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My Spain Trip

Places that create unforgettable memories in Costa del Sol

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My Recommendations

Image - Benalmádena
Andrei:The port, the beaches, the sunsets, the rocky areas, they all create an amazing location! Definitely worth going to Benalmadena!
Image - Cabopino Beach
Cabopino Beach
Andrei:Who doesn't love empty beaches that have golden sand and clear water? The sunset in Cabopino is so stunning and you get to see the mountains as well which makes the scenery very special. First time I was there I fell in love with the place and I always make sure I go to that beach towards the evening.
Image - Natural Dune Reserve of Maspalomas
Natural Dune Reserve of Maspalomas
Andrei:Dubai? Sahara Desert? No! And that is why Maspalomas Dunes are a sensational experience! They are not very far from the villages of Costa del Sol, you definitely need a car to get there, but it's a very special experience. On top of that you have the beach very close so you get the desert/safari experience and the beach! Enjoy
Image - Marbella
Andrei:This little city is busy, vibrant and beautiful! Everybody knows about Marbella and how fun it is and it's definitely a place to visit.
Image - Port of Málaga
Port of Málaga
Andrei:This all white, elegant and modern port is so photographical! So many people come here to see the Port of Malaga and it's definitely a very special place to visit. The modern architecture and the overall design is unique and the bright light reflects from every angle, making this place a real life modern experience.
Image - Puerto Banús
Puerto Banús
Andrei:Elegant, stylish, vibrant, how can you not love it? On top of that, it offers a great shopping experience because so many brands are in the area of Banus. Loved it!
Image - Municipality of Torremolinos
Municipality of Torremolinos
Andrei:Beach parties all the way!
Image - Benahavís
Andrei:Not easy to reach, but breathtakingly beautiful! Make sure you take shoes that you can wear underwater because you might need to go a bit in the river to cross over some paths. The views are so beautiful and unique, so definitely worth going there for a day!
Image - Fuengirola
Andrei:Fuengirola is one of the most popular destinations on the Costa del Sol. It is easily accessible by road, rail or bus, it is not difficult to see why this busy and cosmopolitan town on the Mediterranean is the number one choice for so many tourists visiting Spain.
Image - Calahonda Beach 63. Sitio De Calahonda. Mijas, Malaga, Spain
Calahonda Beach 63. Sitio De Calahonda. Mijas, Malaga, Spain
Andrei:Rustic, beautiful, with four golf courses and a stunning beach!
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  1. Benalmádena
  2. Cabopino Beach
  3. Natural Dune Reserve of Maspalomas
  4. Marbella
  5. Port of Málaga
  6. Puerto Banús
  7. Municipality of Torremolinos
  8. Benahavís
  9. Fuengirola
  10. Calahonda Beach 63. Sitio De Calahonda. Mijas, Malaga, Spain

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