Tromso, light of the North

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kurt moeyersons

Tromso, light of the North

....adventure, northern lights, whales....feeling the impact of nature at his best

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Tromsø - Winter Adventures

Experiences where the frost and snow play key roles in your adventure

Image - Fjord Excursions By Rib_190475
$ 90
Fjord Excursions By Rib
kurt:....exited by speed, in team, on water, no traffic lights....the "arena of adrenaline" is ours!
Image - Arctic Sail Safari_190570
$ 205
Arctic Sail Safari
kurt:...blowing in the wind, feeling free as a bird, dancing on the waves....peaceful happiness after all
Image - Friluftsliv: The Nordic Concept of Getting Outdoors
Friluftsliv: The Nordic Concept of Getting Outdoors
kurt:....a passion for nature....loving the outdoor...
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Tromsø - Ocean Adventures

By catamaran or by rib boat, you’re guaranteed to have a helluva day at sea!

Tromsø - Hunting for Northern Lights

There’s more than one way to find those magical northern lights!

Image - Northern Lights Tesla Experience_190386
$ 265
Northern Lights Tesla Experience
kurt:....the most wonderful experience you can ever dream about....the sky "telling" you a story!
Image - Northern Lights in Norway
Northern Lights in Norway: Everything You Need to Know
kurt:....better be informed on forehand

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  1. Fjord Excursions By Rib
  2. Snowshoe Hike Tesla Experience
  3. Arctic Sail Safari
  4. Fjord Excursions By Rib
  5. Ultimate Sail To Whale Overnight Package
  6. Northern Lights Sailing
  7. Northern Lights Tesla Experience

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