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travel to acapulco

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Image - La Quebrada
La Quebrada
jesabel saray:the Quebrada is a 45-meter high cliff, with a channel seven meters wide and four meters deep, which was created by dynamiting a hill
Image - Hotel Romano Palace Acapulco
Hotel Romano Palace Acapulco
jesabel saray:high-rise building, this hotel is located in front of the lively Condesa Beach, on the shores of Acapulco Bay, 5 km from the diving shows of La Quebrada and 4 km from the Historic Museum of Acapulco Fuerte de San Diego
Image - Caletilla Beach
Caletilla Beach
jesabel saray:It is a very quiet beach and good for swimming and enjoy for a nice sunny day
Image - Paradise Bungy Acapulco
Paradise Bungy Acapulco
jesabel saray:a good place to enjoy with friends and be able to dance music of all kinds
Image - Tirolesa Xtasea
Tirolesa Xtasea
jesabel saray:It is the zipline more big line in the world over the sea, it has a length of 1,800 meters and its route will be carried out at a speed of 120 kilometers for hour
Image - Acapulco Diamante
Acapulco Diamante
jesabel saray:Acapulco Diamante is one of the three tourist areas into which the port of Acapulco is divided, on the southern coast of Mexico
Image - La virgen de los mares
La virgen de los mares
jesabel saray:you can enjoy an excellent boat tour that will take you to observe the fish and the virgin of the sea
Image - Isla de La Roqueta
Isla de La Roqueta
jesabel saray:Excellent place to enjoy a sunny day in Acapulco, super natural, quiet and inexpensive
Image - Puerto Marques
Puerto Marques
jesabel saray:you can enjoy a delicious seafood cocktail since this beach is ideal to spend a day in the sun. It is recommended especially if you are accompanied by children, since its calm waters will allow them to bathe without too many risks.
Image - Sinfonía del Mar
Sinfonía del Mar
jesabel saray:It is a beautiful place to take photos and enjoy the sea view
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Wonderguide map

  1. La Quebrada
  2. Hotel Romano Palace Acapulco
  3. Caletilla Beach
  4. Paradise Bungy Acapulco
  5. Tirolesa Xtasea
  6. Acapulco Diamante
  7. La virgen de los mares
  8. Isla de La Roqueta
  9. Puerto Marques
  10. Sinfonía del Mar

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