasons, it is also great for hikes, it is also the place where you can find 'mini-trolltunga', the burmaklippen. Just make sure you don't go up there with rainy weather, it might be slippery!
Image - Kalas & Canasta
Kalas & Canasta
Amber van:This place is just amazing, the food is simple, but refined. We are especially fan of the creamy fishsoup, a delicious soup made with a freshly caught fish of the day! On early springdays we advice to sit in the veranda, you get the sun, but not the breeze, perfect if you ask us!
Image - Folk og Fe
Folk og Fe
Amber van:This place is a bit more expensive but so tasty! They only have two dishes on the menu per course, one fish and one meat. You can take either one, I promise you they are both magnificent. All the ingredients are local and prepared with a refreshing simplicity, which makes the taste of the pure ingredients come out.
Image - Archbishop's Palace, Trondheim
Archbishop's Palace, Trondheim
Amber van:My favorite place on a sunny, but slightly windy day. I'm not really talking about the actual museums inside these buildings, but about the courtyard. There is a small bench just on your right when you enter the complex, catching all the sun, but protected from the wind, to top this off, the wall behind the bench radiates heat as the grey stone has been heating up the whole morning. If you are ever cold from walking in the city: this is the place to warm up again! (Oh, and the museums around the courtyard are quite interesting as well, especially the one about the construction of the Nidarosdomen)
Image - Prisløs
Amber van:This is a really nice second-hand shop. What makes it stand out is that the tags say where this piece of clothing was found and they even redesign some clothes themselves. Pretty cool place if you are into thriftshopping!
Image - Dromedar kaffebar
Dromedar kaffebar
Amber van:Order a Søt Chili and you will immediately know why it is on my list!
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  1. Bakklandet
  2. Bymarka
  3. Ladestien
  4. Kaffebrenneriet
  5. Antikvariatet
  6. Estenstadmarka
  7. Kalas & Canasta
  8. Folk og Fe
  9. Archbishop's Palace, Trondheim
  10. National Museum of Decorative Arts
  11. Prisløs
  12. Dromedar kaffebar

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