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Travnik is located 90 kilometers (56 miles) to the northeast of Sarajevo, the town attracts visitors to its historical center, an open museum of Ottoman architecture. Here’s your guide to the best things to do in Travnik and how to get the most out of your time in Bosnia’s oriental town.

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Image - Vlašić
Merima:Enjoy in beautiful nature of one of the most beautiful mountains in Bosnia & Herzegovina
Image - Travnička Tvrđava (Stari Grad)
Travnička Tvrđava (Stari Grad)
Merima:The castle is the best-preserved in Bosnia and a national monument, making it a must-do in Travnik for all tourists. It has a small museum dedicated to its history and an ethnographic section inside.
Image - Plava Voda
Plava Voda
Merima:Plava Voda is a large spring, which creates approximately 350 meters long eponymous river, in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It rises under Vlašić mountain, just below Travnik Castle, in the center of Old Town of Travnik.
Image - Bajra Ugostiteljstvo
Bajra Ugostiteljstvo
Merima:Kebabs (Tur. Kebab "cut into pieces" or "chopped meat"), also known as kebabs, are a dish made of minced meat, popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other Balkan countries since the time of the Ottoman Empire.
Image - Muhammad nadeem Ismail
Muhammad nadeem Ismail
Merima:Here you can get all different kinds of halal meats.
Image - Ribnjak Izvor
Ribnjak Izvor
Merima:Restourant with beautiful atmosphere. The specialty of the restaurant "Izvor" is fish from their own production, which is served on your table freshly taken from the pool of our pond.
Image - Hipermarket Bingo Travnik
Hipermarket Bingo Travnik
Merima:Bingo is a hipermarket where you can get all your groceries from. They also offer different kinds of halal meats.
Image - Ornamented Mosque
Ornamented Mosque
Merima:Colourful murals cover the Many-Coloured Mosque or Ornamented Mosque’s exterior, making it one of the more intriguing Travnik attractions. Built in the 16th century, the colour has since faded. Today, the mosque has three horizontal stripes. Tall arches form the lower and colourful murals decorate the top with a white-washed middle.
Image - Hadži Ali-Begova džamija
Hadži Ali-Begova džamija
Merima:Haji Ali-bey, west of Ivo Andric Museum, has Arabic inscriptions on the two-storied exterior stone. A giant sundial dating back to 1886, one of few remaining today, is on the Mosque’s southwest wall. Visitors tend to come to the mosque to see the sundial, but it can be challenging to get a decent photograph.
Image - Turbeta u Travniku
Turbeta u Travniku
Merima:For a window into the former glory of this historical town, visit the Vizier’s Graves. A total of 77 Viziers called Travnik their home. The archaeological site has the tombs of the former rulers along with Ottoman officials and revered poets. Opposite UniCredit Bank, you’ll see an arched ceremonial dome on pillars. The tombs are underneath. If you visit Travnik, the graves will give you an appreciation of town’s historical importance.
Image - Hari ''Ćevabdžinica''
Hari ''Ćevabdžinica''
Merima:Ćevabdžinica "Hari" positioned itself in the first place in Travnik as a unique BH. a brand that has been continuously conquering the entire region with its traditional quality for three decades. Today, kebab house "Hari" occupies a very important place in the tourist gastronomic offer of the city of Travnik, thanks to the widely known kebabs, but also a continuous and quality long-standing family tradition dating back to 1989.
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  1. Vlašić
  2. Travnička Tvrđava (Stari Grad)
  3. Plava Voda
  4. Bajra Ugostiteljstvo
  5. Muhammad nadeem Ismail
  6. Ribnjak Izvor
  7. Hipermarket Bingo Travnik
  8. Ornamented Mosque
  9. Hadži Ali-Begova džamija
  10. Turbeta u Travniku
  11. Hari ''Ćevabdžinica''

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